Episode 2.4: Clarke

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In the heart of Windenburg financial quarter stood the magnificent headquarters of Dolby Doh. The triple towers dwarfed every other building around them, including the impressive WindenburgSimmington office building. Size was very important to Cyril Dolby. He always to be the biggest and the best.

It was a few days after the trial had ended and Cyril was in his office when his secretary called him to tell him he had an unannounced visitor wanting to see him. 07-26-20_5-58-22 PM07-26-20_5-56-25 PM

This was a surprising turn of events for Cyril. This was the first contact Heathen had made ever since it was revealed that he could be Cyril’s son. As the young man walked in Cyril stood to greet him.

07-26-20_6-01-10 PM07-26-20_6-02-07 PM07-26-20_6-05-15 PM07-26-20_6-04-53 PM

This was of course a pack of lies that Cyril was telling the vulnerable Heathen for it was he who had hired Fred to con his way into the Simmington’s lives.

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Cyril considered this as he poured a drink.

07-26-20_6-16-02 PM07-26-20_6-13-26 PM

Cyril handed the drink to Heathen and then sat down behind his desk again. 

07-26-20_6-19-22 PM07-26-20_6-21-49 PM07-26-20_6-20-27 PM07-26-20_6-24-25 PM

Heathen set his empty glass down and put his hands in his pockets. The strong measure of Dack Janiels that Cyril had poured was giving him extra confidence.

07-26-20_6-26-31 PM07-26-20_6-24-18 PM07-26-20_6-31-32 PM07-26-20_6-24-21 PM

This angered Heathen and he immediately let rip at Cyril.

07-26-20_6-34-13 PM07-26-20_6-35-42 PM07-26-20_6-35-28 PM07-26-20_6-27-58 PM

Heathen stopped and stepped back. It was obvious that Cyril was in some sort of considerable pain as he clutched at his forehead.

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Something wasn’t right here and Heathen felt it. Cyril was not a well man. 

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The DolbyDoh jet had flown Texas down to the Simaribbean island of Sulani. She had sweet talked Cyril into loaning her the jet for a few days but had not revealed her true intention of visiting the island. 

After arranging a villa to stay in, all at DolbyDoh’s expense, Texas put on her best swimwear attire and made her way to Cobacapana beach for it was here that she would find the man she was searching for. 

And it didn’t take her long to spot him as he strutted along the jetty in his red lifeguard shorts. 

08-14-20_10-06-54 PM

With hands on hips Texas watched him from across the beach. Horgan Mess, the private detective she’d hired to find this man had done good work. When Texas did some digging into Brystle’s background and discovered that she had been married before, she k new that she wanted to find out who that man was. When Horgan Mess reported back that no divorce had ever been finalised between Brystle and her first husband, Clarke Hemmings, Texas insisted Mr Mess double down on his efforts and spare no expense in finding Clarke. And now as she stood on the golden sands of Cobacapana beach, Texas was positively delighted as she watched the handsome Clarke Hemmings strut around. She had big plans for him…

08-14-20_10-09-05 PM

As Clarke walked around the lifeguard jetty he scanned the beach for any signs of trouble. And to take in some of the breath taking views…..of the abundance of scantily clad ladies in their figure hugging bikinis. He had a reputation as a lothario , a self-styled local stud who would wine, dine and woohoo you before ditching you and moving onto the next lady. 

As he surveyed the beach around him he became aware of someone who was watching him intently. Whilst he didn’t know who Texas was, he’d spotted her almost right away as she stood out compared to all the other ladies on the beach. Not just because she was stunningly beautiful but also the fact that she was staring at him so intently. She meant business and that unnerved Clarke.

08-14-20_10-02-18 PM

08-14-20_10-07-59 PM

Clarke got the feeling that this was not the average bimbo he would target. This woman was targeting him and he didn’t like it at all. With his dubious past, it could be any number of reasons why someone was after him he thought. So, in an effort for her to give it up and move on, Clarke put on a pair of sunglasses, got onto a jet ski stationed at the lifeguard tower and zoomed out across the bay. 

08-14-20_10-11-09 PM

08-14-20_10-08-25 PM

08-14-20_10-12-17 PM

After almost twenty minutes of zooming around Clarke noticed that his admirer was still on the beach. It was obvious she would not go away. Reluctantly he made his way back and decided to see what she wanted.

Texas smirked to herself when she saw him come back. Now was her moment to make herself known.

