SIMASTY 2.14 ‘Ta-Ta…Trash!!”

The morning after Burkes’ arrest saw Texas brazenly march into the mansion along with groundsman Terry and then instructing housekeeper Nannette to summon Brystle to the solarium. Texas had been blackmailing groundman Terry in recent weeks into covering up the truth that Texas was out skeet shooting the day of Brystle’s fall from the horse. However, Terry was not a very convincing liar and was burdened with being loyal to the Simmington family. Texas was determined to make sure he continued with the charade and had practically dragged him along, reminding him that her silver cup was missing and she had evidence he had taken it. Reluctantly, Terry had come along and as he stood in front of Brystle right now he felt extremely uncomfortable lying to her face. 234

Brystle was no dummy. She knew Terry wasn’t being honest and that Texas was certainly the culprit. But not wanting to make him feel any worse, Brystle ended the conversation with him. 567

A sheepish Terry could barely make eye contact with Brystle and that gave her all the confirmation she needed that Texas was indeed behind all of this. As Terry turned to leave, his eyes met with Texas’s. HIs heart was racing and he was glad to get out of the solarium and back to his duties. A smirking Texas then stepped forward towards Brystle. 8910111213141516171819

The sight of Texas standing here in Brystle’s home, lying to her and making light of the loss she had suffered – the loss that Texas had caused and now had the audacity to turn the tables and make Brystle herself feel guilty for wrongly accusing Texas!! – was making Brystle’s blood boil. However, despite it all, she managed to keep a simmering lid on her anger….for now…202122232425262728

Of course, this was all bluff on Texas’s part for unbeknownst to Brystle, it was she who had arranged the beating that had befallen poor Clarke and that Burke would take the blame!293031323335

As Brystle walked away, Texas was left alone to ponder on her parting words. Brystle knew the truth but there was no way of proving it. Not unless Terry caved in and revealed she had been out shooting that day. But….if Terry were to be removed from the equation, then perhaps the problem would solve itself….34


Over at Devonique Domino’s mansion, it was the morning after the night before for new lovers Heathen and Frankie. With his mother Devonique overseas and his sister Brackie and her boyfriend Oliver in Wollyhood, Frankie had felt at ease bringing Heathen home. He knew that his mother had left him with the advice not to get involved with Heathen as was still grieving the loss of his husband Fred, Frankie’s identical twin brother. However, from the day Frankie had laid eyes on Heathen it had awakened long dormant feelings that he had tried his whole life to suppress. But in the end it had proved too much to resist and he had made the first move last night. 234567891011

Heathen couldn’t be any more happier as he snuggled next to Frankie…for it was like having Fred back in his arms once more….1213141516

Instantly it dawned on Frankie – his mother Devonique had been right! Heathen WAS still grieving the loss of Fred! And was he now confusing Frankie for being his dead twin???17

Heathen seemed oblivious to calling Frankie by his brother’s name. Instead, he sighed and reflected on the short tie they were going to have together before Frankie was back on active duty overseas with the army. 18192021222324252627

Not only was Heathen moving far too fast on announcing them as a couple but also he was still referring to him as Fred!!28293031

An embarrassed Heathen tried to gloss over his faux pas by gently kissing Frankie’s chest.  32

But as he looked up into Frankie’s eyes he knew he had said the wrong thing. The concern was all over Frankie’s face and their romantic moment was gone. Instantly, Heathen leapt out of the bed. 343536373833

There was a momentary awkward silence before Heathen spoke next. 3940

Heathen went off into the bathroom to get ready and closed and locked the door. Within seconds Frankie could hear his sobs leaving Frankie in a quandary as what to do next…4241


Across town, Detectives Noonan and Bala watched their prime suspect in the Clarke Hemmings attack from behind the 2 way mirror. They’d questioned Burke all night through along with his slippery lawyer Andre Wayward present but despite their best efforts, Noonan knew she would not be able to make the charges stick. All the evidence was circumstantial at best. It was down to her partner Bala to point this out. 2345

Inside the interrogation room, Burke was livid at being held overnight like a common criminal. He thumped his fist against the table and began spouting off to his lawyer Andre.  678910111213

