Meet the characters – Texas Simmington

Making her appearance at the end of episode 5 of simastylogo6is the ex-wife of Burke, and mother of Fathom and Heathen, the one and only Texas Simmington. Marrying at an early age to Burke, Texas was very much in love with her entrepreneur husband as he was with her. They had been introduced to one another through Burke’s,then best friend, and business partner, Cyril texas2Dolby and his then wife Skankie. Initially the attraction between both Burke and Texas was electric. Both were eager to progress and be successful in life and had the hunger and drive to do so. The first couple of years of their marriage was successful but when Burke became focused on growing his business to be the best in the world it meant long trips away from home and Texas soon began to feel abandoned. Inevitably she turned her attentions to the many male admirers she had and began her countless affairs behind her husband’s back.

Texas loved her children she had with Burke very much but she always wanted more from her life than to be the trophy wife of a successful businessman. She tried making a name for herself in the arts world by studying painting but she soon bored of that. What she wanted was power and to be a successful business woman in her own right. And when her husband’s business rival Cyril started to woo her behind Burke’s back she flung herself full on into the affair partly out of loneliness but more so out of how it could be advantageous for herself. However it wasn’t to be as Burke returned early from one of his frequent long business travels only to find his wife in bed with his rival. From that point Cyril became Burke’s nemesis and he threw Texas out of their mansion.

Texas was publicly humiliated by the scandal of the affair. The upper circles of society that she was used to frequenting in were supportive of hard working Burke and turned their backs on Texas. Even Cyril stopped seeing her as he tried to save his own marriage. With no friends, home or money Texas reluctantly accepted the proposal from Burke – that he would pay her a large sum of money in instalments over several years as long she divorced him, left Windenburg and never had contact with him or their children again. And so Texas left and stayed away for many years. She has spent the time away traveling the globe indulging in many illicit affairs but more importantly learning a lot on how to perfect her ruthlessness.    

Upon reading in the gossip columns of society magazines that her ex-husband was to marry his former secretary Texas decided at that point to return to Windenburg and settle a few scores. She wants her revenge on Burke and everyone else who turned their backs on her and will stop at nothing until she gets it.


Name : Texas Simmington, née Purell .

Age: A lady never reveals her age! But we know she is an adult Sim.

Career : None at present but she is a woman of many hidden talents.

Traits : Ambitious , Art Lover , Materialistic, Evil.

Skills : Mischief , Painting, Charisma,

Aspiration : Fabulously Wealthy



Meet the Characters – Fred Rimmard

Let’s learn more about another simastylogo6character. This time it’s Fred Rimmard.

When Heathen Simmington left the family mansion10-21-18_8-17-32 PM (1) to make his own way in the world he moved to the Arts Quarter of San Myshuno city. There he began his career as a professional photographer and set up his own studio. He soon began to make a name for himself photographing models for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. It was on one of the photoshoots that he met model Fred Rimmard who was doing an underwear shoot for Bugo Hoss. Fred’s fine physique drew Heathen in from the start and he knew he had found his muse. Some of Heathen’s best known work featured Fred in a variety of poses wearing very little.

Fred made the first move and asked Heathen on a date. The pair hit it off  and in typical Sims style they were living together by their second date in Heathen’s modest apartment. Fred came from humble beginnings and Heathen was reluctant to tell him that he himself was from such a wealthy background so as not to intimidate his new boyfriend. When Fred found out that Heathen in fact was the son of a billionaire he did not seem interested at all in the money much to Heathen’s surprise. It was then that Heathen felt he had found someone who wanted him for who he was and not the money.  

Fred was the one who encouraged Heathen to reconcile with his father as he could see that Heathen was desperately missing the contact with his family. Heathen didn’t want to feel pressured into doing it and left the city on bad terms with Fred not sure if it was going to work out between them. When Fred showed up at the mansion he and Heathen reconciled and they are both living at Siloli while Heathen tries working at his father’s company. 

Not much is known about Fred’s background other than he has a sister who texts and calls him frequently with her multitude of problems that only Fred can sort out. Heathen has not met Fred’s sister or any of his family as yet but is hoping he will be introduced to them soon. Heathen believes he has found his one true love in Fred but does Fred really feel the same about Heathen…?


Name – Fred Rimmard

Age: Young Adult

Career: Underwear model for Bugo Hoss.

Traits: Alluring, Bro, Materialistic, Non-committal

Skills: Charisma, Fitness, Dancing, Video Gaming. 

