Episode 9: Tammy Flo



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The morning after the dinner party and it was breakfast time at Siloli mansion. Fathom joined her father and Brystle in the breakfast room with a smirk on her face. After her confrontation with Brystle the previous evening ,where she revealed that she knew about the conversation between Brystle and Mayhew, Fathom had been feeling triumphant in that she had the upper hand. As she took a seat opposite her step mother and sipped on her coffee Fathom and Brystle continued to exchange glances to which Burke appeared oblivious. 

Conversation about where Heathen and Fred were soon moved on to how successful Burke believed the dinner party to have been. Fathom rolled her eyes upon hearing this. Dinner parties always bored her. 05-30-19_4-20-23 PM05-30-19_4-20-47 PM05-30-19_4-23-35 PM05-30-19_4-24-34 PM05-30-19_4-31-04 PM05-30-19_4-29-11 PM05-30-19_4-29-36 PM

Fathom was waiting for this moment. It was obvious to her that Brystle was secretly upset of Mayhew’s secondment so she decided to play a little with her. 05-30-19_4-20-59 PM

Brystle froze as she looked across the table at Fathom.05-30-19_4-21-18 PM

Fathom could hardly contain herself and continued with her teasing. 05-30-19_4-26-05 PM

And with that she paused and took another sip of her coffee. Brystle, unsure if Burke was aware of what was going on or not, decided to challenge her step daughter to reveal what she wanted to say. 05-30-19_4-28-35 PM

Fathom thought for a moment. Brystle didn’t seem to be worried and this was not the reaction she had hoped for. Perhaps it would be better to reveal her secret at another time. 05-30-19_4-26-40 PM05-30-19_4-39-23 PM05-30-19_4-27-44 PM

The two women quietly stared at one another. Brystle did not want Fathom to have a hold over her and quite frankly there was nothing really to tell. So, rather than let it all be blown out of proportion, she made a move to tell Burke the truth about the phonecall and what Fathom was actually getting at. However, before she could, the door opened and major-domo Joseph Flanders walked in. 05-30-19_4-36-24 PM05-30-19_4-38-36 PM

Before anyone could say anything else the doors burst open and in strutted a young lady in denim cut offs and cowboy boots. It was Tammy Flo Bean, Brystle’s niece. 05-30-19_4-38-49 PM05-30-19_4-39-18 PM05-30-19_4-41-35 PM05-30-19_4-41-47 PM

Tammy Flo pulled up a chair next to Fathom and sat down, putting her feet up on the table. Fathom ignored that and instead  revelled in hearing the news that Brystle had lived on a trailer park . 05-30-19_4-45-18 PM05-30-19_4-45-04 PM05-30-19_4-50-30 PM05-30-19_4-45-27 PM

Brystle got up from the table and led her niece out into the corridor, closing the door behind her. 05-30-19_4-52-44 PM05-30-19_4-53-05 PM

Hearing this piece of news was upsetting to Brystle. She may have lost touch with her niece in recent years since her mother, Brystle’s sister, had died and her father had moved on taking the young Tammy Flo with him but that didn’t stop the remorse she was now feeling. Here she was living in the lap of luxury whilst her own kin had been abandoned on hard times. 05-30-19_4-56-14 PM05-30-19_5-00-19 PM05-30-19_4-55-46 PM05-30-19_4-55-32 PM

06-20-19_3-00-29 PM

Deep in the countryside surrounding Windenburg lay the Von Haunt Country Estate and B&B, a luxurious old manor house steeped in history and set in acres of magnificent grounds. It was to this manor that Heathen and Fred had arrived at the previous evening when they had sneaked out of Siloli mansion and decided to elope. And it was in the grounds of the manor they had decided to hold their very own private ceremony. 

