Simasty 2.6: Sons & Daughters

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Beaming live from a tv studio in Wollyhood was the latest episode of “The Sallie Winfrey Montel Show”, a daily talk show that reached a global audience.

Following his vow to Texas that he would find her long missing son Badam, Cyril Dolby had secured a slot on the show in an effort to appeal to the viewers that if they had any knowledge as to what happened to Badam all those years ago that they could come forward. Texas eagerly agreed to her tv appearance, all the while unaware that her lover Cyril was secretly planning his next dastardly scheme.


As Texas bared her soul on national daytime tv, hundreds of miles away back in Windenburg the Simmington clan had gathered in the tv lounge of Siloli mansion to watch her performance. 


 Through her earpiece Sallie was told by the producers that more emotion and misery was required to satisfy the millions of daytime tv viewers. 


An image appeared on screen as Texas talked about her son. It was one of the few photos that she’d been able to keep of Badam. 



 Seeing his son’s photo on screen and how his memory was being exploited for Texas’s gain enraged Burke .



Sallie was loving this dirt being dished on billionaire businessman Burke Simmington. Her ratings would be through the roof!


Another old photograph of Badam, this time a polasimroid photo, was shown. It was taken the day he vanished from their lives forever. Seeing it again shook Burke and his anger towards Texas began to rise to new levels. 



Seth Dolby hung his head in disbelief upon hearing his uncle bad mouth Burke. Burke showed no emotion. 


Sallie knew she was onto the story of a lifetime and she was determined to milk it for all it was worth. 


Silence fell momentarily in the studio as they all took in Sylvia’s psychic claims. Sallie knew the woman was a charlatan but she was hugely popular with viewers so what the hell, let her spout her nonsense to susceptible grieving parents. As long as it got the viewers in Sallie didn’t care. However this was one of Sylvia’s more out there claims leaving Sallie, a seasoned tv talk show host of 20 odd years, lost for words. It was only with the producer screaming down her earpiece to say something that Sallie came around. 


Cyril sat staring in disbelief questioning himself why he allowed for this woman to be present during the interview. Texas however was lapping it up. 


Absolute hokum Cyril thought. His credibility as a shrewd businessman was going down the toilet. 


Back at the mansion Seth felt he need to apologise to Burke for what his uncle was doing. Fathom however decided on a more direct approach as she watched her one time secret lover betray her and destroy her father’s reputation live on tv. 


Heathen reached for the remote control but paused as back in the studio Sallie had moved the conversation on to a more light hearted topic. 


Sallie stood and spoke directly into the camera as she began to wrap things up. Meanwhile Cyril and Texas began to get rather frisky on the sofa as the cameras continued to roll. 


The camera zoomed in under producer’s orders as things were getting very steamy between Texas and Cyril. 


Silence befell the Simmington lounge after Burke snatched the control from his son’s hands and switched the tv off. He was outraged that his ex-wife and her dastardly lover could go on tv and tarnish his son’s memory like that. It was Tammy Flo who eventually broke the silence. 89

As usual Burke was not dealing with his emotions and this concerned Brystle greatly. 


The question was, what would Burke really do about it?


One week later and Devonique was busy at her piano writing new material for her comeback album. Ever since she’d settled in Windenburg Devonique had found a new sense of inspiration for her creativity. Perhaps it was borne out of her frustration that Burke had yet to accept that she was his half sister. In the number of weeks since she’d stunned him with this news Devonique had heard nothing from Burke. She knew this was partly due to the background checks he would be conducting on her and she had no problem with this for Devonique had nothing to hide. What she had revealed to Burke was the truth. However, Devonique’s patience was running out. If Burke refused to acknowledge she was his sister then damn it she would take matters into her own hands by whatever means necessary.

And it was with this pent up frustration that she found herself composing a song of independence and strength at her piano in her mansion Knits Londing. 

2345As Devonique continued her warbling Esther, her live in butler, approached her at the piano with some news. 


