Simasty Episode 2.11 Ditsy To The Rescue

A full moon shone high in the crisp clear night sky above Windenburg. It cast an eerie glow on the ground below. Particularly over Siloli mansion, and the unresponsive body floating in the swimming pool.233A A few moments had passed since a drunken Heathen had come stumbling out of the mansion following a blazing row with his father and had fallen over, knocking himself unconscious as he hit the water.

Burke, upset at the row that had ensued between them, had asked Joseph, the major-domo of the house, to assist in finding him. Whilst Joseph searched the west wing, Burke stepped out onto the pool lanai and was horrified to see the sight of his son’s lifeless body in the pool. 546

Burke wasted no time by springing into action as he jumped into the pool to save his son. 7891016

As Joseph helped Burke in getting Heathen out of the pool, at the front of the mansion Seth and Fathom were just returning home from a night out. 1112131415

They soon found out that their skinny dipping would not be happening as they had hoped for they were greeted with the sight of Joseph and Buke laying out an unconscious Heathen on the floor. Realising his son was not breathing, Burke quickly began performing cpr on him. 1718192021

Joseph grabbed his cell phone and called for help as a shaken Fathom was comforted by Seth. 2223242526

It was not looking good- Heathen was not responding at all but Burke would not give up. As he fought frantically to save his son’s life, Joseph looked at Seth and the unspoken fear that Heathen was dead passed between them. The next seconds would be crucial in saving Heathen’s life…30292827


Across town, furious football star Giles Scott had arrived home after a blazing with his mother Skankee in the restaurant. He’d just learned from her that she had lied to him his whole life about his father – that he wasn’t dead at all and was in fact billionaire businessman Cyril Dolby! 

Giles poured himself a large glass of nectar and downed it in one before pouring himself another. Skankee walked in after getting a cab back from the restaurant. She had hated herself for lying to Giles all of these years but she had good reason to. But seeing Giles like this she didn’t hold out much hope for him being understanding. He was hurt and betrayed and Skankee wanted to put things right. 2345678

Giles aggressively stepped forward to his mother. 9101112131415

Skankee had seen her son like this before – he always had had an anger management problem. It was time to speak more firmly to him to make him listen. 1617181920

Giles flung his glass onto the floor shattering it into a hundred pieces before marching through the broken glass and leaving the house. Not even a plea from his mother would stop him. 2122

Giles stood at the edge of his driveway his mind racing as to what to or where to go. The night beckoned him and he needed to get away from here, away from Skankee. 2324

In the space of one evening Giles’s life had been turned upside down. He was a Dolby, the secret son of one of the richest men in the Sims world. And it was time to know what sort of a man Giles Dolby would become….


The Simmington clan were gathered in the ICU. Burke, Fathom and Seth waited to hear on news of Heathen. 

Burke had managed to get his son breathing just as the ambulance arrived. A frantic dash across town and now he was in the hands of a Dr Dennis Elbow. 

Burke, Fathom and Seth watched on through the window in the corridor as the doctor completed his assessment of his patient hooked up to various equipment keeping him alive. 234

Just then the corridor doors burst open and there was  loud clack of high heel shoes on a tiled floor as Texas Simmington rushed in. She’d been on a date with Cyril Dolby when Seth had called her to tell her of the news. 5678

Hearing that Burke had been arguing with their son prior to this caused Texas to snap.91011

Texas was quiet for a second then the fear took hold of her again and she was once again frantic with worry. 1213

As Burke spoke firmly but reassuringly regarding Heathen’s condition, Dr Dennis Elbow stepped out from the treatment room to give his update. 14151617181920

A shell shocked Texas and Burke went slowly into the room to see their son. Meanwhile the enormity of what she’d just learned about her brother, who she loved more than anyone,  was too much for Fathom to comprehend. She felt the beginnings of a panic attack overtake her.2122

As Seth went to check on Fathom, Texas and Burke stood together by Heathen’s bedside. The only noise in the room were the beeps coming from the life support machine keeping their son alive. Texas moved place a trembling hand onto his chest and spoke softly through her tears. 232425