Heathen was already out on the lawn beneath the dressed wedding arch as Fred approached him quietly from behind. 06-18-19_9-39-18 PM

Fred had woken that morning full of angst. He loved Heathen, he was sure of that now. It had started out as just another hustle, he had never intended to fall in love with his target. But here he was and he wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing by marrying Heathen. But he couldn’t call it off. He didn’t want to risk losing the man he had come to love but yet he didn’t want to hurt him either. 06-18-19_9-40-19 PM (1)06-18-19_9-36-30 PM06-18-19_9-39-42 PM

As Heathen faced him Fred’s heart melted. He hated himself for lying all this time to him. 06-18-19_9-45-03 PM06-18-19_9-42-28 PM06-18-19_9-41-11 PM

After a lingering smooch Fred gently held Heathen by his arm. 

06-18-19_9-44-15 PM06-18-19_9-45-18 PM06-18-19_9-49-10 PM

Inwardly Fred was in turmoil. 

06-18-19_9-49-57 PM06-18-19_9-47-07 PM

As Heathen gazed into his eyes Fred realised that he would never find anyone who loved him as much as Heathen did nor would he find anyone who he loved as much. However this had started out was irrelevant now. He couldn’t change the past but Fred was determined to ensure their future was bright.06-18-19_9-48-48 PM06-18-19_9-48-31 PM06-18-19_9-50-33 PM06-18-19_9-50-43 PM06-18-19_9-52-01 PM

And with that, Heathen and Fred were married and they sealed it with a kiss. 

06-18-19_9-52-41 PM06-18-19_9-54-08 PM06-18-19_9-54-43 PM06-18-19_9-55-58 PM

Heathen gently took Fred’s hand and led him over to the nearby piano. Heathen took a seat and began playing. Fred loved hearing Heathen play and was struck by how beautiful the melody was. 06-18-19_9-59-15 PM06-18-19_9-59-49 PM

Heathen continued tinkling the ivories, enthralling Fred with his masterpiece. He didn’t notice the phone vibrating in Fred’s trouser pocket or when his husband discreetly answered the call. Fred had tried to ignore the phonecall but when he saw whose name was displayed on the screen he knew he had to reluctantly take it. 06-18-19_10-00-26 PM06-20-19_3-12-21 PM

Fred couldn’t believe that Cyril Dolby had called him the minute after he had married the man he loved. It was a reminder that his happiness was a falsehood. How could he ever find peace with Heathen with the threat of what this man could do hanging over him? 06-18-19_10-00-45 PM06-20-19_3-14-39 PM06-18-19_10-01-08 PM06-20-19_3-14-01 PM

Fred sighed, he knew he had to see Cyril. There was really no choice. 

06-18-19_10-00-35 PM06-20-19_3-14-57 PM

Cyril cut the phone. Fred discreetly slipped the mobile back into his pocket. Heathen was still playing the piano and was oblivious to what had just happened. He was an innocent party caught up in this wicked charade of Cyril Dolby’s and Fred couldn’t stand it. He had to do something to make it right…06-18-19_10-03-31 PM

Back at Falcon SimCrest, the Dolby mansion, Cyril knocked back his drink and felt a sense of happiness knowing that his plan was coming together. 06-20-19_3-10-49 PM

A female voice from the lounger next to his pool brought his attention back to the here and now. 06-20-19_3-19-25 PM

It was Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen , arch nemesis of Fathom Simmington. For the past couple of weeks she had been staying at Falcon Simcrest indulging in a mammoth woohoo fest with the older billionaire. 