Devonique was both shocked and excited at this unexpected news as she had not seen her daughter Brackie in years. She quickly got up and rushed into the hallway to find her daughter waiting nervously by the door. 10111213

Devonique could not believe what she was hearing. This was the news she’d waited on for years since Brackie had married her husband and joined his cult, The Simotologists.1415

Devonique moved closer to her daughter, overcome with emotion that not only had her daughter come back to her but she had left behind that evil cult.1617181920

Later ,as they sat out by the pool, Brackie told her mother how sorry she was not to have come home for her brother Fred’s funeral. 2122232425

Brackie paused for a moment as if she wasn’t going to reveal anymore before she continued on spilling the beans on her marriage to the biggest movie star in the world.2627282930

Brackie didn’t mean that Shaun had committed the deed with his bare hands but he was high up in the ranks of Simotology and had much influence over his followers. All he had to do was give the instruction..3132333435

Devonique looked to her daughter to see if she was expecting Oliver but her smile evidently told her she was.3736

Seconds later Esther had shown Oliver through. Brackie rushed to greet her lover and Devonique stood to take a good look at the young man.


Her daughter certainly seemed genuinely happy Devonique thought. And why not, Oliver was certainly very attractive…414243

Oliver smiled at Devonique as their eyes lingered on one another for a fraction of a second too long.


Brackie was relieved to hear that she and Oliver were able to stay but she wanted to make sure that Devonique was absolutely fine with that. 


Devonique gave a side eye smile as she responded.



The next day, Brystle was doing her thrice weekly workout in the most exclusive upmarket gym in all of Windenburg, Le Poseurs. Membership fees were astronomical and as such gym numbers were strictly limited. Brystle preferred it this way as she could work out in privacy. There was of course a gym in Siloli mansion where she lived but usually Fathom would be hanging out there most days and as she had made her feelings quite clear to Brystle (she hated her guts) it was best that she did her work out routines elsewhere.

As usual her personal trainer Knox was on hand to give his advice and encouragement. 


Brystle adjusted the treadmill to a faster setting and began pushing  herself even harder. 


Hearing her former (or maybe still current?) husbands voice from behind her filled Brystle with dread. She thought she’d seen the last of him several weeks ago when he visited her at the house. Now he was working in her gym! 


Knox left them to it. Brystle kept furiously running on the treadmill as a grinning Clarke made his way over to her. 


Brystle refused to acknowledge Clarke’s comment and so he moved to stand right in front of her. He stood smirking waiting for her to talk. When she did eventually speak her anger exploded out of her. 


Upon hearing him making that lurid claim again Brystle switched the treadmill off and stood glaring at Clarke as sweat rolled down her face. 


Brystle’s worst fears were confirmed as she realised Clarke was telling the truth. She really was still married to him!


Brystle turned and walked off the treadmill in horror and Clarke followed her.


Brystle turned and hurried off to the changing room as the nightmare unfolding before her became too much. She had to get away. Clarke sighed as he watched her leave him. He was determined to talk to her. And as his shift was ending he went off to quickly change out of his gym clothes too. 

When Brystle had showered and changed she emerged from the locker room and quickly made her way out of the gym keeping her head down. She felt bad for leaving without saying goodbye to Knox and thanking him for all of his work over the past year but Brystle did not want to see Clarke again. But as soon as she stepped outside to get into her car she found him already waiting there for her.


The mere mention of Burke and what Clarke was insinuating enraged Brystle once again.  282930

The news of Brystle’s sister’s death was a genuine blow to Clarke as this was the first he’d ever heard about it. He slowly stepped away from the car. 



Taking Clarke with her to tell Burke this news was the last thing Brystle would ever do. Clarke was either incredibly dumb or moronically stupid. He had no idea about her relationship with Burke and to think that Burke would hurt her was absurd. 3334353637

Brystle couldn’t believe what she was hearing! This was getting worse by the minute. Texas had purposely sought Clarke out. She’d known about Clarke for sometime but had yet not said a thing which made Brystle realise that her nemesis was secretly plotting something against her. 383940

The horror of what was really going on shook Brystle into action and she pushed Clarke out of the way as she marched towards her car. Clarke was quick to grab her. 


Texas had been secretly digging into Brystle’s past. She’d known for some time that her marriage to Clarke had not been finalised but instead of blurting this out she had sought out Clarke, brought him to Windenburg and engineered it so the two of them would meet. All of this made Brystle realise that Texas would stop at nothing to destroy her marriage to Burke. 