Outside in the corridor, Brystle had come down from her ward a few floors above where she had been staying following her fall from the horse. She wasn’t sure which room Heathen was in but suddenly she caught sight  of them through the observation window.2627

Seeing her son in an unresponsive state was too much for Texas and she turned to her former husband for the comfort and support she needed right now. As Burke wrapped his arms around her Texas broke down in tears. 2829

Even though it shouldn’t have, seeing Burke hold his former wife like that hurt and stunned Brystle. This was not the first time she was suspicious of them for the first night she was in the hospital Brystle had called Burke late at night only to be greeted by Texas on the phone. And now seeing them together like this was too much to comprehend.30

Was she losing Burke? Would he eventually leave her and go back to his ex-wife? Brystle didn’t know but felt that she was not needed here,  not at this time. She wasn’t Heathen’s mother. And nor would she ever have that bond with Burke following her riding fall…31


By mid morning, Burke had called his half sister Devonique to inform her of what had happened to Heathen in the early hours. Devonique was stunned to hear the news but secretly she had feared something like this was inevitable.

Heathen had been at her house the night before for dinner. And it was apparent that he was still deeply in love and grieving for his husband, Devonique’s son Fred. And seeing Frankie, Fred’s identical twin brother, was confusing Heathen and giving him false hope. This was confirmed when she’d caught Heathen kissing Frank and Frank had reacted badly causing Heathen to runout. 

Devonique had tried to warn her son Frank about all of this but he wouldn’t listen. And now as she saw him out swimming in her pool, she knew she had to make him see sense – it was time for him to leave and return to the army. Heathen did not need to be seeing him for he would not recover from his grieving the longer Frank stayed in town. 3452

Walking assertively out to the pool, Devonique called to her son and he stopped swimming to listen.678

Frank swam across to the pool ladder and climbed out. 910111213141516

With a sigh Frank reluctantly realised his mother was right. But yet there was part of him that did not want him to go. A feeling…a desire…. 1718192021

Something wasn’t ringing true for Devonique with what Frank was saying. This was appearing to run deeper than what Frank was giving away…22

As his mother walked back inside, Frank cursed himself for not being more  careful with Heathen. It was obvious he was still grieving deeply for Fred. But the longer Frank had spent getting to know Heathen, the more he had begun developing feelings that he never thought he had….232425


By the following day, Heathen was still in a coma and Texas was maintaining a bedside vigil with her son. She loved her children dearly but had felt she had a special bond with Heathen. As she spoke with heartfelt emotion to her unconscious son in the hope that he could find his way back hearing her voice, Texas was unaware that her daughter Fathom had entered the room behind her.  2345

Fathom had not allowed herself to become close to her mother following her return into their lives. Normally she would have had a snarky comment to make but this was not the time nor the place to make one. And for once, Texas sounded absolutely genuine in her concern and it stopped Fathom in her tracks. 6789

Having no response from Heathen upset Texas all the more and she put her head down by his side and gently wept. This brought a tear to the normally steely Fathom. Could she be softening her response to her mother? Fathom quickly shook off those feelings and moved over to the other side of the bed as Texas sat up, surprised to see her daughter appear. 1011121314151617

Part of her wanted to believe her mother but the other part of her didn’t trust the woman. In any event, Fathom reluctantly found herself agreeing to set aside their differences. 181920

Sensing a breakthrough with her daughter, Texas sprung to her feet to seize the opportunity. 21222324252627

The sound of Heathen muttering made Texas rush to his side. She frantically stroked his hair as she spoke to him. 282930

Fathom raced out of the room to get some help. Texas leaned in even closer to her son as he gradually began to emerge from his coma. 313233

Texas tearfully kissed her son and held him close thanking the Sims universe that he had come back to her. 


Around an hour or so later, Heathen was sat up in the bed with his mother and sister either side of him and Dr Dennis Elbow was giving the verdict of his assessments. 34353637383940

Heathen hated having a fuss made of him at the best of times and this was no exception. All he wanted to do was show he was fine so that he could leave and go home…and see a certain someone…4142

Fathom and Texas looked at one another in shock at the mention of Fred’s name. They then looked down at Heathen who was unaware of why they both looked worried but was more worried where his husband was…


After spending over a week in hospital following her horse riding fall and subsequent miscarriage, today was the day that Brystle returned home to Siloi. 