Cyril moved towards the lounger, eyeing up the long legs of the supermodel who had provided him with a few weeks of amusement. 06-20-19_3-20-32 PM06-20-19_3-21-52 PM06-20-19_3-24-42 PM06-20-19_3-24-55 PM06-20-19_3-25-45 PM06-20-19_3-25-52 PM06-20-19_3-26-23 PM

As Cyril strutted away Ditsy screamed out after him.06-20-19_4-58-14 PM

04-11-19_7-53-30 PM

Texas was working on her latest painting whilst contemplating the visit she’d had with Cyril the previous evening. It had been delightful seeing her former beau after all these years and she was impressed at how well he’d looked after himself. She was certainly very much attracted to him and it appeared he was with her. His offer of joining forces to bring down Burke and his empire was certainly appealing however Texas was a strong independent woman and she certainly didn’t need the help of any man to achieve her goals. Her time in exile casted adrift from her children and her friends had been a hard lesson but had taught her to be self reliant. However Cyril had made a valid point in that it would take a lot of financial resource to destroy a man like Burke and this was resource Texas did not have. The truth was she was close to being flat broke. Burke’s payoff had long since been spent over the years in part by keeping Texas in a lifestyle to which she was accustomed to. But also on a series of private investigators that Texas hired to look into an unresolved tragic event from her past. Something that had happened early in her marriage to Burke that had fundamentally changed their relationship. In any event the mystery still remained as the many investigators hired by Texas had never returned any conclusive proof or resolution.

As she pondered on this there was a knock on her door and she called for whoever it was to come in.06-20-19_7-01-20 PM

Joseph walked over to view the painting Texas had just completed. He never cared much for her work. In fact he thought it was awful. 

06-20-19_7-11-02 PM06-20-19_7-14-03 PM06-20-19_7-14-25 PM06-20-19_7-14-15 PM06-20-19_7-22-33 PM06-20-19_7-24-24 PM06-20-19_7-14-32 PM06-20-19_7-22-12 PM06-20-19_7-32-07 PM

The smirk dropped from Texas’s face momentarily. She did not like where this conversation was headed.

06-20-19_7-31-50 PM06-20-19_7-32-31 PM

Texas ignored his question and instead sat at her table. Joseph had obviously discovered the 2 tacky woohoo movies she had made in her early days exiled from Burke. 

06-20-19_7-34-46 PM06-20-19_7-33-51 PM06-20-19_7-35-08 PM06-20-19_7-36-18 PM

Texas considered this and quickly formulated a plan of her own. 

06-20-19_8-31-35 PM

Joseph hadn’t expected this. Something he thought was a secret that no-one else knew…

06-20-19_8-31-23 PM06-20-19_7-33-43 PM

The mention of Firby, his daughter, got Joseph into a panic. He knew Texas would gladly revel in telling Firby the truth about really happened to her mother. Joseph had to protect her from this at all costs and was the reason he’d sent his daughter away. 

06-20-19_7-33-37 PM

Texas could see that all the bravado had gone from the major-domo. She had won this round with him. 

06-20-19_7-35-00 PM06-20-19_8-34-38 PM

As Joseph left, Texas knew she had to get his copies of those movies and destroy them. 

06-20-19_8-35-24 PM

06-23-19_5-22-00 PM

Chauffeur Michael Constrain had a small apartment across town and he divided his time between there and his room in the staff quarters of Siloli mansion. He was due to pick up Burke later that afternoon from the office and take him home. As he had several hours to go before he started his shift he decided to catch up on some much needed work-out time. He popped in a cardio work-out DVD featuring actress and activist Jane Honda and within minutes he was feeling the burn as he pushed the limits. 06-23-19_5-27-39 PM06-23-19_5-27-28 PM

Before he moved onto squats there came a knock at the door. Michael got up and had no sooner turned the doorknob when a large man pushed his way in. Michael took a step back in shock.06-23-19_5-29-10 PM06-23-19_5-29-18 PM06-23-19_5-29-51 PM06-23-19_5-30-29 PM06-23-19_5-30-40 PM

Michael had never seen this thug before but it was obvious he was one of Fathom’s admirers. She certainly had many being in the public eye. This guy was a loon, probably he’d concocted some fantasy in his head about her.  But he was much larger and more threatening than Michael and he therefore decided to reason with the guy as best he could to avoid any altercation. 

