Season 2 Episode 1: Orange is the new Burke.

02-27-20_4-44-00 PM

The gate rolled back with a loud buzz and Andre Wayward, the cut-throat lawyer of WindenburgSimmington, made his way into the visiting area of Sim Quentin State Prison.

A surly looking guard directed him to take a seat in a booth. Andre checked the seat and wiped it with a handkerchief before sitting himself down. He looked straight ahead through the glass at the chair where the person he was visiting would be seated. Another shrill alarm screeched and a door opened on the other side of the glass. In walked 3 prisoners. Two quickly rushed to their seats and greeted their wives who were happy to see them. The 3rd prisoner stood still for a moment before Andre beckoned him over. The prisoner gave a half smile before taking his seat opposite Andre. That prisoner was Burke Simmington. Billionaire owner of global conglomerate WindenburgSimmington. Husband, father….and accused murderer. 02-27-20_4-39-50 PM (1)

Burke looked and sounded like a broken man.

02-27-20_4-41-04 PM (2)02-27-20_4-37-26 PM02-27-20_4-11-45 PM (1)02-27-20_4-15-27 PM02-27-20_4-08-21 PM02-27-20_4-12-41 PM

Burke nodded when he realised that it was Judge Doodie. He had heard of her and knew that he would get a fair trial with her.

02-27-20_4-07-07 PM02-27-20_4-13-06 PM02-27-20_4-07-43 PM02-27-20_4-10-18 PM02-27-20_4-06-37 PM02-27-20_4-15-40 PM02-27-20_4-11-02 PM

Burke knew what Andre was telling him was the truth. He remembered ordering the background check into Brystle when he first started dating her but then declined to read the dossier when Andre presented it to him just before the wedding. How that information ended up with his poisonous ex-wife Texas was a question for another day.

02-27-20_4-17-54 PM02-27-20_3-57-35 PM

This seemed to trigger something in Burle and he reacted quite vocally prompting a glare from a nearby prison guard.

02-27-20_4-14-30 PM02-27-20_4-15-51 PM02-27-20_4-14-56 PM (1)

There followed a momentary uneasy silence between the two of them. Eventually Burke spoke.

02-27-20_4-10-38 PM02-27-20_4-09-06 PM

Hearing that his daughter had rekindled her relationship with the dependable Seth Dolby delighted Burke.

02-27-20_4-06-10 PM02-27-20_4-41-15 PM02-27-20_4-09-14 PM02-27-20_4-38-26 PM

03-05-20_3-14-42 PM

Fathom Simmington was indeed keeping on top of things across in San Myshuno that afternoon.

03-01-20_10-07-16 PM03-01-20_10-09-33 PM

Giles Scott was one of , if not the, top footballers in the world. There had been several big signings lately to Windenburg United by Seth but Giles was the player everyone wanted. Fathom had secretly been doing her part to woo Giles to join her father’s team.

Giles smirked and then rolled Fathom onto her back on the floor of his hotel suite. They had been making woohoo all afternoon but he was in the mood for more.

03-01-20_10-11-11 PM03-01-20_10-18-45 PM

Giles had been electric in bed but as much as she wanted to stay Fathom knew she had to wrap this up. She rolled Giles back and climbed on top before pulling his head up close to hers.

03-01-20_10-20-03 PM03-01-20_10-20-25 PM

As soon as Giles mentioned Seth, Fathom pulled away and got up. Giles leapt up after her and made to grab hold of her.

03-01-20_10-24-03 PM03-01-20_10-24-53 PM03-01-20_10-25-02 PM03-01-20_10-25-42 PM03-01-20_10-25-30 PM03-01-20_10-25-47 PM03-01-20_10-25-54 PM

Fathom remained silent as she stared at Giles. By getting Giles to sign for the club she had achieved what everyone had thought would be impossible. A star player like Giles wouldn’t have been expected to sign for a lower ranking, fledgling team like Windenburg United and that was why Set hahd been struggling to secure him like he had with the other big names he had recently signed. Little did Seth know that Fathom had secretly been meeting with all the players before they had all signed for the club that Seth was setting up…

Fathom relaxed and then smiled. Victory was hers yet again.