And with that Brystle got into her car, slammed the door shut and sped out of the carpark. There was only one place she was going to….51

Texas was at home indulging in her creative passion – portrait painting. 52

With the search for Badam intensifying and new leads coming in all the time Texas felt she needed to channel her energies into something whilst Cyril took charge of the investigation. Painting was always something she had indulged in and this studio had been her place to indulge her passions back in the old days when she was married to Burke. The good old days…

Whilst she was lost in thought there came a forceful knock on the door. Texas called out but continued to intensely stare at her latest masterpiece.5354

Brystle forcefully marched in and slammed the door behind her prompting Texas to turn around to face her. 555657585960 6162636465

A delighted Texas smirked as she continued to torment Brystle knowing that in this case she had the upper hand. 66

Brystle stepped closer forward to Texas as her anger strengthened her. She would not let Texas get away with this.  


Texas could see from the wounded expression on Brystle’s face that she knew she was right. Brystle WAS scared. Texas had inflicted a very serious wound by bringing Clarke back to Windenburg. This would surely be the end for Burke and Brystle. 

But Texas wasn’t done yet and she delivered yet another blow to Brystle when she turned around the painting she had been working on. 73

Brystle looked on in shock at the portrait that Texas proudly displayed. 7576

The nerve of the woman! She had no shame whatsoever. Brystle, although wounded , tried her best not to show any weakness in front of Texas. 7778

With tears starting to form in her eyes and her heart racing Brystle quickly turned in her stilettoed heels and marched out of the studio, slamming the door behind her. Outside she paused as she took a deep breath to control her rising anxiety. 79

Texas WAS right. Burke would not take this news well at all and Brystle had no idea how best to approach the subject with him.

Back inside a delighted Texas picked up her paintbrush and continued with the portrait of the man she hated to love…. 808182


A fierce thunderstorm raged over Siloli that night. Rain lashed against the windows, the wind rattled the tiles on the roof. Thunder boomed and lightning split the sky.

Most of the Simmington household were asleep except for Tammy Flo. As the lightning lit up her room and the thunder roared the young Tammy Flo leapt from her bed and rushed to the window. 2

Ever since she was a child Tammy Flo had been terrified of thunderstorms. And despite all of her boisterous and mischievous behaviour, whenever a storm raged such as this she was reduced back to being that scared little girl again. So as the rain and wind battered against the window pane and the thunder roared once more Tammy Flo made a decision. There was only one place she could feel safe. And that wasn’t being alone in her bed…34

Tammy Flo tiptoed out of her room across the hall and into….Heathen’s room!5

Heathen was sound asleep and did not stir as Tammy Flo gently lifted the covers and slipped in beside him. 6

Just then another flash of lightning lit up the room and Tammy Flo froze. 7

Heathen stirred in his sleep and mumbled something. Laying down next to him Tammy Flo began to stroke his cheek as she gazed in the dark at his face. 89

Still half asleep Heathen mumbled as Tammy Flo’s exploring hands pushed back the covers and gently stroked his body as she pressed herself closer to him. 10

Heathen seemed to suddenly spring awake and responded positively to Tammy Flo’s amorous advances. He pulled her up with him and in the dark they kissed passionately as their bodies pressed close together all the while Tammy Flo whispering seductively in his ear.1112131415

Heathen paused as doubt began to take over him. 161718

Heathen gave into his desires as Tammy Flo ripped open his pyjama onesie. He wriggled himself free of it and they began to make passionate woohoo as the storm continued outside. 1920

When it was over a delighted Tammy Flo was on cloud nine. Heathen was less so. 2122

Instantly regretting his actions Heathen made his way into his adjoining bathroom and locked the door. Alone he steadied himself over the sink unit.  2324

The thought that he had cheated on his dead con artist of a husband was too much for Heathen and he slowly sunk to the floor in tears curling himself up into a tight ball. 2526

Tammy Flo however was unaware of the tears Heathen privately sobbed. As she lay back on his bed that they had made their tender woohoo she reflected on what had happened between them. She’d come to Siloli with the sole intention of trying to get a piece of the Simmington fortune just like her auntie Brystle. She had seen Heathen as an easy target, someone to manipulate through his grief. But like the deceased Fred Rimmard before her, Tammy Flo was feeling something that she had never intended to feel…27


The next day Burke was surprised when Devonique showed up unexpectedly in his office. And she seemed determined to have her say. 2345

Devonique had expected this. 6789

They both sat down either side of his desk. 101112

Burke’s silent stare gave Devonique all the confirmation she needed.1314

If it did Burke showed no sign of recognition.1516171819

Devonique smiled and pointed at Burke as she spoke. 2021222324

Burke considered this for a moment. Devonique certainly had a right to know her parentage and to be accepted as a Simmington – if she was telling the truth. She did seem sincere about the whole thing and Burke was starting to believe her. Before he could say anything his phone buzzed- it was his secretary calling from her desk outside his office doors.


