Simasty Episode 4 “The Homecoming”


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It was finally the morning of the wedding and the Siloli mansion was abuzz with the sound of preparations under way. Whilst Brystle had insisted on a low key wedding, Burke still wanted to ensure that every detail was meticulously carried out. And so as Brystle went down the grand staircase in her silk robe and mule slippers that morning she was a little overwhelmed with all the comings and goings of the servants. Of all the staff at Siloli Brystle felt she had made a connection with Nannette Bobbins, the head of housekeeping.
Nannette, unlike the other staff at Siloli, was not hired by the first Mrs Simmington and as such had no allegiance to her or the rules she had put in place. She felt that the other staff, particularly Joseph and Mrs Bummerson, were unjustly making things hard for Brystle. Nannette had made her decision to be supportive of the future Mrs Simmington from day one and on this happiest of days she went out of her way to brighten Brystle’s morning.
After chatting with Nannette, Brystle returned to her bedroom and got a beautiful surprise as she opened the doors. The room had been totally filled with flowers in the short time she had been gone. 12-18-18_3-46-16 PM12-18-18_3-48-18 PM12-18-18_3-48-25 PM12-18-18_3-47-22 PM12-18-18_3-46-28 PM
As Brystle took it all in, she was unaware that Burke had crept in the room behind her. He made his presence known by gently kissing her neck. Brystle turned around and gazed at the man she loved. 12-18-18_3-50-01 PM

12-18-18_3-54-01 PM12-18-18_3-54-40 PM12-18-18_3-55-09 PM

Burke took Brystle in his arms and pulled her close for a lingering smooch.12-18-18_3-51-57 PM12-18-18_3-54-14 PM12-18-18_3-53-17 PM
Brystle felt more confident than ever in her decision to marry Burke. Last night her telephone conversation with Mayhew was a fading memory. She had made her choice and that choice was to be with Burke. They moved in for one last kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Mayhew had arrived at the hospital to collect his wife Malaudia. She was being released after a prolonged stay in the simitarium. Whilst Mayhew was relieved that his wife was well enough to be leaving the hospital, it was also with a heavy heart for deep down he knew he was no longer in love with his wife. He cared for her deeply and she was the mother of his daughter. But for Mayhew the passion was gone in their marriage for he was in love with Brystle.
Mayhew was shown by a friendly nurse to the office of Dr Mick Broscanni, the psymchiatrist who had been treating Malaudia the past year. The two men firmly shook hands as they greeted one another.12-10-18_4-30-23 PM (1)12-10-18_4-31-20 PM12-10-18_4-29-43 PM12-10-18_4-29-26 PM12-10-18_4-31-02 PM12-10-18_4-31-12 PM12-10-18_4-32-46 PM12-10-18_4-32-28 PM12-10-18_4-32-24 PM12-10-18_4-32-12 PM12-10-18_4-34-14 PM12-10-18_4-32-53 PM12-10-18_4-33-55 PM12-10-18_4-34-43 PM12-10-18_4-35-15 PM
Mayhew nodded in acceptance. He could not turn his back on Malaudia at this time.
A few moments later Mick showed Mayhew out into the courtyard at the rear of the hospital. Here a lone Malaudia sat taking in the tranquil garden scenery. Mayhew walked over to join his wife. 12-10-18_4-37-16 PM12-10-18_4-39-01 PM12-10-18_4-37-26 PM12-10-18_4-37-47 PM12-10-18_4-38-22 PM
Mayhew could see how fragile his wife still was. And as he still cared deeply for her he couldn’t let her feel that she was going to be a let down so he tried to lighten the mood.12-10-18_4-39-35 PM12-10-18_4-39-51 PM12-10-18_4-38-07 PM
Mayhew held his wife’s hand as he nodded and looked away from her. Malaudia meanwhile was having serious anxious doubts.12-10-18_4-40-37 PM