03-01-20_10-37-26 PM03-01-20_10-39-05 PM03-01-20_10-39-30 PM03-01-20_10-38-36 PM

Giles moved behind Fathom and pulled her close to him. The scent of her perfume drove him crazy as he gently nuzzled her ear. Fathom closed her eyes in pure pleasure as near naked Giles pressed his muscular body against hers.

03-01-20_10-30-17 PM03-01-20_10-31-17 PM

Fathom pulled away and picked up her clothes from the floor. Giles took a seat in the window and watched her as she got dressed.

03-05-20_3-23-21 PM

Fathom finished dressing before touching up her lipstick in the mirror. She shook her head and dusted her hands through her long hair but it still retained that freshly woohooed look. She hoped Seth wouldn’t be able to tell.

Fathom turned round to Giles as she felt the need to remind him not to mention their afternoon activities to anyone.

03-05-20_3-19-54 PM (1)03-01-20_10-50-19 PM03-05-20_3-22-48 PM

Giles had had enough of negotiating and he quickly grabbed Fathom in his arms and pulled her close to him.

03-05-20_3-26-56 PM

Fathom ended the kiss. Giles was hot and she had enjoyed her woohoo with him. And if the mood took hold of her she would enjoy another round with him in the future. But for now she was leaving.

03-01-20_10-48-55 PM

Once she was gone Giles picked up his phone and sat back in the chair in the window. As promised he called his agent at Real Newcrest to deliver the news. Moving from a major league team like Real Newcrest to a minor one such as Windenburg United was unheard of but Giles knew that with all  the recent big signings to the club and the money and sponsorship deals that would come with the Simmington name attached it would send his career and profile rocketing even further than it already was.

03-05-20_3-30-39 PM

Giles listened as his agent tried to advise him it was career suicide but he was adamant he would sign and that was the end of it. Reluctantly his agent Alex agreed before hanging up to make the necessary arrangements.

Giles sat back  and smiled to himself as he thought of the exciting turn his life had taken.

03-05-20_3-32-28 PM

Little did Giles know that his life would change in so many unexpected ways over the next few months with the move to Windenburg. He was about to discover just how crazy life with the Simmington’s really was…

03-05-20_3-52-16 PM

Back in the suburbs of Windenburg Brystle Simmington was paying a visit to the Drysdale’s. She felt the need to check in on Mayhew’s mother and daughter to make sure they were holding up.

03-05-20_3-56-22 PM03-05-20_3-56-42 PM03-05-20_3-57-07 PM

Brystle was at first taken aback a little by Mrs Drysdale’s forwardness but she smiled and politely explained that was in the past.

03-05-20_3-59-30 PM

Mother Drysdale however continued to push it further as she was prone to do.

03-05-20_3-59-40 PM (1)03-05-20_3-58-57 PM03-05-20_4-01-17 PM (1)03-05-20_4-01-36 PM03-05-20_4-04-38 PM03-05-20_4-04-00 PM

Mother Drysdale was either oblivious to the fact,  or simply did not care, that she had offended her guest as she continued on talking.

03-05-20_3-58-17 PM03-05-20_3-59-13 PM03-05-20_4-05-10 PM03-05-20_4-04-31 PM

As Mother Drysdale showed Brystle out, Mimsy Drysdale (now a teenage girl) came out of her room and listened in on the conversation.

03-05-20_4-09-59 PM03-05-20_4-13-11 PM

Mother Drysdale waved off Brystle before closing the door and walking back inside only to be confronted by a surly Mimsy.

03-05-20_4-14-48 PM03-05-20_4-15-00 PM03-05-20_4-15-29 PM03-05-20_4-16-00 PM

Quick as a flash Mother Drysdale reprimanded her grand-daughter.