08-14-20_10-14-36 PM

08-14-20_10-20-58 PM

08-14-20_10-26-15 PM

08-14-20_10-26-58 PM

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08-14-20_10-30-37 PM

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He sure fancied himself Texas thought. But with that delicious body he’d every right to. Texas found it hard to believe that Brystle was married to this hunk.

08-14-20_10-29-48 PM

08-14-20_10-30-56 PM

08-14-20_10-33-46 PM

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08-14-20_10-42-23 PM

08-14-20_10-42-03 PM

Lies rolled off Texas’s tongue with ease. To think that she and Brystle were friends! But sweet talking and schmoozing were what she did best and she knew how to get around any man…

08-14-20_10-38-26 PM

08-14-20_10-48-16 PM

08-14-20_10-46-06 PM

08-14-20_10-45-29 PM

Clarke’s suspicions were immediately raised. He knew this woman was not being honest with him. You never try to kid a kidder he thought. 

08-14-20_10-47-10 PM

08-14-20_10-50-23 PM

Clarke turned his back on Texas and proceeded to put on his life guard jacket and walk away. Texas realised that she was in danger of losing Clarke’s interest. He was agitated and on edge and considering his dubious dodgy past it was little wonder. But through what she’d learned about him, from Horgan Mess’s investigation, Texas decided on another tactic. One that would appeal instantly to Clarke.

08-14-20_10-50-07 PM

At the mere mention of money Clarke stopped. He took off his glasses and turned back to face Texas. 

08-14-20_10-51-50 PM

08-14-20_10-50-13 PM

And instantly Texas knew she’d caught her man. 

08-14-20_10-53-08 PM

08-14-20_10-52-08 PM

08-14-20_10-51-54 PM

08-14-20_10-53-49 PM

08-14-20_10-55-29 PM

As Texas walked away satisfied that her plans were working out, Clarke took a moment to reflect on what had just occurred. 

08-14-20_10-58-50 PM

08-14-20_10-59-24 PM

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08-15-20_10-45-20 AM

Back in Windenburg, Burke and Brystle had ventured out into the surrounding wilderness in an effort to spend some time together reconnecting after their time apart with Burke’s incarceration and court case. They’d driven to Mount Collins National Park and were enjoying a spot of fishing. 

Brystle loved this. For her it felt like a return to her roots from her humble beginnings in a small town before her life changed into a much more glitzier one. Burke loved seeing Brystle so happy and for them both to enjoy this outdoor activity together. Never in a million years would he have been able to do this with Texas.

08-15-20_10-43-12 AM

08-15-20_10-43-46 AM

08-15-20_10-44-06 AM

08-15-20_10-44-33 AM

Brystle had been thinking on telling Burke the truth about her own time she’d spent in prison prior to meeting him. As they were now at a new level of openness and understanding with each other, now was the time she decided.

08-15-20_10-48-19 AM

As they set aside their fishing rods Brystle began her tale. 

08-15-20_10-13-19 AM

08-15-20_10-13-03 AM

08-15-20_10-23-09 AM

08-15-20_10-27-24 AM

08-15-20_10-17-32 AM

08-15-20_10-17-39 AM

Burke was outraged at what he was hearing about the man, this Clarke Hemmings. He didn’t know him but he already hated him for what he’d done to Brystle.

08-15-20_10-21-34 AM

08-15-20_10-39-24 AM

08-15-20_10-23-14 AM

08-15-20_10-27-40 AM

08-15-20_10-24-00 AM

08-15-20_10-15-14 AM

08-15-20_10-20-40 AM

Burke took his wife’s hand in his and spoke lovingly to her.

08-15-20_10-32-11 AM

08-15-20_10-31-12 AM

They fell into each other’s arms and began to kiss passionately. 

08-15-20_10-38-58 AM

08-15-20_10-30-00 AM

08-15-20_10-32-29 AM

08-15-20_10-34-42 AM

08-15-20_10-35-04 AM

08-15-20_10-41-28 AM

08-15-20_10-40-36 AM

08-15-20_10-32-34 AM

08-15-20_10-32-58 AM

08-15-20_10-38-09 AMAs they began to make woohoo out in the open, Burke and Brystle were blissfully unaware of the trouble that was looming down in Sulani…

08-16-20_7-16-10 PM

Later that day, Dr. Mick Broscanni was on edge. That pesky cop Marco Morelli was here again asking, no demanding that he speak with Malaudia with regard to the troubling phonecalls she’d been receiving that had led to her subsequent relapse and admittance back into the hospital.

Broscanni had no further reason to delay Morelli from seeing Malaudia. She was no longer under sedation. If he kept Morelli from seeing her and furthering his investigation then he would start to suspect that Broscanni was deliberately preventing him from seeing her. Which was in fact the truth…a very complicated truth.