Heathen was dressed in his wedding suit already. He had decided on a fabulous red tuxedo number and hoped his bold choice of colour would not upstage the bride. It would probably infuriate his father but that was his problem not Heathen’s. Besides Heathen was feeling on top of the world right now and he wanted to express himself through his outfits.
As he descended the grand staircase Joseph, the major-domo of the house, appeared. 12-18-18_3-10-50 PM12-18-18_3-11-44 PM
Heathen told Joseph that would not be necessary. Whilst Fred was an unexpected arrival Heathen was glad that he was here. When he had left San Myshuno to return home it had not been on the best of terms with Fred. The pair were lovers and whilst it had only been for a relatively short time it had been intense. When Fred had been persistent in advising Heathen to accept the wedding invitation and to make up with his father, Heathen had got angry and left the city after a blazing row.
But now after everything had worked out with his father, for the time being at least, Heathen wanted to tell Fred that he had been right all along in urging Heathen to come home. And so he rushed to the drawing room to greet his lover. 12-18-18_3-12-57 PM12-18-18_3-38-48 PM12-18-18_3-38-37 PM12-18-18_3-14-41 PM12-18-18_3-14-31 PM12-18-18_3-38-20 PM12-18-18_3-15-57 PM12-18-18_3-16-08 PMHeathen took Fred by the hand and led him to the sofa where they sat together.12-18-18_3-28-45 PM12-18-18_3-18-01 PM12-18-18_3-17-41 PM12-18-18_3-16-48 PM12-18-18_3-17-48 PM12-18-18_3-29-32 PM
The young men giggled as they got up from the sofa. Both were in a very flirty mood by this stage.  Suddenly Fred took Heathen in his arms and pulled him close for an impromptu kiss that took Heathen by total surprise. 12-18-18_3-39-40 PM12-18-18_3-39-48 PM12-18-18_3-40-06 PM
They both came up for air, Heathen’s heart racing. And he knew right there that he was in love with Fred Rimmard. Did Fred feel the same way?12-18-18_3-41-05 PM12-18-18_3-40-20 PM12-18-18_3-40-45 PM12-18-18_3-40-51 PM
After much passionate smooching, Heathen led Fred out of the drawing room. Joseph was re-arranging some flowers in the hallway when he saw the young Simmington heir take the young man up the grand stairway, no doubt leading him to his boudoir for some raw, passionate woohoo making. There was no doubt about it. Heathen definitely took after his mother when it came to men…12-18-18_3-43-09 PM

12-10-18_5-06-51 PM

Later that morning young Mimsy Drysdale was spending time with her granny, Mother Drysdale, in the kitchen of their new home.
Mimsy loved spending time with her grandmother and vice versa. For Mother Drysdale this past year had been invaluable bonding time with her grand-daughter. It was over this period that the spiteful woman had been poisoning the impressionable young girl’s mind against her mother Malaudia. Mother Drysdale was confident that young Mimsy would totally shun her mother and hopefully that would be instrumental in sending Malaudia back to the simitarium. If not, Mother had a few tricks up her sleeve. But for now she was enjoying watching her grand-daughter wash up in the kitchen. 12-10-18_4-57-12 PMDuu8h-NX4AADBp712-10-18_4-59-18 PM
The vindictive old woman loved her nectar and would drink a bottle a day. So what if it was only noon now and she was already on her 3rd glass? Mimsy wouldn’t tell on her. Mother had seen to that with her emotional blackmail – if Mimsy ever told on granny then she would have to go away and Mimsy would be left all alone and she wouldn’t want that would she?
Mimsy was quite joyful today and suddenly mentioned her mother for the first time in weeks. 12-10-18_4-58-52 PM12-10-18_5-01-26 PM
Any mention of Malaudia from Mimsy was shot down quite quickly. Mother would not allow any form of an attachment to commence.
It was then they heard Mayhew’s car pull up into the drive. Mimsy quickly ran into the hall.
Outside Mayhew and Malaudia approached the front door. Malaudia paused and took in the building for it was a home she did not know. 12-10-18_5-09-49 PM12-10-18_5-10-03 PM12-10-18_5-10-09 PM
Once inside Mimsy rushed to hug her father but did not say anything to Malaudia. As her daughter hugged Mayhew, Malaudia took in her surroundings. Mother Drysdale approached them from the kitchen. 12-10-18_5-13-00 PM12-10-18_5-13-09 PM
Mayhew saw that Mimsy’s indifference and comment had stung Malaudia and he tried to reassure her as Mimsy babbled on. 12-10-18_5-13-30 PM
Malaudia nodded and continued to look around. Mayhew looked at his mother and shook his head for he didn’t know what else to say. Mother Drysdale was not one lost for words.12-10-18_5-15-29 PM12-10-18_6-04-37 PM12-10-18_5-16-55 PM
Mother Drysdale then turned to Malaudia and did what she did best – continuing to be a two faced witch to her daughter-in-law.12-10-18_6-04-49 PM12-10-18_6-04-53 PM
As soon as her family were out if sight in the living room the fake smile vanished from the unforgiving old woman’s face.12-10-18_5-18-37 PM