Marsha informed her boss that Cyril Dolby had instructed her to put him straight through to Burke on a matter of utmost urgency. Burke reluctantly agreed to speak with his business rival.  


Burke slowly hung up, his hand trembling. Devonique watched with shocked concern as the man in front of her visibly turned pale with shock and was unsteady on his feet as he got up from his chair.3031323334

The shock of the enormity of what he’d been told was sinking in. Burke Simmington, ruthless but level headed businessman, was for once lost in stunned silence. Could it be true? Could Cyril Dolby have actually found his long lost presumed dead son? Devonique was quick to see the doubt and bewilderment on Burke’s face. The same doubt she had experienced from him. 


Devonique’s comment stung and it seemed to snap Burke out of his silence. He spun around and snapped at her. 


Burke had to admit that Devonique was right and he nodded in silence. 


07-26-20_5-37-57 PM

Across from the WindenburgSimmington building was the headquarters of Dolby Doh, Cyril Dolby’s company. And into his office Texas had just come bursting through the doors.12345

Texas stared in disbelief at the young man in front of her. 678910

Texas rushed forward and embraced the young man. In her heart she was convinced that this was her son. She had no idea it was not true, that Cyril was conning her for some reason not known. 11121314

Once seated around Cyril’s desk Badam (who in fact was a hired actor Mikey Florence) began to recount his tale to an unsuspecting Texas. 151617181920212223

From a bag on the floor beside his chair ‘Badam’ produced a stuffed toy animal and set it on Cyril’s desk. Texas gazed in astonishment at recognising the toy that belonged to her missing son. He had been holding it the day he vanished. 242526272829

Cyril turned around in his chair and looked out of the window. 303132

Burke closed the door loudly behind him and Cyril spun around in his chair to see who had entered. When he saw it was Burke he leapt out of his chair with excitement. This was where the real test happened as convincing Texas had been all too easy. 33343536

Fake Badam moved forward towards Burke with conviction and took the lead by firmly shaking his hand. 37383940

Burke looked at all 3 of them in stunned silence before bellowing out in shock.4142434445464748

Remembering the character study he’d learned about Burke, fake Badam tried to ease the situation.4950515253545556

Burke knew that this would be the only way to prove without a shadow of a doubt if this was indeed his son. 575859

Burke left the office and made his way to the elevator. Texas ran out after her ex-husband. 60616263646566

Back inside Cyril’s office fake Badam could hear the ensuing argument that was happening out in the corridor. 67686970

With a glint in his eye Cyril gave an evil smirk. 71

Fake Badam laughed but was unsure if he knew Cyril well enough to know if he was joking …or being deadly serious…


Very late into the night Brystle woke to find Burke was not in bed beside her. He was sat in the dark by the fire in their bedroom. Even in the dim firelight she could see how upset he was. It had to do with the double whammy he had been hit with earlier with both Devonique insisting they visit his estranged father to confirm her parentage and also to the sudden reappearance of  someone who was claiming to be Badam.

Wasting no time Brystle slipped on her silk robe and made her way over to Burke. 2345

Burke merely shrugged.678

Brystle’s heart was racing for it seemed like Burke somehow knew what she was hiding…He couldn’t could he? No, it wasn’t that at all she reasoned with herself. Her husband was hurting over the guilt he felt for the loss of his son. This melancholy of his had nothing to do with Brystle still being married to Clarke.  He needed her and she was going to be there for him. 9

Brystle sat by Burke and the two moved closer in a lingering passionate kiss. 10

Brystle gently led her husband up from the chaise long and towards the bed. Before they got in they locked together in a tight embrace. 111213

And as Burke gently caressed and nuzzled at her neck Brystle couldn’t switch her mind off from what she wanted to say…1415


A few days later over at Windenburg Police Department, Detective Marco Morelli was in his office listening to a clearly distressed Mimsy Drysdale as she confessed her fears that her grandmother was conspiring with Dr. Broscanni to keep her mother locked up in the simitarium. 