03-05-20_4-16-19 PM03-05-20_4-16-57 PM03-05-20_4-15-12 PM

Mimsy and her grand-mother stared at one another for a moment. Mother Drysdale began to wonder if Mimsy knew that she had been the one responsible for secretly tormenting her mother with the threatening phonecalls. But before she could question her Mimsy stormed out of the back door and slammed it behind her.

03-05-20_4-15-41 PM

Outside on the lanai Mimsy made a phonecall to her secret boyfriend Luca. She had been seeing him for the past couple of weeks but didn’t want her grand-mother to know.

03-05-20_4-21-38 PM03-05-20_4-25-21 PM03-05-20_4-21-15 PM03-05-20_4-26-41 PM

They continued chatting for a moment before Mimsy caught sight of her mother peeking through the blinds at her. She hung up and sighed to herself.

03-05-20_4-19-27 PM

03-17-20_9-37-25 PM

Detective Marco Morelli wanted answers. Ever since that stormy night 6 weeks ago, where he’d listened in the harassing phonecalls that Malaudia Drysdale had been receiving, something had been bugging him. There was something not quite right with this case and he wouldn’t let it go until he had a conclusion of what really happened that night to Malaudia. Once he’d discovered that the calls were actually coming from within Malaudia’s house he’d raced over to hers and ordered a backup squad to meet him there. When they arrived and broke down the door they found Malaudia passed out in the attic. When she came around she was hysterical. But there was no sign of anyone else being in the house. Instead 2 cell phones had been found beside Malaudia. It was the assumption of the psymchiatrist treating Malaudia that the she had been making the phonecalls to herself using the 2nd phone. But this was an assumption Morelli was having a hard time with. Not only that but he had been denied access to interview Malaudia by that same psymchiatrist, Dr. Mick Broscanni. There had been heated exchanges between the 2 men over the past few weeks until Morelli had had enough and insisted he see Malaudia for himself.

03-17-20_10-06-17 PM03-17-20_10-09-17 PM03-17-20_10-06-44 PM03-17-20_10-08-43 PM03-17-20_10-10-04 PM

Broscanni gave a glare at Morelli as they walked towards Malaudia’s room before looking straight ahead again. Morelli had the feeling that Broscanni was not been entirely honest with him.

03-17-20_10-09-57 PM

They stopped outside a locked door and Broscanni beckoned to it.

03-17-20_10-13-33 PM

Broscanni shifted on his feet and fiddled with his hands.

03-17-20_10-19-43 PM

Broscanni’s unease was not lost on Morelli. He knew now more than ever that Broscanni was hiding something. He persisted to push Broscanni further with his opinion on Malaudia.

03-17-20_10-13-46 PM03-17-20_10-22-25 PM

Morelli looked into the padded cell. He was shocked to see Malaudia standing in the centre of the room wearing a straight jacket and staring vacantly up at the ceiling.

03-17-20_10-23-33 PM03-17-20_10-31-34 PM03-17-20_10-14-31 PM03-17-20_10-19-24 PM03-17-20_10-23-58 PM03-17-20_10-24-21 PM

03-17-20_10-30-40 PM

03-22-20_4-24-49 PM

Across town Heathen was making a visit to Fred’s grave along with Tammy Flo. Ever since Fred’s demise at the foot of the stairs at the opera house Tammy Flo had been by Heathen’s side and the pair had gotten very close. She had become his constant companion much to the chagrin of both Fathom and Texas. Heathen however was distancing himself from both his sister and mother at this time and found Tammy Flo to be just the tonic he needed. Tammy Flo , unbeknown to Heathen, had her own personal agenda…

03-22-20_4-23-50 PM03-22-20_4-24-28 PM

Heathen stood up and raised his hand to his face as he began to crumple. Tammy Flo immediately put her arms around him.

