EPISODE 2.10: ‘Viva, Les Vagas!’


The next day Texas had summoned Siloli groundsman Terry to her studio. She had learned from Burke the previous night that there were rumblings amongst the kitchen staff of Siloli that Terry had claimed that on the day of Brystle’s fall from the horse Texas had been out skeet shooting.

Now this was true of course but Texas would not allow the truth to come out about what she had done. And as only the simple groundsman was aware of the truth, Texas had quickly devised a cunning plan to silence him. So after sending a message to Mrs Bummerson in the kitchen , Texas sat out on the porch of her studio and waited for Terry to arrive. After a few minutes of waiting, a nervous looking Terry approached her.


Terry gulped loudly and shifted uneasily on his feet. 678910

A wave of panic swept over Terry. He could see where this was going. 111213

Terry was an honest man and very loyal to the Simmington household. He couldn’t do what Texas was demanding. 1415

Texas moved towards Terry forcing him to sit down. As he visibly trembled Texas knew she had him in the palm of her hand. 16171819


Later that day, Burke was with his ‘son’ Badam in his office at WindenburgSimmington headquarters. He’d invited the young man along to show him the ropes in an effort to get him started working alongside him. Burke had grand ideas for working alongside his eldest child, unaware that the young man recently returned to him was not actually his son but a paid actor hired by Cyril Dolby, Burke’s nemesis.

Mikey Florence, the bit part actor hired by Cyril to pose as the Simmington heir, wasn’t so keen on the idea of working in the business world and was not what he had signed up to do. All he wanted was an easy life spending the Simmington millions.23456789

Burke made to leave the office and ‘Badam’ followed him. He realised that if he wanted to keep Burke onside and not raise any suspicions then perhaps he would have to at least show willing to join him here at WindenburgSimmington. Then an idea came to him…101112

Burke was taken aback by the boldness of ‘Badam’ asking for a yacht as an incentive to join the company. This after only just being given a sportscar recently. Burke was seeing a greedy side emerge from the young man but before he could say anything Andre Wayward, his lawyer, approached him accompanied by a young man. 131415161718

Mikey, aka ‘Badam’ was a little annoyed with his performance. He realised that maybe he’d crossed the line with asking for a yacht. Perhaps another car would have been the better option to go for.

Andre meanwhile was enthusiastically raving about his newest protégé Thordon.  19202122

Burke stared at the young man in front of him. There was something familiar about him that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Thordon himself felt it too with Burke. If only they knew the truth, that in fact Thordon WAS the real Badam Simmington!! That Burke’s real son was right in front of him and neither men knew…23242526

Thordon’s snooty manner irked ‘Badam’. Who the hell was he to be speaking to him like that? ‘Badam’ remembered he was playing the role of a billionaire’s son and decided to remind Thordon not to mess with the boss’s son. 27282930

As the fake Badam and the real Badam made their way to the elevators, Fathom stepped out of one as she made her way to see Seth in his office. 31

Fathom caught sight of her ‘brother’ Badam with the mysterious stranger (to her) Thordon and she was immediately intrigued by him….3233343536

Fathom smiled as she locked eyes with the handsome Thordon. She felt a spark with him, a connection….not realising of course that Thordon was her REAL brother!!!37383940

Both men watched Fathom as she walked off. 4142

Mikey, aka ‘Badam’, almost blew his cover as he lusted after Fathom who was supposed to be his sister. Thordon on the other hand had no idea that he was the real Badam and was blissfully unaware that his attraction to Fathom was wrong. On the other side of the door Fathom looked back at Thordon with longing in her eyes…4344

With scandalous thoughts in her mind about the handsome Thordon, Fathom made her way into her husband Seth’s office. He looked up from his desk as his wife entered.454647484950515253

This was more like the old Seth from when they were dating as teenagers Fathom thought. He had a glint in his eye which she found incredibly sexy. Of course, fathom was already fired up from her chance encounter with Thordon…

Nevertheless, she made her way around Seth’s desk and stood behind him rubbing his chest seductively.545556