Joining Mimsy was her boyfriend Luca. Morelli at first would’ve dismissed the pair as teenage pranksters but as he himself already had doubts about Dr. Broscanni he listened with sincerity as the troubled teen told him everything. 234567

Morelli had a gut feeling that Broscanni was hiding something all along. He’d deliberately been obstructive denying him access to interview Malaudia following her admittance into the hospital and accused of being the serial telephone prankster who had been making threatening and abusive phonecalls to various people all over the city. However if he were to bring Broscanni in he would need rock solid evidence and he pressed Mimsy on the subject. 891011121315

There it was, the word Pasimzu. This was the name of the supposed demon that Malaudia believed was terrorizing her. She’d claimed to have seen it. And now it made sense – it had been Mother Drysdale all along dressing up in a costume and making all the phonecalls. All in an effort to drive her daughter-in-law insane and have her committed to the simitarium.16171819

After thanking them Morelli showed Mimsy and Luca out of his office. In the corridor outside Mimsy was tearful about the whole situation. Luca could see how upset she was and he gave her a hug. 20

Back in his office Morelli reflected on everything he had just heard and how this was affecting him. 2122


Morelli decided he would confront Broscanni and so he made his way to the hospital and marched right into the doctor’s office. Broscanni was sat at his desk and was at first shaken when the detective barged in, clearly in a state of anger. 


Broscanni sighed. He had known that this day was coming and that Morelli had been on to him. It was time to come clean about everything and own up to what he had done. 282930313233

Morelli had all that he needed. With a signed confession from Broscanni implicating Mother Drysdale he would have enough evidence to have her charged and for Malaudia to finally be released. 3435

Broscanni slowly got up and with his back turned he gazed out of the window. 36373839

Broscanni turned around and faced Morelli.40414243

Broscanni slowly nodded as he accepted his fate. Morelli opened the office door and instructed the 2 waiting police officers to escort Broscanni out of the building. And so the good doctor was handcuffed and shamed as he was led out.


Immediately after Broscanni’s arrest Morelli made his way straight to see Mother Drysdale at her home. He also decided to listen to  Broscanni’s advice on how best to bring Mother Drysdale in without alerting her to what was going on. 23456

Mother Drysdale knew in her aged bones that something was not right here. Morelli had been constantly snooping around this case for weeks now and it was obvious to Mother Drysdale that he had rumbled her. It was time for her to launch her back up plan…7891011

Mother Drysdale took what she wanted from the drawer and as she spun around to face Morelli he instantly saw that it wasn’t her purse!1213141516171819

Broscanni had been right- Mother Drysdale was completely unhinged and dangerous. Realising he had been outwitted, Morelli had little option but to do as the vengeful old crone said.202122

Mother Drysdale forced Morelli up into the dusty dark attic. Once there she pushed the gun into his back and urged him into a corner. Morelli’s eyes adjusted to the dim light and realised what the ghastly costume in front of him was. Malaudia, in her fragile state of mind, must’ve been terrified coming face to face with this.2324252627282930

The gun blasted out and Morelli fell to the floor in a bloody heap. 31

As he lay there in shock Mother Drysdale stepped forward and cruelly stepped on his torso to add to his agony. 32333435

Morelli was badly injured and bleeding profusely. His body went into shock and he lost consciousness. 

Oblivious to what she had done Mother Drysdale went downstairs and a sudden thought came to her. 3637

She went to the garage for she knew her son Mayhew had been working on his car prior to leaving to go work overseas for WindenburgSimmington. There she found what she needed – a large red rusty oil can that was more than half filled. Just enough to start a fire…

And that is what she did. Making her way back to the foot of the stairs that led to the attic Mother Drysdale liberally splashed the oil around the floor and over some furniture and curtains. Then she stood back, lit a match and threw it onto the soaked floor. With a sudden whoosh the flames roared to life. 3839

She stepped back as the flames quickly spread up the wooden stairs. Morelli wouldn’t stand a chance she thought. And to hell with this house, she’d always hated the décor that Malaudia had chosen. Let it burn to the ground Mother Drysdale reasoned. 