Aspiration: Serial Romantic.



Meet the characters- Mother Drysdale

Another minor character with a big presence who appears in simastylogo6  is the formidable Mother Drysdale.

10-21-18_6-40-45 PM (1)

Mother of Mayhew and grandmother to young Mimsy, Alice Drysdale goes by the name Mother Drysdale as she loves being the matriarch of the family and no daughter-in-law will stand in her way.

Mother brought up her son alone after her husband’s sudden death. Rumours abound that she nagged the poor man to death but the cause has never been established.

A middle class woman with upper class dreams she encouraged Mayhew to work hard and progress in life. When he got girlfriend Malaudia pregnant at an early age Mother Drysdale was personally affronted. She had them come live with her and she helped in the bringing up of young Mimsy whom she adores but fills her head with horror stories of her mother Malaudia. 

Mother Drysdale is active in keeping Malaudia locked up in the simitarium and out of her life, leaving her to bring up Mimsy and to encourage Mayhew to find a rich Sim to marry. With Malaudia due for release, what lengths will Mother go to now to drive her daughter-in-law totally insane…?

Meet the characters- Andre Wayward

As well as the housekeeping staff of Siloli who appear frequently, another character who you will see from time to time in simastylogo6is the dastardly and smarmy lawyer Andre Wayward.

10-21-18_7-27-27 PM (1)

Long time lawyer friend and confidant of Burke, there isn’t much that Andre Wayward doesn’t know of his client’s dealings both professional and personal. Andre and Burke go back years with Burke giving Andre his first job straight out of law school. Andre has stood by Burke over the years and helped him build WindenburgSimmington into the mega global corporation it now was. A very resourceful lawyer, Andre has found the means to help Burke out of any sticky situation. He was the one who found a legal loophole to pay off the first Mrs Simmington and keep her from ever returning. It is this lifelong friendship that has made Andre look out for Burke and to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the billionaire. Including potential new wives. Andre also has put together a dossier on Brystle but can he get Burke to read it…?

Meet the characters -The Help

In this feature you will get to know some of the various staff members who help keep Siloli mansion running in simastylogo6

You wont always be seeing these characters in every episode but they are still important story wise nevertheless. 

First up is head of staff and major-domo Joseph Flanders. 10-21-18_7-12-03 PM (1)Fiercely protective and loyal to Burke, Joseph was hand picked by the first Mrs Simmington to run the household. He is very disciplined, neat, takes his job very seriously and is a complete snob. Sometimes he is referred to as Joseph and others as Flanders depending on the mood of the Simmington family member. He is very snooty with the other staff at the mansion and runs a very tight ship and will not stand for nonsense amongst them. Joseph is a widower with grown children of his own who have long since moved away, the youngest of which, his daughter, studies overseas in Champs Les Sims. He now has his own quarters in Siloli mansion. 

Joseph is privy to all of the Simmington secrets and has a knack of digging up dirt on potential enemies of Burke. After seeing Burke humiliated in the tabloids over the first Mrs Simmington’s escapades he is determined not to let it happen again. As such he is giving Brystle a hard time a she tries to settle in at Siloli. 

10-21-18_7-10-55 PM (1)

Next up is chief housekeeper , the kind hearted and hard worker Nannette Bobbins. Whilst she has been in her job for a few years now she was not there for the first Mrs Simmington’s reign. As such she is removed from much of the tittle tattle that goes on in the house amongst the long serving staff. Nannette is welcoming of Brystle and will defend her to any of the other staff who speak of their new mistress in a disparaging manner. Like Joseph, Nannette lives in the servants quarters of Siloli sharing with several other female staff members.
10-21-18_7-11-29 PM (1)

Head chef at Siloli is Gilda Bummerson, known as Mrs Bummerson to one and all. Part of the furniture at Siloli , Gilda was also hired by the first Mrs Bummerson and follows the menus laid out by her to this day and does not deviate from them. A notorious gossip, most of the rumours are either started or exaggerated by Gilda. She remains loyal to the Simmington family despite her gossip of them. A top class cook with a level 10 skill level, Mrs Bummerson loves cooking in the large kitchens of Siloli and there isn’t a recipe she doesn’t know. She also isn’t shy in letting several of her family members in through the servant’s entrance so they can eat well at the Simmington’s expense. 

Meet the characters – Malaudia, Mayhew & Mimsy Drysdale.