On the other side of the mirror, Bala had to remind Noonan again that it was time to let Burke go. 1415161718192021222324

On their way out, Andre stopped to have a brief word with Burke as the waited on Burke’s driver bringing the limo around.25262728293031

And for the first time in a very long time, Burke Simmington was actually beginning to feel afraid…


Meanwhile, back at the mansion Brystle had just been informed of a huge delivery for Tammy Flo. It turned out to be a huge collection of designer clothes and a dozen fur coats!! A furious Brystle had sent for Tammy Flo to come to the drawing room where the delivery was awaiting. 234

A pleased as punch Tammy Flo breezed into the room, looking forward to trying on her new purchases. Brystle was less enthusiastic as she reprimanded her niece. 5678910111213

Tammy Flo offered nothing back other than a suppressed giggle and smile which irked Brystle all the more.14151617

Brystle was a little taken aback by her niece’s comment. Firstly because Tammy Flo had never taken this tone with her before but also because what she said was true. 181920212223

Tammy Flo’s words had cut deep. Brystle wasn’t technically married to Burke any longer. Perhaps her time in Siloli was indeed coming to an end…


Later that day, Texas visited the old town of Windenburg. There she sought out the services of an old gypsy psychic by the name of Anuaka Crumplebottom, someone she had turned to before in her younger years when she lived in Windenburg. Texas wouldn’t dare to admit to anyone she that she believed in any such supernatural things but she secretly loved a good tarot or crystal ball reading. And today Anuaka was doing the latter. 2345678910

It dawned on Texas what Anuaka was alluding to…and it was something Texas would rather not hear about…11121314

Anuaka gazed over her crystal ball at Texas and saw the truth in her eyes. She smiled as she saw that Texas knew she was correct in her reading. Texas however tried her best to brush it off by downplaying the whole thing. 15161718192021222324

Anuaka’s sudden outburst startled Texas. And when she pressed for clarification, Anuaka became even morer animated as her chair began to rasie off the floor! 252627

Anuaka’s chair floated back to the floor and she became instantly calmer. She gazed once more into her crystal ball and smiled wickedly at what else she saw. 2829


Dinner that evening was a very strained affair for Burke and Brystle. With everyone else not at home for dinner, the dining room felt even more cavernous. 2

Eventually the silence between them both became too much for Burke and he slammed his fork down on the table. 345678910

Burke could hardly hide his exasperation upon being accused yet again of having Mayhew put in prison. 111213141516

Brystle rubbed her temple as she could feel a migraine coming on. 17181920

Brystle looked down the table at Burke as tears filled her eyes. 21

Burke didn’t know what to say to this. Seeing him unresponsive only upset Brystle all the more and she got up from the table and exited the dining room. Seeing her go shook Burke to his senses and he called after her, but to no avail.  2223

Feeling completely overwhelmed with emotion, Brystle ran down the corridor and exited out through the solarium doors leading down to the lily pond. She was unaware that Mayhew was already out there, smoking a cigarette. 242625

Brystle had had enough and blurted out aloud her feelings. 2728

Brystle jumped upon hearing Mayhew’s voice. And at once she felt embarrassed about her sudden public outburst, even more so as it was in front of her former lover.293031323334

Mayhew knew he was right judging by Brystle’s silence. 3536

Meanwhile inside, Malaudia was in her bedroom upstairs and happened to look out of the window. And seeing her husband alone with Brystle, his former lover, was not something she was hoping to see. 37

Brystle and Mayhew looked into one another’s eyes for a moment until the silence between them became too much and Brystle rushed forward to her former lover…383940

From the moment he had returned, Brystle had felt a longing, a desire to be close to Mayhew just one more time. She had fought it but now it was all too consuming. As she gently caressed her former lover her heart was racing. Mayhew felt the same way too as he breathed in her ever so sweet fragrance. 41424344

Brystle couldn’t resist any longer and she moved forward and locked her lips together with Mayhew’s. Just as she did this, Malaudia stepped out onto the balcony and witnessed the whole thing!4546474849

Shaken and distraught at witnessing her husband’s betrayal, Malaudia quietly stepped back inside. Meanwhile the reunited lovers were unaware that their smooching had not gone unnoticed. 5051