Picking up a few essentials on her exit (money, keys and passport) Mother Drysdale calmly got into her car and reversed out of the driveway. Her destination was unknown but she was excited as she began her first day on the run…

Back in the house the fire was now breaking through into the attic. 4041

Part of the ceiling gave way with a crash and the roar of the flames startled Morelli from his unconsciousness. It took a moment for him to realise what was happening but he quickly realised the severity of his situation. Summoning every ounce of strength he had remaining Morelli crawled on his hands and knees across the hot unstable attic floor. 4243

Overcome with smoke inhalation and his gunshot wound Morelli fell over and with one last cough he closed his eyes. The last thing he thought of before losing consciousness again was of Malaudia. Poor sweet innocent Malaudia. How he’d never get the chance to see her released or tell her…..that he loved her…444546


Across town a tearful Heathen was visiting the grave of his husband Fred. The guilt of woohooing with Tammy Flo the other night had left him upset and confused and he felt he needed to tell his deceased partner his feelings. 2345678910111213

Heathen froze upon hearing the voice behind him. He instantly recognised that voice…but it couldn’t possibly be who he thought it was. He spun around to face who was standing behind him and instantly froze in shock.141516171819

It was too much for Heathen to comprehend as he stared at his former dead husband in front of him and he collapsed as he fainted. Luckily he was swooped up in the arms of the man before him. 202122

As ever I am grateful to all the CC creators whose poses, CAS assets and mods have helped make season 2 of Simasty more richly dramatic in its storytelling. In particular the poses made by Katverse – The Sims 4 Gaming and Home ( are the ones I use the most. In terms of CAS assets, in no particular order, I credit S E N T A T E ( TSR – KaTPurpura ( TSR – belal1997 ( TSR – Darte77 ( My Stuff – Sims 4 Custom Content and more… ( as a few artists I have used throughout this episode.

Episode 2.5 Who’s the daddy?

09-28-20_8-14-09 PM

Simbley Stadium stood proudly in San Myshuno city centre and was the new home of Windenburg United, the premier league football team recently acquired by WindenburgSimmington. This was a new venture for the company and was being spearheaded by Seth Dolby. Burke’s company had taken a stumble in the stock markets ever since his trial and the share prices had dropped dramatically. Seth had been hired by Burke to help diversify the company with new business strategies and this was how he came to purchase the moderately successful football club. 

Since then Seth had signed a multitude of talented players from all over the world, raised the profile of the club and in turn the profits for WindenburgSimmington. The team had won match after match and were now sitting top of the premier league in a run of unbeaten games. Today was a training day and the team were being put through their paces as they exercised and practised. 


Overseeing the team doing their training was Fathom. And she had her eye on one team member in particular- Giles Scott, the most famous footballer in the world. 


Fathom gazed at Giles as he demonstrated his talents on the pitch. She’d helped convince him to join her father’s team in her own unique way – by woohooing him within an inch of his life. Then again, she’d personally chosen most of the players…

However Giles was the one who caught her attention the most. She hadn’t seen him in weeks even though there had been a verbal agreement between them that should the notion take her, Fathom would call upon Giles for a discreet private rendezvous. And today was the day Fathom had decided that Giles need to make good on his deal…

Giles had caught sight of her watching him from the side. He smiled to himself, secretly pleased that Fathom had finally come to see him. He’d thought that she would have already visited him by now. And although he was glad that she was here now, for it could only mean one thing, he decided to keep her waiting just a little longer as he showed off playing. 


Giles smiled and approached Fathom. 


Giles was enjoying teasing Fathom. He lay down in front of her and began to do some stretches. 


Hearing that the team had been comparing notes of how she had been woohooing her way through them all irritated Fathom. 


Giles leapt up after his rigorous stretching  and wiped his brow. He could see Fathom’s irritation and her tone implied she wasn’t happy. But he hadn’t meant to offend her. 


Realising that Giles wasn’t being an ass, Fathom opened up a little to him. 


With a twinkle in his eye Giles turned and jogged over to the far side of the pitch and headed to the locker room. 

Fathom watched him go, her pulse racing. This was the kind of risk and excitement she craved and she knew Giles was the kind of guy who would deliver. A romp in the locker room with the star player knowing they could be caught at any second was too much for her to resist. She quickly made her way over. 


Giles had already stripped out of his kit and into a towel by the time she arrived in the locker room. He was delighted she’d decided to join him. 


Giles eagerly obliged. 


Fathom gazed at the naked hunk as he stood before her. She’d never wanted any man so badly.


Fathom pushed the naked stud up against the metal lockers and began kissing him ferociously. 


Fathom moved towards the showers removing her clothes and letting her hair down as she did so. A moment later, the steam was rising in the showers as they made passionate woohoo. 