03-22-20_4-27-16 PM03-22-20_4-27-38 PM03-22-20_4-34-07 PM03-22-20_4-34-54 PM

The truth was Tammy Flo was just as opportunistic as Fred was. The difference was that Fred had been hired to infiltrate the Simmington household. Tammy Flo was doing this of her own accord. She had watched from afar with envious eyes as her aunt Brystle had married one of the richest men in the world while she was left living in a shack in the backwoods swamps of Twinbrook, Simisouri. Tammy Flo wanted her share of the wealth her aunt had married into and now she had a way to get it. So while Heathen was in a confused grieving state over the death of his conman husband, Tammy Flo was getting ready to pounce.

03-22-20_4-35-47 PM03-22-20_4-35-12 PM03-22-20_4-38-13 PM

Heathen was oblivious to Tammy Flo’s true intentions. He enjoyed her company and was grateful for her advice at his most darkest time.

03-22-20_4-49-09 PM03-22-20_4-48-58 PM03-22-20_4-51-41 PM03-22-20_4-51-11 PM

Tammy Flo gazed seductively at Heathen as they stood by the grave of his deceased husband. Heathen felt a pang of attraction to her then immediately felt guilty. He looked away and shuffled his feet uncomfortably. Seeing this Tammy Flo realised she might have overstepped the mark too soon. Instead she locked arms with him and directed him away from the graveside.

03-22-20_4-58-10 PM03-22-20_4-58-59 PM

03-22-20_5-20-02 PM

After her afternoon romping with Giles in his suite at the Midtown Simplaza Hotel, Fathom had an early evening meeting with Cyril  Dolby at his home. Once the butler had shown her into his study, Fathom stood impatiently with arms on hips as a quiet Cyril stood with his back to her gazing out of the window. Eventually he spoke to her but still kept his back to her.

03-22-20_5-40-45 PM03-22-20_5-40-26 PM03-22-20_5-40-57 PM03-22-20_5-43-58 PM03-22-20_5-41-24 PM

In the aftermath of Burke’s arrest Cyril had reached out to Fathom and offered her a deal that would ensure Burke’s release and acquittal of the murder charges against him but only if she would rekindle her relationship with Seth Dolby, her one time lover and Cyril’s nephew. Seth knew nothing of this deal and was overjoyed that Fathom wanted to get back together with him.

03-22-20_5-49-37 PM03-22-20_5-56-02 PM03-22-20_5-45-34 PM03-22-20_5-56-09 PM03-22-20_6-06-53 PM

Cyril chuckled as he sat down at his desk.

03-22-20_5-58-10 PM03-22-20_6-01-05 PM03-22-20_6-01-26 PM

Fathom could read between the lines of Cyril’s veiled threat. No doubt he had another trick up his sleeve to use against Burke.

03-22-20_6-01-33 PM03-22-20_6-05-16 PM03-22-20_6-07-30 PM03-22-20_6-07-47 PM

Realising she had no choice but to marry Seth,  Fathom exploded in a thunderous rage at Cyril.

03-22-20_6-03-32 PM03-22-20_5-59-05 PM03-22-20_6-04-17 PM03-22-20_6-08-22 PM

Once Fathom had gone Cyril contemplated his next move. He had orchestrated it so that Burke had been denied parole and he had enough phoney evidence to use against Burke to ensure he would never be released. Cyril had finally got Burke where he wanted but somehow it felt like it wasn’t enough. Burke hadn’t suffered enough and there was still more work to be done. But was there the time? This reminded Cyril of a phonecall he needed to make. He got up from his chair and looked out of the window again before taking his cell phone from his pocket and making the call.

03-22-20_6-28-37 PM03-22-20_6-31-03 PM

Cyril listened as the doctor explained in detail what the test results meant in the long term for him. It wasn’t good news.

03-22-20_6-30-47 PM

The conversation didn’t last much longer and it wasn’t the news Cyril had been hoping for. As he thanked Dr Edwards and hung up, the stark realisation that his time left was now mapped out for Cyril.

He had less than a year left to live….

03-22-20_6-33-12 PM

03-28-20_5-30-14 PM

It was early evening at the Simmington household and Texas had just marched into the mansion from her studio nearby on the grounds. The major-domo of the household Joseph Flanders, who had previous animosity with his former mistress of the house, tried to stop her.