Seth didn’t necessarily find this sort of thing comfortable but was willing to go along with it if it pleased Fathom. He had been humiliated by Giles’s comments during their fight at the gym where his star player had told him of his affair with Fathom and how Seth was not keeping his own wife woohooally satisfied.  Seth stood up from his chair and locked lips with his wife kissing her with a fiery passion. 57585960

As someone who got turned on by risks like this, Fathom was enamoured by Seth’s emerging wild side. And as he swooped her up into his arms she could stand the woohoo tension no more.62

Seth obliged and they lay down on the floor together and frantically began their woohoo session. Seth was entirely focused and surprisingly turned on by what they were doing. Fathom was herself majorly turned on…but not necessarily with thoughts of her husband…. 63


The following evening at the ‘Marquis De Salad Restaurant’, the hottest new eatery in town, Texas and Cyril were enjoying a meal together. For Texas, being seen in the latest hip joint was what she was all about. She loved being noticed and talked about. And whilst she looked around the restaurant to see who was taking notice of her, Cyril abruptly interrupted her train of thought with a rather direct question.


Texas was of course oblivious to Cyril’s health condition – that he was hiding the fact he was dying from a deadly variant of Rabid Rodent Fever and had only a few months left to live.89101112131415

Cyril was keeping the truth from Texas about his illness as he did not want her to marry him out of pity because of his condition. But then again, there was a lot that Cyril had kept hidden from Texas….

Just then Texas caught sight of someone entering the restaurant, someone who she had history with…1617

Cyril knew his ex-wife was back in town after she had recently visited his office to try convince him to stop deceiving Texas with the lie that he had found her missing son when in fact he was the one responsible for his disappearance in the first place. 1819202122

A reluctant Cyril followed Texas as she made her way over to see Skankee. As they reached the bar, Texas flung her arms around Cyril and held him tight. 2324

Seeing her ex-husband with the woman he had cheated on her with was one of the many reasons why Skankee had been reluctant to come back to Windenburg and why she had urged her son Giles not to join Windenburg United football club. That and one other important reason to…252627

Hearing Texas acting like a total bitch to his mother, Giles gallantly stepped forward. 282930

Skankee’s heart was racing for she knew the truth would come out. In fact she could even see Cyril doing the math in his eyes…313233

Skankee was of course referring to the fact that it was Cyril who had masterminded Badam’s disappearance all those years ago. Not wanting to run the risk of Skankee telling Texas the truth, he quickly led her away. 343536

Back at the bar a furious Giles watched as Cyril and Texas made their exit. 37383940


Across town at the home of Devonique Domino another dinner gathering was happening. Joining her, along with her daughter Brackie and her boyfriend Oliver and her son Frank, was Heathen. She had invited over her half nephew in an effort to get to know the young man who had married her now departed son Fred. Heathen had readily accepted. Not only was he able to get know his new found half aunt but also he would get to spend time with Frank, the identical twin brother of Fred. 234567

Devonique noticed the looks Heathen had been giving Frank all night from across the table and it made her think that inviting Heathen night not have been the right decision after all. Frank was the double for Fred and it could be confusing to Heathen who was still grieving. Quickly she decided to move the conversation on and break the silence. 891011

Frank wasn’t always the quickest to read people Devonique knew. He was  trying to be a good friend to Heathen but it was obvious he wasn’t realising the impact he was having on him. 12131415161718

Before Devonique could say anymore, Brackie joined them with some good news of her own. 192021222324

Brackie was very head strong and determined but sometimes to her detriment. Devonique didn’t want to see her daughter get hurt. 252627

Oliver was cut off mid sentence as Brackie snatched her phone up and made a call. 282930313233

Devonique watched as her dinner party broke up as Oliver chased off after Brackie and Frank made his way onto the lanai with Heathen.

Outside Heathen, who was quite tipsy from the perfectly chilled shimpagne served at Devonique’s dinner table, gazed at the handsome Frank who seemed equally as tipsy.34353637

Heathen was smitten and therefore completely misinterpreted the situation. He clumsily reached forward and stroked Frank’s face. Just as he did so Devonique stepped out from the house. 383940

She looked on with dismay. She knew during sinner that this would happen. Heathen was confused over Frank and was setting himself up for a whole heap of hurt. 414243

For a second it appeared that Frank was enjoying the kiss with Heathen but quite quickly the situation turned nasty as he hastily pushed Heathen away in a fit of anger. 4445464748

Heathen refused to stop and feeling humiliated and angry with himself he fled Devonique’s house.

