Meet the characters -The Help

In this feature you will get to know some of the various staff members who help keep Siloli mansion running in simastylogo6

You wont always be seeing these characters in every episode but they are still important story wise nevertheless. 

First up is head of staff and major-domo Joseph Flanders. 10-21-18_7-12-03 PM (1)Fiercely protective and loyal to Burke, Joseph was hand picked by the first Mrs Simmington to run the household. He is very disciplined, neat, takes his job very seriously and is a complete snob. Sometimes he is referred to as Joseph and others as Flanders depending on the mood of the Simmington family member. He is very snooty with the other staff at the mansion and runs a very tight ship and will not stand for nonsense amongst them. Joseph is a widower with grown children of his own who have long since moved away, the youngest of which, his daughter, studies overseas in Champs Les Sims. He now has his own quarters in Siloli mansion. 

Joseph is privy to all of the Simmington secrets and has a knack of digging up dirt on potential enemies of Burke. After seeing Burke humiliated in the tabloids over the first Mrs Simmington’s escapades he is determined not to let it happen again. As such he is giving Brystle a hard time a she tries to settle in at Siloli. 

10-21-18_7-10-55 PM (1)

Next up is chief housekeeper , the kind hearted and hard worker Nannette Bobbins. Whilst she has been in her job for a few years now she was not there for the first Mrs Simmington’s reign. As such she is removed from much of the tittle tattle that goes on in the house amongst the long serving staff. Nannette is welcoming of Brystle and will defend her to any of the other staff who speak of their new mistress in a disparaging manner. Like Joseph, Nannette lives in the servants quarters of Siloli sharing with several other female staff members.
10-21-18_7-11-29 PM (1)

Head chef at Siloli is Gilda Bummerson, known as Mrs Bummerson to one and all. Part of the furniture at Siloli , Gilda was also hired by the first Mrs Bummerson and follows the menus laid out by her to this day and does not deviate from them. A notorious gossip, most of the rumours are either started or exaggerated by Gilda. She remains loyal to the Simmington family despite her gossip of them. A top class cook with a level 10 skill level, Mrs Bummerson loves cooking in the large kitchens of Siloli and there isn’t a recipe she doesn’t know. She also isn’t shy in letting several of her family members in through the servant’s entrance so they can eat well at the Simmington’s expense. 

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