Well thank you for visiting my page!! My name is Glen and I have been playing The Sims for a few years now. I love the unique story telling opportunities the game presents and have wanted to do something with that for a long time.

Amongst other things I love the big American prime time soap opera’s of the 1980’s particularly Dynasty so I thought why not combine the 2 in my story telling and hey presto here we are!

SIMASTY is my affectionate nod to both The Sims game and tv’s Dynasty. I have recreated certain scenes from that show and put my own spin on them as well as plotlines  and characters so if you are familiar with that show then you will have fun spotting them. I also make references to other pop culture mediums such as movies, songs and tv shows and interweave these into the storyline. Hopefully it’s not all too convoluted! But then again that’s the beauty of soap operas which all too often make no sense at all!!

So sit back, poor yourself a glass of shimpagne and enjoy the story of the fabulously wealthy Simmington clan. Remember, it’s more than a dynasty, it’s a Simasty!!




This page is for entertainment purposes only.