Frank was equally annoyed with himself for the way he reacted to Heathen’s kiss. As he stood cursing himself he heard the sound of footsteps and looked over his shoulder to see Devonique approach him with a disapproving look on her face. 4950515253

Devonique of course didn’t want Frank to leave but knew that it was for the best if he did. Heathen wouldn’t heal until he did so. She put her hand lovingly on her son’s shoulder and asked him to think about it before going back inside. Meanwhile Frank was left in a dilemma as what to do for the best.

And also the realisation that he had actually enjoyed that kiss for a split second….5455


A heartbroken Heathen made his way back to Siloli mansion. As he got out of his car in the courtyard, Tammy Flo and fake Badam were smooching on the porch. Heathen stopped in his tracks and stared at the pair. It wasn’t so long ago that Tammy Flo was all over Heathen but since their one night of woohoo Heathen had tried to distance himself from her. However, with his feelings all over the place right now a confused and lonely Heathen really needed her company.23

On the porch steps, Tammy Flo and fake Badam were sucking face like their lives depended on it. 45678

Both Tammy Flo and fake Badam stopped in their tracks when Heathen called over to them. Tammy Flo stepped forward after telling fake Badam to hang back for a moment. 910111213141516

And Tammy Flo was being genuine when she told Heathen that. She had arrived at Siloli originally to fleece some of the Simmington millions that her Auntie Brystle had married into. She had tried to woo Heathen during his grief over the death of Fred but then realised she did have feelings for him. But when he showed nothing back Tammy Flo moved onto fake Badam and he was giving her the lifestyle she always wanted.

And with that, Tammy Flo leaned forward and gave Heathen a friendly kiss on the cheek. 1718

Tammy Flo could see how hurt Heathen was and it hurt her heart to leave him standing there like a lost puppy. But she had her own life to live. She turned and walked away from Heathen. 19

Fake Badam and Tammy Flo got into the sportscar he’d been given from Burke and they roared off into the night leaving a destitute Heathen standing alone and watching them leave. 2021


A couple of hours later, Tammy Flo and fake Badam had driven into the desert city of Les Vagas to the famous casino Nero’s Palazzo. It was there at a bar they were glugging on their umpteenth cocktail of the night. 2324252627282930313233

Whilst Tammy Flo wasn’t the brightest spark, she did pick up on fake Badam’s slip of the tongue. 34353637

Realising he had managed to get away with it and not tell Tammy Flo he wasn’t really Badam, fake Badam ushered Tammy Flo up from her barstool and together they staggered off to the hotel nightclub where they soon were taking the dancefloor by storm. 383940

Fake Badam’s shock marriage proposal stopped Tammy Flo in the middle of the dancefloor. 41424344

Meanwhile back at Siloli, it was late at night and Burke was making his way into his study for a quick nightcap. He was surprised to see Heathen already there and it appeared he had been drinking quite a lot. 4546474849505152

Heathen spun around on very unsteady feet to face his father. 5354555657

As Heathen locked horns with Burke, back in Vagas, Tammy Flo and fake Badam were drunkenly getting hitched by a Elvish Parsley impersonator. 585960

Whilst they were saying their I do’s, Heathen was unleashing a lot of pent up anger and aggression towards Burke. 61626364656667686970

Burke had said it before thinking about it and instantly upon seeing the hurt in his distraught son’s eyes he regretted it. A drunk Heathen ran past him unsteadily. 71727374

Heathen ignored his father and ran off down one of the many corridors of Siloli mansion.

Back in Les Vagas, the Elvish Parsley impersonator had just finished his sermon. 7576

And just like that  they were married!777879

Back at Siloli, a distraught Heathen made his way out to the pool area staggering and falling as he went.808182

Suddenly, but not unexpectedly, Heathen tripped over his own shoe lace and went flying face first onto the ground before rolling over into the water toatally knocked out cold… 8384858687

With no-one around to see him fall, was it going to be too late to save Heathen from drowning???88