As much as she had wanted to kiss Mayhew and be held by him, Brystle was well aware she had crossed a line. One which she may not be able to return from. Realising this, she quickly pulled away and turned to walk back inside. 525354

Hearing this did not help alleviate Brystle’s worry. When would all of this drama end? With a heavy hearted sigh she made her way inside. Meanwhile, Mayhew took another long draw from his cigarette before stamping it out on the ground. 55


Later the following day, Burke had received yet another meeting request from his secretary Marsha – a request from Thordon Gompson, a recent addition to his legal team. Agitated he had summoned Thordon to his office and was very dismissive of the young lawyer as he arrived.234 

Burke motioned with his hand for Thordon to sit. As his young lawyer sate on the couch, Burke stood over him rather impatiently. Sensing Burke’s annoyance, Thordon began. 5678910

Thordon took a deep breath before speaking again. 11

Thordon, or rather Badam, looked Burke, his father , straight in the eye and held that gaze. Burke meanwhile couldn’t believe what he was hearing. 12131415161718

Burke had heard enough and exploded with rage at Thordon. 1920

Thordon, or rather Badam, was about to plead his case further but immediately stopped. For he suddenly realised he’d made a terrible mistake in coming here and telling Burke this news. 212223242526

Both men glared at one another as they stood their ground. Eventually Thordon started to make his exit but not before one last look around at Burke…his real father.. But instead of being welcomed, he was met with rage. 29.129

A battle line had been declared between the 2 of them and Thordon felt a burning rage within. If his father would not welcome him…perhaps his mother would…30

And with that, Thordon Gompson, aka the real Badam Simmington made his exit from Burke’s office and WindenburgSimmington leaving behind a shaken Burke who unwittingly driven away his first born son… 3132


Back at Siloli, Texas was passing some time sketching on her digital pad. She was actually awaiting on the arrival of Tammy Flo who she had summoned to her studio via a telephone call to the main house. She didn’t have long to wait before there came a knock at her door. Nevertheless, despite knowing who it was Texas made her wait.2345 There had never been any love lost between the two of them. Texas had always seen Tammy Flo as an embarrassment and she was horrified at how close she and Heathen once were. However all of that paled in significance once Tammy Flo had sunk her claws into the other Simmington son Badam and married him. (Remember, Texas is unaware that her son Badam isn’t really her son at all but an imposter hired by her current lover Cyril Dolby as he was the one responsible for having the real infant Badam Simmington kidnapped many years ago!! Tammy Flo however has discovered the truth that the man she married isn’t really Badam Simmington at all but is keeping quiet until she is sure on what to do next!!!).678910

Texas go up from her seat and made her way over to her dining table, upon which lay her pen and check book.  111213141516

Texas held aloft the document she was referring to before placing back on the table next to the check book and pen. 171819202122

Texas came closer to Tammy Flo. She felt empowered right now and she was determined to see the back of this gold digging little hussy! She handed the document to Tammy Flo. 2324252627282930

It was Tammy Flo’s turn to feel empowered. She was the one with the upper hand – she knew that the man she’d married who called himself Badam wasn’t really the son of Texas and Burke but an imposter hired by Cyril Dolby. And with her Auntie Brystle forbidding her to spend any of the Simmington fortune, Tammy Flo could see a way to make a quick fortune here. 3132333435

A seething Texas realised she had been duped by Tammy Flo and reluctantly wrote out the check to her for fifty thousand Simoleons. 36

As she turned to leave a delighted Tammy Flo couldn’t believe her luck!!3738

Despite having her leave with fifty thousand of her own money, Texas was relieved to see the back of Brystle’s niece. 403941


Back inside the mansion, Mikey Florence (the hired fraudster posing as Badam Simmington) was frantically trying to get hold of Cyril Dolby on the phone. Ever since the real Badam had confronted Mikey in the corridors of Burke’s company, WindenburgSimmington, he knew his time here posing as the long lost Simmington heir was coming to an end. He needed to get away and fast. Trouble was, he was broke despite posing as the son of one of the richest men in the land. Access to the Simmington funds had been frozen by Burke recently as he deemed ‘Badam’ was being too frivolous with money and that he had to earn his way. But with the truth that he was really a fraudster about to be exposed, Mikey knew he had to get far, far away from here and assume a new identity or risk being found. Only one man could help him, Cyril Dolby, the arch rival of Burke and the man who had hired Mikey to pose as Badam. Trouble was, he was being very elusive much to the dismay of Mikey.