11-18-16_12-49-39 PM (1)
The wedding was just an hour away and some guests were arriving. Per Brystle’s request, the wedding had been kept quite low key. Guests were kept to a bare minimum. No magazine photospread of the nuptials. In fact, a sizeable donation to a charity of Brystle’s choice, The Foundation for Underachieving Children, Kids Or Famished Families, was made instead.
However there were a few guests Burke had deemed a necessity to come. Such as the Flump couple, Ronald and Salamia. Ronald was the Mayor of the city and considered himself to be of vast importance. Burke normally couldn’t stand the man but Ronald, through his political connections, had been instrumental in securing the contracts in the South Shang Simla Sea Leases . This was a multi-billion deal between Burke’s company and the Shang Simla government that allowed the tankers of WindenburgSimmington to pass through the busy trading route of the ocean that was part of Shang Simla. Of course Ronald, being a corrupt businessman as well as a so called politician had pocketed quite a few Simoleons himself through the deal, a fact he liked to brag about. 01-03-19_4-27-32 PM01-03-19_4-25-55 PM (1)01-03-19_4-26-09 PM
Burke smiled and looked over at the silent Salamia. She was completely vacant. How could anyone compare her to his sweet Brystle?
Just then Burke caught sight of his son coming down the stairs with a young man Burke was unfamiliar with. Burke made a mental note to question Heathen later about who this young man was. Heathen meanwhile caught sight of the notorious Flumps and nudged Fred to tell them who they were. Fred, who was now dressed in a spare suit of Heathen’s snorted with laughter at what Heathen was whispering to him.
Burke turned his attention back to Ronald who was continuing to boast and brag about himself. 01-03-19_4-29-46 PM01-03-19_4-26-00 PM
As Ronald continued talking himself up and Salamia clapped her hands in glee as the money rained down on the floor, Heathen couldn’t help point out to Fred through hushed giggling about the inadequate size of Ronald’s lower extremities. 01-03-19_4-36-00 PM
As the Flumps were arriving, Fathom was wandering the house feeling bored. She had dressed for the wedding even though she had knowledge, through overhearing a telephone conversation the previous evening, that could potentially cause the cancelation of the whole thing. For now Fathom had not decided what she would do with that knowledge and instead had been drawn to the kitchen’s of Siloli mansion and the wonderful smells of Mrs Bummerson’s baking. 12-18-18_4-13-40 PM12-18-18_4-11-15 PM12-18-18_4-12-31 PM
With one quick swoop Fathom cut herself a large piece of cake. She was about to leave when she looked at the wedding topper again. The 2 intertwined hearts and what they symbolized infuriated her knowing what she did. Fathom took the topper of the cake and shoved it entirely into her mouth before taking her cake and eating it. 12-18-18_4-17-53 PM

Meanwhile upstairs Brystle, with the help of Nanette, had finished getting ready for her pending nuptials to Burke. She was feeling both excited and nervous at the same time. Her wedding hour was finally upon her. 01-03-19_10-09-21 pm01-03-19_10-09-38 pm
Nanette followed Brystle as she took a seat on the couch. Brystle kept crossing her legs and tapping her fingers. She was clearly nervous so Nanette tried her best to keep her mind focused. 01-03-19_10-10-42 pm01-03-19_10-10-47 pm
Brystle stood up and grabbed her phone from the dressing table. She realised there was a call she had to make. Without waiting for Nanette to leave the room she dialled the number she thought she would never call again. 01-03-19_10-36-42 pm01-03-19_10-37-05 pm

Meanwhile downstairs, Joseph had discovered the half eaten wedding cake in the kitchen. With only moments to go before the wedding he had to break the bad news to Mrs Bummerson.12-18-18_4-08-44 PM12-18-18_4-08-52 PM
Joseph remained stern and Mrs Bummerson knew this was no prank. The full horror of what had happened quickly descended upon her…12-18-18_4-15-58 PM12-18-18_4-15-48 PM

Will Mrs Bummerson get to make another cake on time? Was Nanette being sincere about not being jealous at all? Why are Ronald’s feet so small? And what will Mother Drysdale do next to poor Malaudia? Tune in for the next episode where some of these questions may get answered….11-06-16_10-37-12 PM (2) (1)