06-23-19_5-33-13 PM06-23-19_5-32-19 PM

Michael was dumbstruck. This guy wasn’t some random lunatic off the street, he was a hired thug sent by Burke. Suddenly skinny dipping with Fathom last night at the Simmington mansion wasn’t such a good idea after all…

06-23-19_5-32-42 PM06-23-19_5-34-15 PM06-23-19_5-35-13 PM06-23-19_5-33-43 PM

Quick as a flash the thug pounced on Michael. Michael tried his best to defend himself but the brute was twice his size with fists the size of dinner plates. He was no match for him…

06-23-19_5-37-56 PM06-23-19_5-44-07 PM06-23-19_5-38-36 PM06-23-19_5-41-55 PM

Michael was soon knocked out flat on the floor as the thug stood over him.

06-23-19_5-58-47 PM06-23-19_6-00-14 PM06-23-19_6-00-50 PM06-23-19_6-02-48 PM

Michael lay on the floor completely out of it. He had crossed a line with his boss’s daughter and Burke certainly had made his feelings clear on the matter. But would Michael take any heed of the warning? 

06-23-19_6-05-06 PM06-23-19_6-05-24 PM

12-10-18_5-06-51 PM

There was an unspoken tension arising between Mayhew and Malaudia. The subject of Mayhew going overseas to work for WindenburgSimmington had been approached but Mayhew was certain that something else was playing on his wife’s mind. So with Mimsy out of the way at school he decided to approach the situation with Malaudia. 

Malaudia was furiously washing the dishes in the kitchen. She barely looked up as her husband sat at the island counter. She waited until he spoke first. 06-23-19_8-27-11 PM06-23-19_8-20-05 PM06-23-19_8-20-15 PM

Malaudia slammed down the dishes in the sink and glared at her husband.

06-23-19_8-22-34 PM

Mayhew realised that Malaudia knew, or strongly suspected the truth. His affair with Brystle many months ago was coming out now. Mayhew wasn’t going to deny it. After all he was still planning on leaving Malaudia as soon as he had earned enough money overseas so that she could live comfortably following the divorce.

06-23-19_8-23-22 PM06-23-19_8-23-10 PM06-23-19_8-23-02 PM06-23-19_8-24-02 PM06-23-19_8-38-55 PM

Malaudia yanked out a bar stool and sat forcefully down on it. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence before she demanded answers. 

06-23-19_8-35-46 PM

Of course he did. He was head over heels in love with Brystle. But he  still loved his wife. Just no longer in the way a husband should love his wife. 

06-23-19_8-27-35 PM06-23-19_8-35-34 PM06-23-19_8-39-23 PM06-23-19_8-38-45 PM

There was no turning back for Mayhew now. This was the moment his marriage was finally over. 

06-23-19_8-38-50 PM06-23-19_8-34-40 PM

Gone was the bottled up anger Malaudia had been holding in as she fully exploded in a rage. 

06-23-19_8-38-12 PM

Mayhew had feared this would happen at some point. Malaudia was showing sings of a relapse into her erratic behaviour. It was clear she had been hearing the voices in her head again.

06-23-19_8-35-15 PM06-23-19_8-35-06 PM

As if on cue in walked a smiling Mother Drysdale. In fact the crafty woman had been listening in on the row between her son and daughter-in-law and she was relishing in the mayhem. She was about to throw an almighty spanner in the works.

06-23-19_8-42-57 PM06-23-19_8-42-04 PM06-23-19_8-42-11 PM

Even in her anger Malaudia could see that Mayhew would plead for his mother to stay but she wanted her gone.

06-23-19_8-39-18 PM

Mayhew followed his mother into the hallway followed by Malaudia.

06-23-19_8-44-42 PM06-23-19_8-50-13 PM06-23-19_8-46-21 PM06-23-19_8-47-20 PM06-23-19_8-48-25 PM06-23-19_8-51-59 PM

Malaudia was glad to see the back of the old crone. Even if she was unaware that that her mother -in-law was secretly the cause of all her mental anguish, Malaudia still felt that Mother Drysdale had never liked her.