Due to his rage, Mikey was unaware that his wife Tammy Flo had walked into the room and had caught the end of his phonecall. She of course knew the truth that Mikey wasn’t really Badam Simmington, the man she had thought she’d married. He’d unknowingly revealed all to Tammy Flo the other night when he was passed out drunk on the bedroom floor. But now she had 50 grand in her back pocket courtesy of Texas and Tammy Flo was making her own quick getaway. She grabbed a suitcase from the  closet and began to quickly pack some belongings into it just as Mikey threw his phone to the floor in anger.

Mikey was stunned to hear this. He actually really cared for Tammy Flo and had hoped things would still work out between them. But as he watched her quickly pack her case his panic intensified. It appeared she also knew the truth that he wasn’t who he claimed to be.

Mikey knew there was no point he further lying to Tammy Flo.

So there it was. The truth would come out either from Tammy Flo or that creepy lawyer at WindenburgSimmington Thordon Gompson. As Tammy Flo finished her packing, thoughts of self preservation took over Mikey. 1.191.20

A despondent Mikey slumped onto the ottoman at the foot of the bed, the reality of the situation becoming too much. He was in deep, deep trouble and the clock was ticking. 

Hearing that she had all that money shook Mikey from his despair and he leapt up and grabbed Tammy Flo as she got ready to walk out.

Tammy Flo grabbed he case and walked out without looking back. Left alone, a tearful Mikey slumped down again onto the ottoman. 1.341.35

Downstairs, Tammy Flo had previously called for a taxi to come collect her and it was waiting for her at the front door. Housekeeper Nannette saw that Tammy Flo was leaving and quickly informed Brystle who rushed out from the library to see why her niece was leaving.23456789 

It pained Brystle to see Tammy Flo go. Despite their differences, she was family to Brystle, the only real connection she had left in this house and she didn’t want to see her leave. 10111213

There it was again! That woman was continuing to manipulate and influence their lives!!1415161718

It was obvious that Tammy Flo was upset but wouldn’t show it. Brystle herself felt terrible that she hadn’t supported her young niece more. And it was apparent that it was now far too late to do anything. Tammy Flo was headstrong and she would follow her own path. 1920

With a tear in her eye, Tammy Flo got into the taxi and urged the driver to leave immediately. She didn’t look back as the cab sped off down the gravel driveway leaving her auntie Brystle behind in a cloud of dust. 2122

As the gates closed and the cab was out of sight, a determined Brystle had had enough. There was one woman who had done more than enough damage to her and that woman would pay for it and NOW!!23

Hastily, Brystle marched into the mansion, went straight to the armoury room and grabbed a shotgun off the rack and then made her way across the lawn to her destination….


Texas was in her studio feeling quite pleased with herself when the door opened and in marched a furious Brystle. 234567891011

Brystle wasn’t prepared to back down, not this time. She made her way closer to Texas. 

12131415161718 Texas turned to walk away but Brystle reached out to grab her, there was no way she was letting her get away with this. But as soon as she grabbed her arm, Texas spun around and responded by slapping Brystle across the face!! 192021

As Texas once again turned to walk away Brystle exploded with months of pent up rage. Lunging herself at Texas, Brystle tackled her nemesis to the floor.  2223242526

Brystle straddled Texas on the floor as her enemy scratched at her with painted talons. 272829

Despite being socked in the face, Texas managed to lunge forward and pushed Brystle across the floor. She then landed an equally impressive punch to Brystle’s face.  303132

A well timed stiletto kick from Brystle sent Texas flying back across the room meaning she had time to get up and lunge herself back at her again. 333435

Brystle then grabbed Texas by the hair and stood up dragging a screaming Texas with her. She spun her around, slapped her face again and then locked her hands around her throat, pushing her back into the easel and the painting of Burke. 3637383940414243