Not only are the lives of the rich and powerful featured in Simasty there is also the Drysdale’s, an ordinary working-class family whose lives are affected by the powerful Simmington clan. Let’s take a look:


malaudia2Malaudia Drysdale is wife to Mayhew and mother to young Mimsy. She and Mayhew have been together since they were teenagers which resulted in a teen pregnancy the first time they woohooed. The young couple moved in with Mayhew’s mother and she helped with bringing up young Mimsy.

Malaudia has always displayed very erratic behaviour and can often be found conversing with herself and her emotions are very unpredictable. When she started taking showers outside in the rain Mayhew decided, with the advice of his domineering mother, to commit his young wife to a simitarium where she could convalesce. This was to be the first of many such trips for the troubled Malaudia. In fact she has spent more time in recent years inside such facilities than outside of one and has missed out on much of her daughter growing up and also her husband becoming successful in his career at WindenburgSimmington. Mayhew’s mother has been instrumental in keeping Malaudia locked up as she has never believed she was right for her son. Now with Mayhew climbing the ranks as a marketing executive at WindenburgSimmington and Malaudia due for re-release, will Mother Drysdale convince her son to have his wife locked up indefinitely?

mayhew2Mayhew Drysdale is the recently promoted marketing executive at WindenburgSimmington. A devoted father to young Mimsy, his marriage to Malaudia has been through some tough times due to his wife’s erratic behaviour and his mother’s constant interfering. He is very hardworking and wants to provide a stable upbringing for his daughter. As such he has recently purchased a new home for his family and moved out of his mother’s house and cut ties with her in a last attempt effort to make things work.

It was during one of Malaudia’s prolonged stays in the simitarium that Mayhew struck up a close friendship with a fellow colleague at WindenburgSimmington. That friendship grew stronger into attraction and then a full blown affair. But neither party wanted to hurt anyone and thus called time on their relationship. That colleague was, (spoiler alert!!) Brystle Hemmings, secretary and soon to be wife of the powerful Burke Simmington. They may have called time on their relationship but can those feelings ever go away for Mayhew and Brystle? And will their affair remain secret for long or, worse still, does someone already know all about it…..?
mimsy2Mimsy Drysdale is the infant daughter of Malaudia and Mayhew. She has spent most of her young years raised by her father and grandmother, with her mother being almost a stranger to her. Mimsy has been heavily influenced by the spiteful Mother Drysdale who has been poisoning her impressionable young mind with spooky tales about her mother.

With Malaudia about to be re-released will Mimsy at last be able to form a bond with her mother? Or has the damage Mother Drysdale instigated been irreversible?

Meet the characters – Seth & Cyril Dolby

As well as the rich and powerful Simmington family there is another equally, if not more, wealthy family in town – the Dolby’s.

seth3Seth Dolby is the playboy heir to the Dolby fortune and the nephew of Cyril. As a child he was friends with both Fathom and Heathen as the Dolby estate is next to the Simmington mansion. Whilst the adults of the rival 2 families were at war, the children remained the best of friends. As they grew up Seth had a crush on Fathom and they were teenage sweethearts for a time. However, where Fathom was wild and independent, Seth was more reserved. Where Fathom was unpredictable, Seth was reliable and as such Fathom grew bored of Seth and their relationship and moved on. Seth however remained in love with Fathom and still carries his unrequited love to this day. His romantic relationships with women are as brief as Fathom’s are with men as he remains hopeful that one day he will finally be able to be with her.

Seth was orphaned at a young age and was adopted by his uncle Cyril and his then wife Skankie. After recently returning from university, where he excelled in business studies, Seth joined the family business DolbyDoh!. and is second in command to his uncle. Despite having this wealth and power Seth remains level headed and is very much respected by rival businessman Burke who believes he would be very good for his daughter. Fathom however has very different ideas. Will Seth be able to woo the woman he has loved his whole life or end up in a loveless marriage?

cyril2Cyril Dolby is the long time rival of Burke Simmington in both business and love. Their history goes back to when they were young men setting up in business together. Cyril was from the already wealthy Dolby family, Burke from a poorer background. With Cyril’s money and Burke’s steely determination their first business venture together was a success. Whilst Burke did all the groundwork, Cyril put little effort in but took all the glory and credit. Seeing this, Burke took the money he had made and set up his own company WindenburgSimmington in direct competition to DolbyDoh! and thus the feud began. Whilst Burke was overseas building his empire, Cyril swooped in on Burke’s then wife and the two had an affair. Burke discovered this and made a vow to destroy DolbyDoh! and has been trying to do so ever since.