06-23-19_8-50-24 PM06-23-19_8-52-20 PM06-23-19_8-53-51 PM06-23-19_8-57-06 PM

Malaudia went into their bedroom and slammed the door behind her leaving Mayhew alone.

06-23-19_8-54-07 PM

Meanwhile outside a vengeful Mother Drysdale was about to unleash her master plan to finally put Malaudia back into the simitarium. The truth was she was not going on a cruise or even on vacation. She was s imply going to hideout in a local B&B and wait. Wait until her son was overseas then she would move in for the kill…

06-23-19_8-32-10 PM

01-08-19_10-08-38 PM

Andre Wayward was bursting to tell Burke his latest news. 

07-04-19_3-54-39 PM07-04-19_3-48-44 PM07-04-19_3-51-31 PM

07-04-19_3-52-11 PM

07-04-19_3-48-48 PM07-04-19_3-47-56 PM07-04-19_3-52-51 PM07-04-19_3-52-28 PM07-04-19_3-49-09 PM07-04-19_3-49-20 PM

Just then Burke’s intercom buzzed. It was his secretary informing him of an arrival in reception.

07-04-19_3-55-28 PM

Burke sat back in his chair and looked at his office door. It opened and a very battered looking Michael sheepishly walked in. 

07-04-19_4-05-21 PM07-04-19_4-06-54 PM07-04-19_4-07-08 PM07-04-19_4-07-41 PM07-04-19_4-08-42 PM07-04-19_4-04-50 PM07-04-19_4-08-29 PM

Burke got up and walked around his desk. He firmly shook Michael’s hand. The 2 men locked eyes. Burke would never admit what he done to Michael. But whilst it remained unspoken both men knew what had occurred. 

07-04-19_4-02-48 PM

Michael left the office and Burke retook his seat. Andre chuckled at his high profile client. 

07-04-19_4-09-50 PM07-04-19_4-10-09 PM

Andre laughed some more. Burke was a wily fox there was no denying. Nor would he ever admit any of his wrongdoings. Andre was well aware of what Burke could be capable of having helped him cover up many things over the years. Burke smiled then it quickly faded as he seemed lost in thought. 

07-04-19_3-53-19 PM

11-18-16_12-49-39 PM (1)

Joseph’s morning visit to her studio in the grounds of Siloli mansion had been bothering Texas all day. The snooty major-domo had been digging up some dirt on her and would sooner or later find a way to expose her past. Texas was having none of it. No man would get the better of her again. She would sneak into the mansion , go into the staff quarters and into Joseph’s room and find the video tapes and whatever else he had on her. But first she had to make sure the coast was clear.

Texas had been monitoring the comings and goings of everyone in the house for the past few weeks. She knew Burke was gone from early each morning followed by Heathen. Fathom usually left around noon and that just left Brystle. Sweet, sweet Brystle. How Texas loathed everything about her nemesis. She was so sickly sweet, so subservient to Burke. How she enjoyed to torment her so with her put downs. 

Usually Brystle would leave around mid morning and come back late afternoon which meant now was the time to sneak into the house without being seen. So as stealthily as she could Texas crept in through a side door on the wing of the house devoted to staff quarters right next to the kitchens. She hurried down a corridor and went to a room she knew Joseph to have kept back when she was mistress of the house.07-04-19_8-25-38 PM07-04-19_8-26-31 PM

As she stepped in she knew by the décor and personal belongings that she was in the right location. She quickly went to work scanning the room. 07-04-19_8-28-35 PM

As her beady eyes scanned the room Texas caught sight of a box under the bed. This had to be Joseph’s stash. She pulled the box out and sat on the bed and rummaged through it. 