Texas crashed to the split level floor knocking over the table. Brystle, feeling a renewed empowerment, performed a spectacular flying drop kick to the lower level. 4445464748

The two women screamed and scratched at one another as they fought it out on the floor and furniture was overturned. Texas tried to get away for she could see that Brystle wouldn’t stop until she was done. But Brystle was quicker and soon had Texas in a headlock. 4950515253

Hearing this, Brystle released Texas from her headlock. This gave Texas enough time to quickly scurry away before collapsing by the overturned couch. 5455

Texas managed one of her trademark sarcastic smirks as Brystle screamed at her. Meanwhile Brystle, despite being the obvious victor in this fight, was already feeling horrified at what she had done. She looked around the trashed studio then once again at her rival gasping, battered and bruised, on the floor. This isn’t what she wanted her life to be anymore. Realising this, Brystle walked out of the studio.

Texas, always wanting the last word, managed to throw one last quip before passing out. 



Later that night, a lonely Burke was in his study. As he gulped down his 3rd nectar drink of the evening, he contemplated everything that was going wrong in his life from the collapse of his marriage with Brystle to the sudden announcement that the newest member of his legal team claimed that he was his son!! As he sat in his favourite armchair pondering is next move, the door knocked and in walked major-domo Joseph Flanders.  23456

Joseph, whilst being an employee, felt he had a good relationship with Burke. Fiercely loyal to him, Joseph hated to see anyone try to take advantage of his employer. And that was why he felt he could come to Burke with what he had discovered despite being told not to disturb Burke. 7891011121314

Burke reluctantly stood up as he waited to hear what fresh horror Texas had caused. Shortly the door opened and a sheepish looking Terry came in and stood awkwardly in front of Burke. 15161718192021

So Joseph’s suspicions were true. Texas had done something terrible and made Terry cover up for by lying. And Burke knew exactly what it was. He just wanted to hear it out loud…22

Texas was in her studio that evening. She had managed to get it put back together after her earlier fight with Brystle. Thankfully the bruising she had sustained was only minor and a reapplication of her makeup hid any trace of it. As she fetched herself an evening tipple, little did she know that a livid Burke was stomping his way over to her place. 23242526

Texas was surprised to see Burke barge into her home without knocking or announcing himself. Nevertheless she smiled when he walked in. But the look on his face indicated that this visit was going to be pleasant. 272829303132333435

Burke stopped pacing around and faced his ex-wife. How could he have been duped by her yet again? How could he have believed her version of events over Brystle?36

Texas knew the game was up. Burke was livid for he knew the truth. There would only be one way out of this -damage limitation. So she tried her best to downplay it. 373839

Burke didn’t pick up on what Texas had said regarding the number of children. Instead he continued with his rightful tirade against his ex-wife. 404142434445

Despite the threat form Burke of being roasted alive, a sobbing Texas reached out to her ex-husband, the man she still loved despite it all. 4647

Burke slammed the door as he left leaving a heartbroken Texas on the floor. 48

Texas sobbed for just a moment before suddenly finding the strength within herself. A strength that she knew she had and could always depend on getting her through the toughest of times. She got to her feet and composed herself as her tears turned to a simmering anger.  4950

Ever resourceful, Texas already had a backup plan in mind. It was so obvious to her what her next move would be. And it would happen tomorrow. She would make sure of that. No-one ever got the better of her.  5253


Simasty Episode 2.13 – ‘One Night Only’


The next day on Doreo Drive, the most exclusive shopping area in Windenburg, Tammy Flo was having the time of her life trying on a selection of furs in Bella’s Boutique. This store catered for the uber-rich, and this is what Tammy Flo now saw herself as after having snared ‘Badam’ Simmington as her husband several weeks ago. With her belief of having a new found wealth came the belief she was super powerful. No longer would anyone look down on her or treat her like trash. In fact, this was her turn to treat everyone else like trash, just like she was doing right now with the hapless store employee. 2345

Whilst she berated and belittled the store assistant, Tammy Flo was unaware that Fathom Simmington, her ‘sister-in-law’, was in the store also. Fathom heard Tammy Flo’s voice before she could see her as she made her way down from the 1st floor of the store and she grimaced upon hearing it. How on earth could this uncouth oaf be in any way associated with the Simmington family name she thought to herself. 6789101112

