Simasty Episode 2.12: Will the real Badam Simmington please stand up?


A bright sunny morning at Siloli mansion saw Tammy Flo strut purposefully into the kitchen. Since her marriage to ‘Badam’ Tammy Flo had been trying hard to assert her position in the  household. She was a Simmington now (or so she thought, ‘Badam’ wasn’t who everyone thought he was) and Tammy Flo wanted everyone to treat her with the same respect that went with having the Simmington name. And that started with making sure the help knew she would be a force to be reckoned with. 

Head cook Mrs Bummerson and head housekeeper Nannette saw Tammy Flo come in and casually walk around as if she were giving the room the once over with her stamp of approval. Both women then kept their heads down as they had heard how awful Tammy Flo had become since marrying into the Simmington family. 23

Quick as a flash Tammy Flo shut down poor Mrs Bummerson. 4

Mrs Bummerson said nothing and let Tammy Flo munch away at her muffins. And as she stuffed her face, in walked Texas. She liked to come and go through the kitchen entrance as it was the most direct access from her studio on the grounds of Siloli.  As usual Texas had come her to mooch but the sight of Tammy Flo dressed up in riding gear and stuffing her face full of muffin was almost too much to let slide without comment. 5678

The old expression was obviously lost on this simple girl that Texas already had lot of disdain for never mind the fact that she had eloped with her long lost ‘son’ Badam. This was something Texas had yet to address with Tammy Flo even though she was seething at the thought of it. 9101112

With her order place, Texas strolled around the table picking at some grapes from the fruit dish. Tammy Flo sensed the hostility from the woman and decided to provoke her even further because why not? She got a kick out tormenting this snooty nosed woman. 131415

Texas force a very quick fake smile and replied with as much sarcasm as she could. 1617

It was obvious, even to Tammy Flo, that this news was horrific for Texas to comprehend and Tammy Flo revelled in seeing her obvious disgust.18192021222324 Seeing the horror on Texas’s face was enough for Tammy Flo to declare this verbal smackdown a win for her. She left with a smirk on her face leaving Texas flabbergasted. She contemplated a future with this trashy niece of Brystle’s as her daughter-in-law and promptly decided there was no way in hell she would allow it to continue. Quickly an evil plan formulated in her calculating mind… 252627


Upstairs in the mansion, Heathen was convalescing in his room when Brystle knocked on his door. 23456

It pained Brystle seeing Heathen hurting so much. He’d been the only true friend to her from the moment she arrived at Siloli. He had been through a lot following the death of his husband Fred and the pain of losing him had almost cost Heathen his life when he had fallen drunkenly into the swimming pool. And he was getting no more peace in his sleep as his dreams were evidence of him reliving Fred’s death over and over again as he had fallen to his death down a flight of stairs at the opera house last year. 

Brystle took a seat beside Heathen on the bed and gently held his hand in hers as she spoke to him. 789101112

Whilst Heathen and Brystle talked, Texas was making her way up the stairs of Siloli, intending on visiting Heathen in his room…13

Back in the room Brystle hugged a distraught Heathen. 141516

Seeing her distraught son being comforted by the woman she loathed, and the aunt of that trashy little tramp Tammy Flo, was too much for Texas. She sternly interrupted the tender scene being played out in front of her. 1718

Heathen slowly sunk back down on his bed as Brystle looked over at Texas and saw that she meant business. Rather than cause a scene in the room, Brystle obliged the request. 1920212223

Once they were out of earshot in the corridor, a fuming Texas launched herself at Brystle. 242526272829303132

Brystle decided not to rise to Texas’s anger. Instead she smiled back at her rival rather sickly sweetly. 3334353637

Sensing that she would not get a rise out of Brystle this way, Texas changed tactics and went for the jugular. And it worked… 3839

Feeling like she had just wounded a kitten, Texas went in for the kill. 404142

Texas finished off by slamming the door shut behind her as she sashayed into Heathen’s room leaving a fearful Brystle full of doubt and worry…


Across town, the Simmington private jet had landed at a private airstrip. Onboard was WindenburgSimmington lawyer Andre Wayward. He had returned from Shang Simla along with the newly released from prison Mayhew Drysdale, former employee of Burke’s company. 

The previous year, Burke had sent Mayhew overseas to oversee the expansion of WindenburgSimmington in the Simlinese market. It was also a ploy to keep Mayhew away from Burke’s wife Brystle as at the time he didn’t trust the man around his wife knowing that they had had an affair with one another prior to Burke marrying Brystle. Whilst Mayhew was stationed overseas he became the victim in the power struggle between Cyril Dolby and Burke with Cyril falsely setting up Mayhew as a spy thus ending an important billion Simoleon contract for Burke with the Simlinese government and Mayhew locked up in prison. 