07-04-19_8-34-07 PM07-04-19_8-37-28 PM

A USB stick caught her eye. It was bound to be a digital file of some kind, no doubt further dirt Joseph had been accumulating online about her. Texas snatched the file and plugged it into the computer. However it soon became apparent the file wasn’t about Texas after all…

07-04-19_8-39-18 PM07-04-19_8-42-00 PM

Texas had claimed her prize. Not only had she found the 2 video tapes of the woohoo movies she had made but even better she had found something even juicier on Brystle! A plan was quickly formulating in her mind. With a smirk on her face and a spring in her step Texas walked boldly out of the room and down the corridor. As she turned the corner she almost collided with a young girl in hoochie cut-offs and cowboy boots.

07-04-19_8-46-48 PM (1)07-04-19_8-46-12 PM07-04-19_8-48-22 PM_jpg_xi3q26r_partial

A niece? So Brystle had a niece. Well this was the day that just kept giving! 

07-04-19_8-48-35 PM07-04-19_8-51-33 PM

Tammy Flo paused for a moment. She was getting the sense that she was being questioned and she didn’t like it. Where she came from you didn’t go asking questions like that. 

07-04-19_8-46-23 PM07-04-19_8-46-59 PM

Texas smiled politely at the young girl in front of her. She had given her enough to go on….for now. 

07-04-19_8-53-19 PM07-04-19_8-54-36 PM

Tammy Flo could only watch as the mysterious woman swanned out of the front door without revealing who she was or saying goodbye. Rich folks sure did behave in mighty strange ways…

07-04-19_8-54-26 PM

07-07-19_10-17-53 AM

As the sun began to set that day Brystle was waiting in the city Central Park. It was here that she and Mayhew used to meet in the early days of their romance before she married Burke. It was also here that she saw him the day before she married Burke. On that day she had tried to draw a line under their relationship but after last night’s dinner party it was clear Mayhew would not give up on her. And then there was Malaudia who knew about their affair. It would be a only a matter of time before it all came out in the open especially as Fathom knew about it too.

Brystle had to make things right. And the first thing was to let Mayhew know that there would be no happy ending for them. So she waited in the park knowing that Mayhew always had an evening jog through here. And sure enough, as she stood by the lake watching the swans Mayhew approached her. 07-07-19_9-49-51 AM07-07-19_9-50-07 AM

Brystle turned to face Mayhew.

07-07-19_9-56-52 AM07-07-19_10-00-58 AM07-07-19_9-52-28 AM07-07-19_9-52-46 AM07-07-19_9-52-38 AM

Brystle looked her former lover in the eyes and told him the truth.  

07-07-19_9-54-10 AM

Brystle’s words wounded Mayhew for he had not expected this. He truly believed that Brystle would leave Burke for him. The truth was a bitter pill to swallow. 

07-07-19_9-57-03 AM07-07-19_9-57-13 AM

Mayhew wasn’t willing to give up without a fight. 

07-07-19_9-58-37 AM07-07-19_9-55-45 AM

Mayhew looked around. He had to look away for his eyes were filling with tears. Suddenly he caught sight of some roses growing nearby. He bent down and plucked one form the bush and presented this to Brystle, a last pang of hope in his heart. 

07-07-19_10-07-47 AM07-07-19_10-08-03 AM

As much as she wanted to Brystle knew she could not accept the rose. 

07-07-19_10-07-55 AM07-07-19_10-11-16 AM07-07-19_10-10-47 AM

This was the end for them and Mayhew reluctantly accepted that they would never be together. 

07-07-19_10-12-30 AM

And with that Mayhew turned and walked away. No final hug, no last kiss.

07-07-19_10-13-05 AM

Mayhew kept walking and did not look back for tears were streaming down his face.