As he looked on from the window in his office the once calm and collected doctor was himself getting very anxious. And with good reason.

08-16-20_5-43-11 PM

Outside the young detective was speaking with a still fragile Malaudia. The trauma of what she had been through mentally was still evident to see. 

08-16-20_5-39-40 PM

08-16-20_5-39-00 PM

08-16-20_5-39-49 PM

08-16-20_5-40-05 PM

08-16-20_5-39-26 PM

They sat down again and Morelli realised he may be out of his depth here in dealing with Malaudia’s anguish. She firmly believed that a demon, a literal monster, had been the one tormenting her over the phone and had been in the house with her. He spoke to her in the the gentlest voice he could. 

08-16-20_5-41-09 PM

08-16-20_5-40-54 PM

Malaudia recalled what she saw in the attic that night. 

07-24-19_4-13-19 PM

08-16-20_5-41-02 PM

From the window in his office, Broscanni didn’t like what he was seeing at all. It was obvious that cop Morelli would not let this go. He would keep digging and digging and eventually the truth would come out….

08-16-20_5-44-12 PM

Back outside in the gardens, Morelli was being honest with Malaudia. 

08-16-20_6-15-53 PM

08-16-20_6-16-38 PM

08-16-20_6-17-46 PM

Morelli hated to try this tactic because he knew Malaudia was fragile and vulnerable but he had to make her see reason. 

08-16-20_6-22-14 PM

08-16-20_6-21-43 PM

08-16-20_6-28-29 PM

08-16-20_6-28-40 PM

08-16-20_6-31-53 PM

08-16-20_6-32-47 PM

Malaudia’s distress moved him. This was more than just another case for Morelli for he realised he had developed feelings for Malaudia. He moved closer and put his arms around her.

08-16-20_6-36-38 PM

08-16-20_6-36-51 PM

Broscanni had seen enough. That cop was now comforting Malaudia! There would be no way he’d let this go. And eventually soon enough he would discover the truth about Malaudia’s prolonged stay at the hospital. Broscanni, in a state of panic, picked up the phone and called the woman responsible for this whole mess.

08-16-20_6-37-32 PM

08-16-20_7-01-20 PM

08-16-20_6-59-35 PM

Mother Drysdale was having a wonderfully relaxing afternoon knitting in the living room when her phone rang. 

08-16-20_7-03-14 PM

08-16-20_6-38-37 PM

Mother threw down her knitting needles upon hearing this.

08-16-20_7-06-58 PM

08-16-20_6-40-08 PM

08-16-20_7-07-33 PM

Mother Drysdale, in the midst of her rant, was unaware that her grand-daughter Mimsy was listening in.

08-16-20_7-07-58 PM

08-16-20_6-42-20 PM

08-16-20_7-09-04 PM

This was the reason why Malaudia had been kept locked up and sedated for so long. By chance Mother Drysdale had discovered that the respected Dr Mick Broscanni was not quite so squeaky clean after all. She obtained proof of his cheating and shown him the pictures. With those photos as collateral she had him in her back pocket to do her bidding. So when she put her plan into action and dressed up in the costume to terrorise poor Malaudia into thinking there was a monster in her house, she called upon Broscanni to keep Malaudia locked up forever.

Broscanni had been compromised and he risked exposure. He knew his career would be over and his marriage also. He could even end up in prison. He should never have cheated on his wife and he should never have gone along with the vindictive Mother Drysdale’s plans. 

08-16-20_6-42-46 PM

08-16-20_7-10-19 PM

08-16-20_6-43-03 PM

08-16-20_7-11-45 PM

08-16-20_7-11-57 PM

After the call ended, Mick almost collapsed into his chair as he reflected on the huge mistake he’d made. 

08-16-20_6-45-42 PM

Whilst Mother Drysdale’s mouth was watering as he thought of what she intended to do with the good doctor that evening…

08-16-20_7-13-38 PM

Mimsy was shocked at what she’s heard and it dawned on her that her grandmother was up to no good. 

08-16-20_7-11-05 PM

07-22-20_8-32-34 PM

At the hired villa, Texas brought some cocktails out onto the lanai to the waiting Clarke Hemmings who had recently arrived. 




The pair of connivers sipped on their drinks and eyed one another with smiles. 







Clarke was on to her Texas realised. Perhaps he wasn’t the dumb jock she thought he was. Texas tried a different lie to cover herself.


Clarke chuckled at the nerve of the woman as he knew she was blatantly lying. 




Texas sipped at her drink as she knew her lies were about to be exposed. 