But after new evidence was presented to Burke that it was a set up, Burke threatened Cyril with exposure and ordered Mayhew to be released and his contract restored. And so with trepidation, Burke waited outside the aircraft hanger as Mayhew and Andre walked down the steps off the jet. 2345678

Hearing this hit home to Burke just how hard it must be for Mayhew. Whilst he wasn’t directly responsible for him being locked up Burke did send him to Shang Simla as a means of getting him out of Brystle’s life. For that he did feel a sense of remorse that Mayhew had been caught up in Cyril’s vendetta. 91011121314

As he went to shake his hand, Burke noticed the cuts and scrapes on Mayhew’s knuckles. Coupled with the scars on his face it was obvious he’d endured a lot of violence whilst in the prison. Mayhew however declined the handshake. 15161718

Burke nodded quickly in acceptance and in silence they began to walk towards the waiting limo. 1920

Mayhew wasn’t so sure on that. The last he’d seen of his wife she had called an end to their marriage. How would she react seeing him again? And the fact that they were now going to be under the same roof as Brystle, the woman who Mayhew once loved…and perhaps still did….


The journey back to Siloli was an awkward silent one between the 2 men. Burke asked a few questions of Mayhew but his one syllable responses made Burke realise that there wasn’t much point in discussing civilities with him. Mayhew obviously, and understandably, held a massive grudge against Burke. Perhaps he would see things differently in a few days.

Once they arrived at the mansion they were greeted by Brystle in the hallway. 2345

There passed a momentary pause between the 2 former lovers , almost as if they had more to say to one another but couldn’t in the presence of Burke. A fact that he himself did not let go unnoticed. 678

Burke clapped his hands together and moved the conversation on in an effort to break the silence. Upstairs, Malaudia was making her way down to face the husband who she hadn’t seen in a year. 910111213

Seeing his wife again was an emotional moment for Mayhew and he struggled to hold back the tears. There was so much he wanted to say to her but would she allow him the chance?1415

Malaudia slowly walked up to her husband looking deeply into his eyes as she did so. It seemed unreal having him here in front of her after everything that had happened. She slowly reached out and stroked his scarred cheek. 1617

This was a bittersweet moment for Brystle seeing her former lover reunite with his wife. Above all she was happy to see them together after everything they’d both been through. But the chemistry she and Mayhew had felt was still there and he longingly looked at her as he held his wife. 181920

At which point Burke decided to take Brystle away from this intimate reunion. 212223

But Burke wasn’t so sure Brystle meant what she said. He gave her a quick glance then went into his study. Brystle paused before entering and looked around at the reunited couple. Seeing Mayhew again was causing a lot of mixed emotions for her…ones she shouldn’t be feeling. With a sigh Brystle joined her husband in his study and closed the door behind her.  2425262728

Meanwhile Malaudia and Mayhew kissed passionately in the hall way as they were reunited. 29303132

With that, Mayhew fell to his knees and sobbed. 33343536

Mayhew’s tears continued as Malaudia held him close to her. The Drysdale’s were reunited through their grief and loss for their daughter. But would this be enough for them to reconcile for good???37


That evening in the home of Giles Scott, now Giles Dolby, Cyril had arrived. After discovering that the young man, and world famous soccer star, was his secret son, Cyril had brushed off his recent losses to Burke and WindenburgSimmington and instead decided to focus on getting to know the young man with a renewed vigour and energy. Giles, whilst curious about this man who was his father, was still prickly about the whole thing. He was angry with his mother Skankee for keeping it a secret and he was wary of the slippery businessman.  234567891011

This didn’t really sound appealing to Giles. 12131415161718

And this was no lie for Cyril indeed was dying but only a few people knew of the condition. This news stunned Giles. 19202122

This was the last thing Giles had expected to hear and it was overwhelming news. 23242526

Cyril had the evil Sims trait which meant he had no trouble telling a convincing lie. This was far from the reason that Skankee had fled Windenburg all those years ago and kept her pregnancy a secret. But Cyril wasn’t about to reveal to his son just how wicked and corrupt he was. And what better way than to make Skankee out to be the one in the wrong for it was having th e desired effect he wanted – Giles bought it. 2728

Just then Skankee walked out onto the lanai not knowing that her dreaded ex-husband was on the premises. Seeing him with her son stopped her dead in his tracks.  293031