07-07-19_10-14-30 AM

Brystle too looked the other way for it broke her heart to watch him go. Instead she watched 2 swans as they gracefully swam across the still waters. The light was fading fast and she wanted to remember this image before it was gone forever…

07-07-19_10-15-09 AM

07-07-19_12-07-02 PM

As the sun began to set and twilight began Texas arrived at Cyril Dolby’s. Her former flame had visited her the previous evening and offered to join forces in bringing Burke down. Texas had been unsure but when she’d uncovered the dossier on Brystle earlier today she realised she would need help with her plans. Money was the key factor and Texas had next to none of it whereas Cyril had hundreds of millions. 

They stood on the rear terrace of the house with views over looking the city. Cyril presented his former lover with a drink and they stood facing one another. 07-07-19_1-30-34 PM07-07-19_1-32-11 PM

Texas smiled at the memory. She also looked around at the house and grounds noting how much it had changed over the years. 

07-07-19_1-28-57 PM07-07-19_1-31-21 PM07-07-19_1-29-57 PM07-07-19_1-31-13 PM07-07-19_1-33-07 PM07-07-19_1-32-48 PM07-07-19_1-27-42 PM07-07-19_1-35-52 PM07-07-19_1-35-47 PM

Texas pondered on Cyril’s proposal. 

07-07-19_1-41-06 PM07-07-19_1-41-52 PM07-07-19_1-39-20 PM07-07-19_1-34-29 PM07-07-19_1-39-30 PM07-07-19_1-52-51 PM07-07-19_1-56-07 PM

Cyril moved in for their first kiss in many years.

07-07-19_1-51-11 PM

And then pulled Texas close to him as they both kissed ferociously.

07-07-19_1-56-35 PM

They parted lips and Cyril enticed Texas inside.

07-07-19_1-41-32 PM

Texas followed him inside and they made their way upstairs.

07-07-19_2-01-24 PM

They went into the master bedroom and at first Texas thought he was leading her to his bed but he walked past it and over to a bookcase. He pulled a book down and revealed it to be not a bookcase but a secret door. It led into a smaller hidden room which had a security panel. Cyril entered the code and the automatic doors opened with a loud clank. Texas couldn’t believe her eyes at what she saw.

07-07-19_2-02-27 PM07-07-19_2-07-08 PM

This what she had dreamed of so long. At last Texas had a means to take on Burke. 

07-07-19_2-07-48 PM07-07-19_2-02-56 PM

They both fell back into the large pile of Simoleon bills and began a vigorous session of woohoo making. 

07-07-19_2-03-13 PM07-07-19_2-04-05 PM

Cyril paused for air and gasping he gazed down at Texas.

07-07-19_2-05-05 PM07-07-19_2-05-19 PM

Texas pulled Cyril back under the pile of money and a second round of woohoo gave way to a third….and a fourth…

07-07-19_2-04-12 PM

12-10-18_9-54-54 PM

Fathom had seen the bruises in Michael’s face and whilst he had denied it, Fathom knew her father had to be behind it. She was confronting him in the hall about it later that evening.07-07-19_8-11-38 PM07-07-19_8-11-51 PM

This confirmed it 100%. Fathom was furious.

07-07-19_8-14-57 PM07-07-19_8-13-21 PM07-07-19_8-16-25 PM07-07-19_8-17-38 PM_jpg_gqrhlhp_partial07-07-19_8-19-14 PM

Burke had had enough of his daughter and her selfish, shameless ways. It was time she got her act together and started to act responsibly. 

07-07-19_8-18-39 PM

This was the final straw for Fathom and she exploded in rage.

07-07-19_8-16-43 PM

Fathom ran past her father and made for the front doors. Burke went after her calling her name.

07-07-19_8-21-23 PM

Fathom didn’t stop as she rushed out into the night. She didn’t even stop when she almost knocked over her mother who was returning home from her rendezvous at Falcon SimCrest. Texas had been going past the main house on her way to her studio in the grounds when she heard the commotion going on and had stopped to listen.

Burke stopped at the door and yelled across the courtyard at his daughter. 