At the mention of Burke’s name Texas snapped. 











Texas was revelling in all of this as she saw the man begin to squirm uncomfortably in front of her. She did enjoy her petty torments. 





Mimsy was making her way back home with her boyfriend Luca and had been telling him of her suspicions about her granny’s involvement in sending her mother back to the simitarium. 











Meanwhile inside the house Dr Broscanni sat in the living room waiting on Mother Drysdale to come back. She’d disappeared off into the bedroom after letting him in. Soon enough the soft patter of her woollen slipper mules on the hard wood floor could be heard as she approached him. 



Mother Drysdale practically threw herself with a plonk onto the sofa next to Dr. Broscanni. When he saw that she had changed into a bathrobe he visibly squirmed. 






Broscanni didn’t like the sound of this.


With a creak in her hips the vindictive Mother Drysdale got out of her seat and stood in front of Mick bending forward provocatively. 



If she heard him or recognised his unease she paid no attention as she began to loosen the belt on her fleece robe….





Broscanni was horrified at what was happening. This spiteful evil old woman had flung off her robe across the room and was now trying to seduce him wearing some sexy lingerie coupled with her thick brown stockings and woolly slippers.




As Broscanni tried to make a quick exit out the door Mother Drysdale grabbed hold of him and rubbed herself up tight against him. 



Mick swallowed hard. If he did this, if he slept with this old crone, then she would give him back the photos. His wife would not find out about the affair with Nurse Charles at the hospital. But still, could he actually go through with this? 


Broscanni couldn’t believe he was actually going to go through with this. But it was the only way. 



As the old woman made her way teasingly to the bedroom Dr Broscanni began having a panic attack resulting in him rushing to the bathroom to throw up.



After wiping himself down Broscanni took a deep breath and made his way to the bedroom where  Mother Drysdale was waiting for him. 



Broscanni was sweating profusely as he saw the spectacle strewn across the bed in front of him. He had no other choice other than to do the deed with Mother Drysdale. Slowly he removed his clothing and slipped under the covers with the wrinkled old crone.  



As Broscanni and Mother Drysdale consummated their unholy union, a camera placed by the vengeful old woman was recording the whole sordid ordeal…


Texas joined Clarke who had made his way onto the moonlit beach in front of the villa. 





But Clarke had his doubts. 


Texas decided to remind Clarke of the money knowing that was what he responded best too. 


And right on cue…










With a confident parting smile Clarke made his exit leaving Texas alone with her thoughts on the moonlit beach. 


Clarke had totally read her and she didn’t like it one bit. He was right, she did lustfully want him. 


09-02-20_8-53-13 PM

A few days later Brystle was surprised to receive a call from Devonique requesting they meet for lunch. She agreed to meet her in San Myshuno city. 


They both sat down. Brystle remained neutral as she was unsure as to why Devonique had reached out to her. However, Devonique remained warm and gracious. 

1A1B1C1D1E1F1G1H1I1J1K1L1M1N09-02-20_9-01-20 PM1O


Making their way back to Windenburg aboard the DolbyDoh jet, Texas and Clarke sat opposite one another in the luxurious leather reclining chairs. 


Clarke settled back into the chair and smiled. It was so easy to rattle Texas. And besides, she sure was hot….


Texas had decided to give into temptation. She HAD to have Clarke. They both stood at he same time and she moved closer to him. Having her press herself up against Clarke and the smell of her perfume drove him wild. 


Neither could resist each other any longer and they quickly began tearing off one another’s clothes as they made wild passionate woohoo with one another  thousands of feet up in the air as they soared to new levels of ecstasy. 

Back in Burke’s office, Heathen had arrived to see him. Burke was concerned for his son. He looked scruffy, unkempt. He wasn’t the young man he was a few months ago. But a lot had changed since then. And he was insisting on Burke taking a paternity test to prove that he was his father. Burke however was very nervous about doing it. 

Burke resigned himself to the fact that he had to go through with this for his son’s peace of mind. 

Heathen slowly nodded before quietly leaving with his head lowered. 

An emotional Burke made his way over to his bar. The thought of what could happen was weighing heavily on his mind. For whilst he mostly believed he was Heathen’s father, given how much Texas had cheated on him there was a tiny part of Burke that believed that he may not be Heathen’s father. 

Texas. That damn woman had caused all of this misery and Burke hated her for it. 

Texas better pray that she was wrong and that Burke WAS Heathen’s father not Cyril. Because if it turned out that Burke wasn’t the daddy then he would make her pay for all that she had done. And she would pay with her life….


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