03-22-20_6-44-07 PM03-22-20_6-44-16 PM

Joseph didn’t have time to answer for Brystle had heard the commotion as she came down from upstairs.

03-22-20_6-49-02 PM

Texas spun around and put her hands on her hips as she faced her nemesis.

03-22-20_6-49-09 PM

Joseph decided it would be best to leave the two of them to sort it out and made his way to the kitchen.

03-22-20_6-48-53 PM03-22-20_6-48-08 PM03-22-20_6-49-36 PM03-22-20_6-49-44 PM03-22-20_7-01-11 PM03-22-20_7-03-11 PM03-22-20_6-57-06 PM03-22-20_6-57-25 PM

Brystle could feel her anger rising and it was taking all of her willpower not to strike out at Texas as she had done before at the opera on that fateful night.

03-22-20_7-03-18 PM03-22-20_7-03-32 PM03-22-20_7-03-22 PM

Texas glared at Brystle before sharply turning her back on her and storming out. Brystle’s eyes filled with tears and she quickly made her way back up to her room.

03-22-20_7-06-35 PM

03-28-20_6-26-43 PM

Texas made her way back to her studio located on the grounds of Siloli and she was a foul mood over her encounter with Brystle. As she marched into her house she was surprised to see a man already waiting for her inside. It was Horgan Mess, a private detective she had hired recently.

03-22-20_8-02-33 PM03-22-20_8-02-49 PM

The elusive Clarke Hemmings, Brystle’s first husband, had been on Texas’s mind for weeks now ever since she had learned of him in a secret dossier composed by Andre Wayward. Texas had stumbled upon this dossier by accident as she’d searched the room of Joseph Flanders when he had hinted he had certain videos of Texas that he was blackmailing her with.

03-22-20_8-07-23 PM03-22-20_8-07-13 PM03-22-20_8-08-43 PM03-22-20_8-08-56 PM

Horgan Mess left the studio and Texas took a seat as she considered what to do next now that she had located the whereabouts of Brystle’s first husband.

03-22-20_8-15-17 PM

03-28-20_10-01-15 PM

Later that night Fathom was on the balcony of Seth’s penthouse while he took a call from the office inside. Fathom was in turmoil as she contemplated what she had to do. Cyril Dolby had the power, influence and money to call the shots and get her father released from prison but he was also holding all the cards. Fathom had no option but to go through with what he wanted and marry Seth and she hated him for that.

03-28-20_10-46-57 PM03-28-20_10-44-27 PM

She also hated herself for what she was going to put Seth through. He was innocent in all of this and didn’t deserve any of it. Whilst she didn’t love him, Fathom did not wish to hurt him but knew ultimately she would. Just then the door opened and her train of thought was interrupted as a happy Seth stepped out to tell her the news.

03-28-20_10-28-07 PM

So Giles had come through and had kept his end of the bargain Fathom realised. Seth had no idea of Fathom’s own special deals she had made with Giles or the other players who had recently signed…

03-28-20_10-28-17 PM03-28-20_10-28-59 PM03-28-20_10-04-24 PM

Seth pulled her closer and nibbled on he neck and ear.

03-28-20_10-12-00 PM03-28-20_10-14-58 PM03-28-20_10-18-26 PM03-28-20_10-18-11 PM03-28-20_10-13-10 PM03-28-20_10-24-47 PM03-28-20_10-28-33 PM03-28-20_10-35-57 PM03-28-20_10-37-06 PM

Seth held Fathom in his arms. He wanted this moment to last forever.

03-28-20_10-40-45 PM

Fathom didn’t reply. She had gotten her way again but she hated herself for it and inwardly she hoped Seth would one day understand.

03-28-20_10-27-15 PM

03-29-20_12-31-20 PM

The following morning in an exclusive gated cul-de-sac by the coast of Windenburg, Devonique Domino arrived at a property she wished to view. Since she had come to Windenburg over 6 weeks ago as an invited guest of Burke Simmington, Devonique had been staying in a hotel. But following her son’s death and the subsequent trial surrounding his death that was about to begin, Devonique felt she would be staying in Windenburg a lot longer.