07-07-19_8-23-15 PM

Fathom sped off in one of the available cars. Burke watched her go knowing too well she would be making her way to Michael’s apartment. He looked at Texas who stood on the steps mouth agape in shock at what she had just witnessed. Burke immediately turned and walked inside but Texas called after him. 

07-07-19_8-27-18 PM

Texas marched in after her ex-husband and demanded some answers from him. 07-07-19_8-30-20 PM07-07-19_8-29-31 PM07-07-19_8-30-27 PM07-07-19_8-34-53 PM

Texas looked at her ex-husband in disgust. The way he had treated Fathom made her remember all the times she was made to feel like that. Well it would continue no more for she was here to break the cycle.

07-07-19_8-34-58 PM07-07-19_8-43-19 PM

The mention of their firstborn child stung Burke for he had not talked about him in years, the memory was too painful. In fact not even Fathom or Heathen were aware of their older brother’s existence. 

07-07-19_8-33-14 PM07-07-19_8-29-50 PM

Burke sighed. This was going nowhere. The more he argued with Texas the more she yelled back. He couldn’t take anymore.

07-07-19_8-35-10 PM07-07-19_8-35-30 PM

Quick as a flash Burke exploded in a volcanic rage at the mention of this.

07-07-19_8-37-11 PM

Texas kept on pushing for she knew how to get under Burke’s skin.

07-07-19_8-35-37 PM07-07-19_8-37-17 PM

Texas smirked in triumph for she knew she had won this round.

07-07-19_8-43-03 PM07-07-19_8-42-55 PM

Texas gave a final smirk before leaving the house. Little were they aware that their whole conversation had been overheard on the first floor landing by a quiet as a mouse Tammy Flo…

07-07-19_8-44-44 PM

Tammy Flo quickly went back to her room. When she was sure she was not going to be overheard she picked up the phone and made a secret call.

07-07-19_8-47-00 PM07-07-19_8-46-43 PM07-07-19_8-46-36 PM

Tammy Flo said goodnight to her father and hung up. Her mind was in overdrive with all that had just happened….

07-07-19_8-47-39 PM

Late that night at the Von Haunt Estate B&B, Heathen was sleeping soundly in bed. His husband however was not.

Fred had waited until he heard Heathen snore before slipping out of bed and getting dressed. It was gone midnight but Fred had a meeting to go to.

He looked at his sleeping husband who looked so peaceful. How he hated to be deceiving him.07-08-19_8-54-27 PM

But he knew he must go to meet with Cyril Dolby. So ever so quietly Fred slipped out and made his way to the meeting point…

07-08-19_9-21-25 PM

In the dead of night with no-one else around Fred waited patiently for Cyril to show. What was taking so long?07-08-19_9-05-50 PM

Fred didn’t hear Cyril approach and he almost jumped out of his skin when Cyril crept up to him and spoke.

07-08-19_9-06-37 PM07-08-19_9-07-20 PM07-08-19_9-07-35 PM07-08-19_9-14-10 PM

Cyril laughed and clapped his hands upon hearing the news. This would help his devious plans along.

07-08-19_9-39-40 PM07-08-19_9-07-26 PM07-08-19_9-10-28 PM07-08-19_9-47-29 PM07-08-19_9-11-30 PM07-08-19_9-11-05 PM07-08-19_9-16-49 PM

Cyril’s’ face twisted in hatred and anger as he exploded in a rage.

07-08-19_9-12-28 PM

Cyril’s shouting was so loud that neither of them heard the snapping of the camera from a nearby bush pointing directly at them…

07-08-19_9-08-55 PM07-08-19_9-09-21 PM

It was Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen!! She had followed Cyril hoping to catch him in the act with Fathom. She’s hoped to get some juicy photos to leak to the press but this was proving to be something entirely different. Instead she switched on the microphone and began video recording the interaction…

07-08-19_9-09-25 PM07-08-19_9-16-12 PM07-08-19_9-16-55 PM07-08-19_10-02-05 PM07-08-19_9-19-19 PM