Cyril was married to Skankie at the time and when she found out about the affair she left him and has never been seen or heard of since. Cyril has remained single and concentrated on building DolbyCo to withstand any takeover from WindenburgSimmington. Not one to let an opportunity go by Cyril has been concocting an insidious plan to take over Burke’s company and he sees this through the union of Seth and Fathom. He has been secretly meeting Fathom to encourage her to enter a marriage of convenience to Seth in the pretence to heal the rift between the 2 companies. However Fathom has her eyes very much set on Cyril…

Meet the characters – Fathom & Heathen

Next in our look at the characters of  SIMASTYLOGOwe meet Burke’s 2 grown up children – daughter Fathom and son Heathen:


FATHOM2Fathom is the twenty-something year old daughter of Burke and is the apple of his eye. He greatly admires her fiery, independent nature and her devil-may-care attitude but does not take her seriously enough to be the heir to his empire Windenburg Simmington. Fathom herself feels very close to her father and greatly admires him. She is suspicious of any woman who her father becomes involved with and has seen off many of his girlfriends over the years. However ,when her father announced his engagement to his secretary Brystle Hemmings, Fathom went into meltdown and has been resentful of his father’s fiancée from day one. She makes it her mission to ensure Brystle has the most miserable time as possible in the hope that she will finally leave her father. 

When she’s not making her future step-mother’s life unbearable, Fathom can usually be found in the hottest night clubs around where she is seen as a celebrity it girl. She likes to party hard, loves to look fabulous and flirts with every man around. Not one for settling down any time soon, Fathom is avoiding the amorous advances of Seth Dolby, the famous playboy nephew of her father’s billionaire rival Cyril Dolby. Cyril would love for Fathom to marry his nephew to tie the two families together but Fathom has her eyes currently set on the much older Cyril…..

heathen2Heathen is the younger, more sensitive of the Simmington siblings.  He is very close to his older sister who has looked out and protected him ever since their mother left them after divorcing their father. He is however the polar opposite of the outgoing Fathom – he is introverted, shuns the spotlight and would rather be doing something creative than strutting his stuff on the dancefloor.  Heathen does not have a close relationship with Burke as he does not want to follow in the family business and is in fact embarrassed about the family wealth. So with barely a simoleon in his pocket Heathen left the family mansion to lead his own life in San Myshuno city pursuing the arts and culture instead of business and politics. 

Heathen has returned to the family home after several years away to attend his father’s wedding and also to get over the break up of his long term relationship with his partner Fred Rimmard. Could there finally be a reunion between estranged father and son? Can Burke mould his son into the man he wants him to be? Or will Heathen return to the city and continue with is living his life his way?

Meet the characters – Burke & Brystal.

simastylogo6primarily tells the tale of the mega rich and powerful Simmington family of Windenburg and their dealings and interactions with 2 other families in the area – the equally rich Dolby family and the working class Drysdale’s. Let’s meet the cast, starting with the 2 leading characters:


burke2Burke Simmington, self-assured patriarch of the Simmington clan. Some would say ruthless, others charming,  Burke built his business empire WindenburgSimmington, from scratch and is one of the richest men in all of the Sims world. He is father to 2 grown up children and raised them alone, since they were children after divorcing his first wife. His daughter, Fathom, is the apple of his eye but he fails to understand his son Heathen and as such he is at constant odds with him.

The story begins with the wedding of Burke to his second wife, his former secretary, Brystle. He adores her and is determined to make his second marriage a success despite the doubts of his jealous daughter.

Burke plays his cards close to his chest and is always two steps ahead of everyone in both his personal and professional life. There is no secret he won’t find out but what secrets of his own does he have?


Brystle Simmington, nee Hemmings, the softly spoken virtuous 2nd wife of Burke. Some would say this former secretary of WindenburgSimmington was too innocent and naive to be marrying into the scandal ridden Simmington clan. Others say she woohooed her way to the top, but what is the truth? 

Hailing from the small seaside town of Brindleton Bay Brystle was raised with wholesome small town values. She likes to see the good in people and hates confrontation. She struggles with Burke’s daughter Fathom’s hatred of her. She also is finding it daunting to assume the position of mistress of the mansion and feels she is living in the shadow of the former Mrs Simmington whose presence is still felt throughout the house. Will she be able to win Fathom around and step up into the demanding role of a billionaire’s wife? And what of the rumours of her affair with an unnamed married man? Will this be the next scandal to hit the Simmington clan?