Burke accompanied her back from the hospital in his limo and the two of them were making their way towards to front door of their home. 23456

Before they went in, there was something that Brystle had to get off her mind. 781011121314

Was Burke delusional Brystle thought to herself? Surely he must realise that Texas’s goal had been to try split them up. Hell would freeze over before they became friends. In fact, the only real friend Brystle thought she had in the house was with Nanette, the head of housekeeping. And that was exactly who greeted them as they walked inside. Brystle was glad to see a friendly face. 151617181920


As they walked further inside they were met by Seth and Fathom who had just come down from upstairs. 212223242526

There was no knowing if Fathom was being sarcastic to her or genuine but given their past history Brystle decided it was the former. Fathom truly was her mother’s daughter through and through. 272829

That was definitely another dig aimed at her Brystle thought but before she could say anything Burke had chuckled and guided them all towards the drawing room.  Inside that room  Tammy Flo and ‘Badam’ (who was not the long lost Simmington older child but in fact a fraud put in place by Cyril Dolby) were getting ready to surprise them all with news of their shotgun wedding in Les Vagas. 30

As everyone walked in ‘Badam’ cracked open the giant bottle of shimpagne. 3132333435363738

It was quickly apparent that news of their surprise nuptials had not gone down well with the Simmington clan. ‘Badam’ did his best to drum up a bit of support from his fake family but Burke was not having any of it. 39404142

To break the awkward silence, Tammy Flo offered to be the one to tell Heathen. 4344


Later that day, new WindenburgSimmington employee Thordon Gompson was busy settling into his new apartment. He’d been taken on as part of the legal team at Burke’s company, recommended by Skankee Dolby. In fact it had seemed that Skankee insisted Thordon leave her company, Skankee’s Candles, and move all the way from Falicornia on the west coast to this much smaller state further eastside.  Skankee had been a huge influence in Thordon’s life growing up, being there and taking him in when his parents died, supporting him through law school and then giving him his first break legal break as a lawyer for her firm. Then all of a sudden, she forced him to come to Windenburg and the next thing he knew he was working for one of the biggest companies in the known Sim world!

Whatever the reason, Thordon was grateful. This was an amazing opportunity fior him and he intended to make it a success. Besides, Windenburg was a great city and state, he’d already made a tonne of new friends, Giles was living in the city too and lastly there was a certain someone who had caught his eye….a certain boss’s daughter by the name of Fathom….

He was just thinking about her when there came a knock at his apartment door.23456789

There was a connection between them Thordon thought and he sensed that Fathom felt it too.101112131415

Thordon went to make a drink and Fathom surveyed the spectacular view from the living room windows. 161718192021222324

Thordon knew Fathom was married, he’d heard the gossip. But that had never stopped him in the past with his previous lovers and it was clear that Fathom was the type of girl who didn’t let such a thing as a husband stand in her way either. 


Thordon then led Fathom from room to room .333435

That only left one room…and it was right behind these double doors…36373839404142

She wasn’t sure what it was but there came a sudden realisation over Fathom…that perhaps this was something she should not be doing. She had to leave…4344454647

Fathom thrived on excitement  and risk but something felt wrong here…off even…something wasn’t just right about this situation developing between them at all..