She pulled up in her sports car and was greeted by the realtor at the gates.

03-29-20_1-03-22 PM03-29-20_1-00-14 PM03-29-20_1-01-22 PM

Isabel sensed that Devonique was being incredibly guarded and did not like to be questioned. Then again a lot of famous people valued their privacy so Isabel did not pursue it any further as she showed Devonique into the house.

03-29-20_1-08-48 PM

Devonique again did not say much and Isabel knew this was going to be a hard sell.

03-29-20_1-11-22 PM03-29-20_1-12-41 PM03-29-20_1-13-36 PM

Isabel was taken aback by Devonique’s sudden decision to purchase the house considering she had been so stand offish.

03-29-20_1-14-05 PM03-29-20_1-17-50 PM

Isabel went into the house to start the process leaving Devonique alone by the pool.

03-29-20_2-46-37 PM03-29-20_2-49-29 PM

Just who was Devonique really and what was her intentions with Burke?

02-27-20_4-44-00 PM

Back at the prison Burke received word that he had another visitor. He hadn’t expected anyone but figured it would be Andre with an update on the trial. But as he sat waiting for his visitor and heard the click of high heel shoes on the concrete floor he knew it wasn’t Andre. And when he saw who it was that had come here he was furious.

03-30-20_9-28-06 PM

Texas waltzed into the visitor’s room with a triumphant grin on her face. She took a seat in front of Burke’s booth and was determined to enjoy this moment.

03-30-20_9-31-07 PM03-30-20_9-29-56 PM03-30-20_9-33-19 PM

Burke could feel his temper already starting to flare as his ex-wife continued to goad him.

03-30-20_9-29-03 PM03-30-20_9-36-58 PM03-30-20_9-30-18 PM03-30-20_9-32-58 PM03-30-20_9-29-32 PM

Todger Rhymes. That was a name Burke had not heard in a long time.

03-30-20_9-36-14 PM03-30-20_9-44-41 PM

Suddenly Burke saw the trouble Texas could, and would, cause for him during the trial. Panic now set in as well as his anger reaching boiling point and he exploded in rage at her.

03-30-20_9-46-13 PM

Texas quickly stood up at Burke’s explosion of anger and she seized the moment.

03-30-20_9-42-01 PM

The guard ordered Burke to calm down. Realising he had fallen into Texas’s trap he quietly nodded and then raised his hand to his head in exasperation .

03-30-20_9-39-24 PM

Texas could see that her words had wounded Burke and she moved in for the kill as she ramped up her verbal attack on him.

03-30-20_9-42-48 PM03-30-20_9-43-24 PM03-30-20_9-43-30 PM

In an instant Burke could see the real potential damage Texas could do to him and he lowered his head in shock.

Texas smiled for she knew she had wounded him badly.

03-30-20_9-48-44 PM

With a click of her heels Texas turned and sashayed away. Burke snapped out of his shock and banged his fists on the table. He was down but wpuld not go out without a fight and he yelled after his ex-wife.

03-30-20_9-51-36 PM

Texas showed no sign of either hearing or caring what Burke was yelling at her as she walked confidently out of the building.

Burke continued to yell after her. But it was clear that getting acquitted next week in the trial had suffered a serious setback….

03-30-20_9-53-38 PM

For this episode I used Custom Content poses and objects from very talented Sims 4 artists and I recommend you check out the following :

The prison set I downloaded from the gallery. I made a few tweaks to it and re-named it for story purposes. The original is called ‘The Diamond Rock Prison’ and you can find it on the gallery under user ID john7980 norris

For the house purchased by Devonique, again I downloaded from the gallery and it appears in the story in it’s original form. I renamed it for my story purposes but it is on the gallery called ‘Modern Luxury Mansion’ and it was created by SimDayYT.