As Giles continued with his woohoo making, Fathom suddenly had a thought…a moment where she reflected on what she was doing….and the fact that she had a husband in Seth who loved her unconditionally. And here she was in the locker room of her father’s football club, making woohoo with the most famous player in the world. 

In that moment something changed…and her quick rendezvous had lost it’s sparkle…


09-30-20_6-33-29 PM

Back in Windenburg, the DNA test to determine who was Heathen’s father was taking place. Heathen was feeling apprehensive after taking the test whilst in another part of the hospital Burke and Cyril awaited their turn to be tested. 

Tammy Flo had attached herself to a vulnerable Heathen these past couple of months since Fred’s death. It had been hers and her father’s plan for Tammy Flo to gate-crash her Aunt Brystle’s new lavish lifestyle and to get their share of the Simmington fortune.  When Fred had died and she’s seen how fragile Heathen was Tammy Flo had circled in and was getting ready to make her move. Heathen was oblivious to any of Tammy Flo’s schemes and was glad of her company particularly on a day like today. 


Heathen was taken aback by Tammy Flo’s sudden advances. 


Tammy Flo did not wait and instead swooped in for a long passionate kiss. Heathen, shocked at himself kissing a girl soon found himself kissing her back before he gently pulled back. 


Shocked at what he’d done Heathen made a hasty exit from the hospital room. Tammy Flo smirked to herself as she believed her plan was coming together. 


Meanwhile waiting impatiently in a doctor’s office further down the corridor was Burke and Cyril. Burke resented having to do this test but knew he had to d it for the sake of Heathen. Cyril however sensing his rival’s unease chuckled loudly to himself. 


Right on cue the door opened and in walked Doctor Hugh Manatee. 


Dr Manatee led Burke out of the office to be tested as Cyril sat down smiling to himself. But then a sudden onset of pains in his head soon stopped his joy. It was another attack of his illness. His symptoms were getting more frequent….and much worse…



After their frantic bout of woohoo making in the showers of the locker-room at Windenburg United, Giles had suggested they continue back in the comfort of his recent house purchase. Feeling particularly frisky, Fathom obliged and drove them both to Giles’s home in Pasimfic Palisades. 


The mystery older lady standing by a car in Giles’s driveway stopped them both dead. Giles couldn’t believe who it was.


Giles’s mother looked Fathom up and down and Fathom could sense the disdain in the older woman’s eyes. 


Fathom rolled her eyes. She knew when she wasn’t wanted. 


Giles watched as Fathom made a hasty retreat roaring out of the cul-de-sac in her red sports car. He couldn’t believe how his mother had treated her. 


Giles spun around to face his mother, stunned at what she’d just said. 


Skankee made her way into the house hoping to bring an end to the discussion. Giles quickly pursued her not willing to this go. 



Skankee reluctantly conceded. 


And there was more to it. But Skankee was not for revealing what it was. Instead she turned away from her son. 


Although he had a good relationship with his mother, Giles felt that she was over-protective and had been all of his life. He’d made the move to start a new life in Windenburg and he was going to stick with it. 



After conducting the DNA test Dr Manatee had requested to meet further with Cyril Dolby. 


Cyril Dolby, corrupt billionaire, was dying. And yet he seemed to be at peace with the fact or so Dr Manatee concluded as he watched him leave his office. Perhaps it was a front for a very scared and very ill man.

Later that evening Dr Manatee was hard at work as he analysed the results of the DNA samples taken from Heathen and compared these with Burke’s and Cyril’s. 


And in the wee small hours Dr Hugh Manatee had a breakthrough. 



Early the following morning at Siloli, Seth was returning from the bathroom into his bedroom where he expected Fathom to be lying in their bed. 


Only the bed was empty. 


Seth hadn’t heard her leave therefore she must’ve crept out. But where did she go at this hour? As he looked out of the bedroom window into the garden below he soon got his answer.


Having seen his wife sitting under a might oak tree in her skimpy nightwear Seth had made his way out to her. 


Fathom was distracted, deep in thought. 


A soft smile came across Fathom’s face as she looked up at her husband. 


Seth put his arms around his wife as she got up and came to him. How he loved her so. 

Yesterday Fathom needed excitement and she’d found that with Giles. Today she needed comfort and that was when she felt most attracted to Seth. 