As the store employee took away the coat, an outraged Fathom approached Tammy Flo and spoke in a hushed but firm manner. 131415161718192021

Tammy Flo smirked as she read Fathom for filth leaving Fathom seething. 22a2324

With the store manager taking the coat away, Fathom snapped at Tammy Flo. 25262728

Tammy Flo was left fuming as she watched Fathom walk away. How dare she to continue to treat her like this! Well, not for much longer Tammy Flo thought. 29


Later that evening, Clarke Hemmings was in his condo taking a shower when there was a knock at his front door. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he hastily made his way to answer it. 23456789

Feeling that he had no choice but to let her in, Clarke sighed and stepped aside. Texas brazenly walked in and looked around the apartment. 1011121314

Not bothering to ask if she could smoke, Texas lit up a cigarette anyway and puffed on it through her stylish cigarette holder before blowing a smoke directly into his face. 151617181920212223

This wasn’t making sense to Clarke. If Burke Simmington was going to offer him a bucket load of Simoleons so that he would divorce Brystle then it would be crazy of him to miss out on a jackpot like that. 2425

So there it was , Texas was intent on destroying the marriage of her former husband. She wanted Brystle out of the picture, no doubt so that she could sink her claws back into her ex-husband. Clarke chuckled to himself as he got a bottle of nectar from the cupboard. He knew exactly what Texas was up to and how she was using him. Well, 2 could play that game he thought…2627282930

The smell of her perfume was driving Clarke crazy. Texas might be a lying, vicious schemer but boy did she turn him on!! Clarke was very much attracted to her even though he knew he was being used as a puppet for her. They’d even had a frantic woohoo session one time before that he was hoping would be repeated. Perhaps this was the night…3132333435

Hearing what she wanted from Clarke, a lusty Texas spun around and pushed Clarke against the bench. She viewed him as a pawn, someone who would help her get her ultimate aim – to destroy Burke’s marriage – but also she was attracted to Clarke. And right now he was looking mighty fine in the skimpy towel. 3637

With  the deal sealed with a slurpy smooch, Texas gazed into Clarke’s eyes. She intended to woohoo with him tonight but had to make it clear to him that it would not be repeated. 3839404142

Clarke threw her onto the bed and took off his towel. Texas licked her lips at the sight of his glistening nude body and as he stepped forward she pulled him down onto the bed and then rolled on top of him as she was determined to remain in charge of this arrangement…43


A couple of days later, Texas had gone to visit Burke in his office. She was aware of a meeting that Burke had arranged with Clarke and wanted to make sure her plan would go as it should. There was also the matter of discussing their ‘son’ Badam (or rather the imposter who they both believed to be Badam) and his recent marriage to Tammy Flo. 

Recently Texas had been on better terms with her former husband and she felt it was right to discuss their ‘son’ with him and what they could do to reverse the situation with Tammy Flo. So, wearing a longer wig (for she knew Burke liked her with longer hair), she set about her next plan of action. 2345678

Texas didn’t want to alienate Burke especially after getting this close to him again. It was time to play the sympathetic , concerned ex-wife role again, knowing full well that she was the one responsible for Brystle’s recent misfortunes. 9101112

That was a relief for Texas to hear. As far Burke was concerned, Brystle had an accident, a clumsy accident that had cost him and Brystle the loss of their unborn baby. Little did he know that his scheming ex-wife had deliberately sought out Brystle that day and fired a hunting rifle that startled the horse Brystle was riding and threw her to the ground.  Texas was secretly delighted she had gotten away with it.