A few days later, Burke was hard at work in his office along with his trusted attorney Andre Wayward signing off on a new contract deal for the company. 23456789

Just then Burke’s phone rang – it was his secretary calling. 101112

The door opened and Ditsy strutted into Burke’s office. 1314151617181920

Andre gathered his papers and left the office. Once alone, Burke was curious as to why socialite Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen, who had fought with Fathom at his wedding to Brystle, was here. 212223242526

This was not what he expected to hear from Ditsy. But it was sounding like she was about to reveal some piece of important information to him. 27282930

Burke nodded and they moved over to the large screen. Ditsy inserted the USB device and hit play on the remote. The video began to play. It was of the old ruins in Windenburg, late at night. Fred Rimmard was stood waiting  and the audio picked up on what he said. 3132

The drama unfolded onscreen as Cyril Dolby was exposed as the culprit, the mastermind behind the whole plan. 333634373538



A few skyscrapers over, Cyril Dolby was having a board meeting in his office when a furious Burke barged his way in. 233b4567

Taking his seat on the board table Burke pressed play on the remote and let the video play. At first Cyril was bored by what was unfolding but when he realised what the video was he turned pale.89101112131415

Burke got out of his chair and moved to stand beside a seated Cyril. He switched the video off and there was a momentary silence as Cyril contemplated on what to do. 161718

Cyril slowly stood up. In a flash Burke was on him, wrapping his hands tightly around his throat and strangling him!19202122

Cyril gasped, his eyes bulged. His vision was beginning to fade. And just when he thought Burke would finish him off there and then, he was released suddenly causing him to fall to the floor gasping. 2324252627282930

Burke couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his rival.31323334

It went against every principle that Burke had. But he knew how slippery Cyril could be. Sure he hadn’t expected this video to surface but along the way he always had traps set that should anything happen to him or he be caught out then someone else would pay. He’d already revealed that Fathom would go to prison for he’d set it up to look like she had paid the jury off in Burke’s trial a few months back. Young Fred had paid with is life and Heathen had been threatened too. Now Mayhew Drysdale could potentially never see freedom again if Burke didn’t do as Cyril wanted. He had no choice but to reluctantly agree…but with a condition of his own…353637383940

With the tables turned on Cyril for once Burke marched out of the office. Was alone, the great and powerful Cyril Dolby crumpled to the floor. Never in his life did he feel alone and scared as he did now. There had to be a way out of this…there had to be…4142


4000 miles away the next day, the warden of Shang Simla Maximum Security Prison had to deliver a message to one of the prisoners. It was not something he would normally do , this was a guard’s duty. But as the order had come straight from the government, the warden felt duty bound to deliver it. He made his way down the wing where the most volatile and violent prisoners were kept locked up 23 hours a day. He stopped outside the cell of the prisoner he was looking for and peered in at him. 23456

The prisoner was covered in bruises all over his body. He’d obviously been fighting in the 1 hour he was allowed out. This was typical behaviour of him. Ever since he’d been sent here on charges of spying almost a year ago this prisoner was always fighting. Well, at least after tomorrow it would no longer be the warden’s concern he reasoned as he opened the cell door and let himself in. 78910111213

Prisoner 884 waited until he heard the door being locked behind him until he moved. He staggered on unsteady feet to the sink and held on for support as the enormity of what he’d just been told sank in. Freedom….1415

He trembled with emotion. He would see his daughter, his wife, his home again after all. This nightmare was over for him….But for someone else it was just about to begin…The emotion soon gave way to anger….a boiling rage inside him….a desire to make those who put him in here and ruined his life pay…..Slowly he straightened himself up and looked into the mirror.16

Oh yes….Burke Simmington and his associates would pay for this. They sent him to this place and then framed him to ensure he would never see Brystle again. He was sure of that.

And as sure as night followed day, Mayhew Drysdale would make Burke Simmington pay….17


6 thoughts on “Simasty Episode 2.11 Ditsy To The Rescue

  1. Great read as always!

    Poor Heathen, he seems to have have bad luck following him around.
    Burke really is clueless when it comes to the women in his life 😅

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    1. I did think I was heaping misery upon misery on him too much! And with only a couple of episodes before the season final I’m not sure it’ll get any better for him!
      Yeah Burke really can’t see what Texas is doing. I’ve got big explosive story plans for the final involving him and the 2 Mrs Simmingtons….

      Thank you once again for the support and feedback. I really appreciate it.

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    1. Hey, thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you enjoyed it too and hopefully you’ll come back for more drama from the Simmington clan. There’s going to be a few more twists and turns over the next couple of instalments as I build to the finale.

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