Skankee nervously approached them both. 32333435363738

Cyril stepped forward and draped his arm over his son’s shoulders, much in the way a cobra would crush it’s prey. The sight of it turned Skankee’s stomach. 39404142

Knowing how manipulative Cyril was and how easily led Giles could be Skankee struggled to accept what was happening. Her son and ex-husband stood side by side united. It was everything she’d feared would happen. 434445

A tearful Skankee turned and ran out as fast as her high heeled shoes would allow. Giles made to go after her but Cyril held him back. Instead Giles called after her. 46474849

Inside the house by the front door, Skankee grabbed her car keys from a bowl on the sideboard. She paused for a moment to catch her breath. Cyril had wormed his way into Giles’s life. It may only be a matter of time before he discovered the truth about her other secret she’d brought to Windenburg. And realising the enormity of that, Skankee made her way to his apartment across town…50


At the apartment of Thordon Gompson, the candle lit dinner table was set and the red nectar was served. 2

Joining the young lawyer for this romantic meal was Fathom Dolby. The pair of them had struck up flirtatious conversations on a couple of occasions but it had not gone any further. So when Thordon had boldly messaged his boss’s daughter and invited her over for dinner he did so with the intention it would lead to something more…And to his delight Fathom had readily agreed. 345

Once seated, Thordon began by explaining his choices for this evening’s banquet for two. 6789

Despite her marriage to Seth recently improving, Fathom was curious about this handsome stranger and wanted to know more about him. 101112131415161718

This stopped Fathom in her tracks. Thordon certainly was true to his word- he did say what he wanted. Despite this being a very similar quality to her, Fathom was not happy with this remark. 192021

Thordon looked away at this . He knew he’d overstepped his mark and was instantly regretting it. 2223242526

Just then there came a frantic ringing of the front doorbell interrupting the moment.2728

Fathom knocked back her nectar as Thordon opened the door to his apartment. And he was a little taken aback to see his friend, and former boss/client, Skankee on his doorstep looking visibly upset. 2930313233

Back at the dining table, Fathom rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! Was it really the same woman, Giles’s mother, who had shown up unannounced? Getting up and walking over to the entrance Fathom saw that it unbelievably was the same woman who had more or less shooed her away the first time she met her! What the Sims was she doing here being comforted by Thordon?!34353637

Fathom had had enough of this and decided to break up the tender scene being played out before her. 3839404142434445

Needless to say this was not the kind of evening Thordon had envisioned. How did Skankee and Fathom know one another and why was Skankee so dead against her being here? 464748495051

The vibe had changed for Fathom and quite frankly she didn’t want to be dealing with an interfering mother figure. But before she left she decided to antagonise Skankee even further by putting her arms around Thordon and holding him in a tight embrace!5253545556 

Fathom kissed her finger then pressed it against Thordon’s lips much to the horror of Skankee. Both she and Thordon watched in silence as Fathom made her exit. 5857

Once Fathom had left, Thordon spun around and confronted Skankee. He needed to know what on earth had just happened.5960616263

Thordon saw that Skankee’s hand was trembling. His anger had potentially frightened an already distressed Skankee and he decided to cool it down a notch with her. After all, she had looked out for him his whole life. 646566

Skankee knew that she could no longer keep the truth from Thordon. All the lies she’d told and led to everything that had happened tonight with both him and Giles. It was time to be honest. 67

Thordon took a step back as he was presented with this shocking news. It took a moment before he could muster a single word.68

Skankee’s heart was racing by this point but there was no going back now. She had to tell him the truth… the WHOLE truth…6970717273

So finally the truth was out in the open. And it was hitting Thordon…Badam…like a tonne of bricks. 74757677787980

Thordon was no longer holding his anger back. Skankee had seen this terrible, angry side to him before on many occasions and it was something she wasn’t comfortable with. If only he would let her explain why she had made the choices she had. 818283

For the second time that evening a tearful Skankee made a hasty exit from a volatile scene. Thordon slammed the door after her before feelings of nausea swarmed over him and he had to run to the bathroom to be violently sick. 848586

Thordon slowly got up and poured him self a large glass of water from the tap, gulping it down. The enormity of what he’d been told was causing a panic attack in him. 8788

He poured a second glass and drunk it just as quickly then, after a moment, his breathing had returned to normal and he looked upon himself in the mirror. And it was then he realised that he was not Thordon Gompson at all…he was in fact someone else entirely…And he had to face that fact that his life from now on was going to be somewhat different. 899091