1314151617There was definite spark between them, Texas could just feel it! The passion and love between them was still there, deeply buried. And it was her mission to keep digging until she brought it back to the surface. As they both got up from their chairs Burke had something else he wanted to mention to Texas. 1819202122232425

For a fraction of a second there was a stirring within Burke, a remembrance of the feelings he once had for his former wife. 2627

And then it was gone and Burke was back in the present. 282930

Whilst they were having a moment together, outside Burke’s office Brystle had just arrived…31

She was meeting Burke here along with Clarke and Burke’s personal lawyer Andre Wayward to see if they could settle the business of the divorce. 3233343536373839

Brystle had never really taken to liking Andre. She found him slimy and untrustworthy. However, he was a damn good lawyer and fiercely loyal to Burke. If anyone could get the divorce with Clarke settled it would be him. And so she agreed and they both approached the office just as Texas made her exit from it. 4041424344 

The sight of Texas being here made Brystle’s blood boil! There was nothing but hatred between the 2 women and lately it had been intensified. Brystle was harbouring secret worries that Burke was getting too close to his former wife following Brystle’s riding accident.  And she couldn’t help but feel that somehow Texas was involved in it. She even had overheard talk amongst the staff about it but it had been put to rest by Burke. 454647484950

Texas loved her petty torments of poor Brystle. Making Brystle believe that there was something going on between her and Burke gave her such a kick! Texas could see quite clearly the misery this was causing poor innocent Brystle. 51525354

Brystle was distraught! Were her worst fears about Texas and Burke coming true???

Meanwhile, outside the building, a delighted and amped up Texas bumped into Clarke as he arrived for his meeting. 555657585960

Texas may have been a great woohoo in bed but boy she was a bitch on the streets thought Clarke. 616263

Smiling triumphantly, Texas took a deep breath. Toady was going to be a wonderful day she thought. Little did she know that Clarke was not about to dance to her tune…


Across town, a downbeat Mayhew and Malaudia had returned to visit the burned out shell of their former home. It was the first time for Mayhew to see the damage that had been done to his home due to the fact he had been wrongly imprisoned overseas for many months. And it was almost too much for him to take as he stood in the fire damaged living room. 2345

A home that was built on lies thought Malaudia. For it had been bought at a time when Mayhew was having an affair with Brystle (before she had been involved with Burke) and Malaudia was locked up in the simitarium. Mayhew seemed to be forgetting all of this and Malaudia felt the need to remind him of a few home truths.67891011121314151617

Malaudia, whilst relieved to have Mayhew home, had long accepted her marriage was over. Mayhew was in love with Brystle even thought he claimed it was in the past. But even though they’d been separated for all of these months, they still hadn’t made woohoo since Mayhew had returned. Malaudia had put this down to the trauma he must’ve suffered locked up in prison thousands of miles away but now she knew it was still due to his feelings for that damn Brystle!

Outside, a clearly angry and emotional Mayhew snapped as he saw carnage all around him in the ruins of his home and garden. 18192021222324

As they stood in silence together, Detective Noonan and Sergeant Bala, who were investigating the case and had brought them here today as this was still a crime scene, approached them. 25262728293031323334

Mayhew slowly nodded thought he didn’t quite believe what they were saying. And as they left, Sergeant Bala shared his fears with Detective Noonan. 35363738

Back in the garden, Mayhew was trying his best to keep his anger and hatred of Burke from exploding.39404142


Meanwhile, back in Burke’s office, the meeting with Clarke was not going according to plan as he would not agree to Burke’s offer. 2345678910111213

Burke glared at Clarke who seemed over cocky. And rightfully so as he did indeed have the upper hand. 14151617181920212223

Brystle looked on in shock not believing the demands Clarke was making and even worse, Burke was giving into them!242526

And with a quick signature on the divorce papers, Clarke was handed he cheque and was an instant multi-millionaire! For Burke, it was a small price to pay to be rid of Clarke from his and Brystle’s lives for good. 27282930

With a smile Clarke confidently strolled out of Burke’s office with the cheque in his pocket. He was felt a bit bad about leaving Brystle and never seeing her again, it had been good these past few months seeing her again but hey, both she and he were set up for life. She seemed to be in love with Burke so he felt it was best to take the money and run.

However, waiting for him outside was Texas and she did not share his happiness upon hearing the news of what he had done.313233343536

A furious Texas could not believe how Clarke had double crossed her! Just who the hell did he think he was??!! There was no way he was for getting away with this. So, as he walked away from her, Texas snatched her phone from her purse and called up her sleazy private detective Horgan Mess who she had on speed dial. 373838a394041