Sensing his wife’s closeness to him Seth pulled her close and they locked together in a passionate kiss. 


Fathom enjoyed the kiss. That was until the memory of the previous day’s antics with Giles came flooding back. Her guilt made her lash out at her husband. 


Sometimes Fathom’s temper tantrums really wound Seth up and this behaviour was one of those times. 


Fathom was left alone under her tree pondering on what had just happened. She hated to admit it but she was beginning to have feelings for Giles…



Mother Drysdale had decided to take control of the situation with Malaudia and Dr. Broscanni. Even though she was blackmailing Broscanni to keep Malaudia locked up in the asylum (by both threatening to expose his affair with a young intern to his wife and also secretly recording her own seduction of him) Mother Drysdale could sense that Broscanni was wrestling with his conscience on the whole matter. Malaudia was fragile but not by enough under normal circumstances to keep her under sedation in a padded cell which was what Mother wanted. With that pesky detective Morelli snooping around asking Malaudia questions it could only be a matter of time before it was revealed that Mother Drysdale was the secret tormentor of poor Malaudia. 

Mother Drysdale would never allow this. And so she decided to visit with her unfortunate daughter-in-law and set in motion her next plan….


The news of a boyfriend startled Malaudia. The last time she had seen Mimsy she was just a child. It sounded as if she had just grown up overnight!


Nervously watching from behind the two way mirror in an adjoining room was Dr. Broscanni. 


Broscanni hated Mother Drysdale almost as much as he hated himself for cheating on his wife with that young nurse at the hospital and allowing himself to be blackmailed. And then having no choice but to woohoo the vindictive old woman at her request sickened him. Her behaviour was classic psycho behaviour and would not stop for either Malaudia or himself. Broscanni knew that he would have to woohoo with the woman time and time again or risk the threat of exposure. So to better protect himself, he had allowed this visit from Mother Drysdale to take place in the hope she would trip herself up. And if she did Broscanni would have enough ammunition to fire back at her for he was secretly recording the audio of the conversation….


Mother Drysdale smiled as she delivered her killer punchline that she knew would send Malaudia over the edge. 


A shocked Malaudia could not believe what she was hearing.


Mother Drysdale stood up in her moment of triumph. She could see the signs- Malaudia was about to go into full meltdown. 


Hearing the evil old woman threatening to take away Mimsy was the final straw for Malaudia. A huge rage came across her and she stood up knocking her chair over.


Mother Drysdale was paralysed with fear as Malaudia leapt across the table at her for this was not the reaction she had been expecting. 


Broscanni watched from the other side of the mirror with relish as Malaudia pounded her fists into her vindictive mother-in-law.


Broscanni had pressed the panic button and immediately two burly orderlies ran in to take control of the situation. Broscanni stood back and stopped the recording of the conversation- he had the evidence he needed. 


One orderly pinned Malaudia to the floor whilst the second helped an injured and shaken Mother Drysdale get to her feet. 


Malaudia howled in protest. 


Mother Drysdale quickly decided to use her beating to her advantage. 


With a kicking and screaming Malaudia dragged off to her padded cell by the two orderlies, Broscanni was left alone with Mother Drysdale. 


Inside her cell Malaudia’s rage showed no signs of abating. 



Across town Heathen had arrived at Burke’s office.


Burke smiled and moved towards the young man and spoke in a gentle calm manner to him. 


For it was true. There could be no mistake for the results of the test carried out by Dr Hugh Manatee were 100% accurate and true. Burke WAS Heathen’s father afterall and not Cyril Dolby. 


Heathen reflected on this for a moment before laying bare his feelings towards his father. 


In another time Burke would have given his son a lecture on pulling himself together and getting on with things. But in recent months and events had taught Burke to be more patient with Heathen. His son was still hurting -grieving for the loss of his husband and angry with Burke for inadvertently causing his death. 


It wasn’t necessarily the reunion Burke had hoped for. Heathen was a broken man and it would take time for him to heal. 


Dolby Doh Towers stood taller in front of the WindenburgSimmington building. From here Cyril Dolby could keep an eye on his sworn enemy. Right now he’d learned the news that he had lost out to Burke in becoming Heathen’s father and the news had a profound effect on him. 

Texas was with her lover as they took in the news. 


The mention of her missing/presumed dead long lost son Badam still hurt Texas to this day. The pain and guilt she carried inside had never left her.