Simasty Episode 5: “An Uninvited Guest”



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The wedding was less than an hour away. As the few selected guests gathered in the drawing room for drinks Fathom made her way into the ballroom of Siloli mansion. This was where the ceremony would be taking place and Fathom was casting her critical eye over it all. 12-18-18_5-41-35 pm

The phonecall the previous evening which she had overheard between Brystle and Mayhew Drysdale was still playing on her mind. Should she tell her father what she had heard? Would he be devastated to learn his bride had feelings for another man, an employee of his? Or should she sit on this information and use it at another time for her own advantage?

As Fathom pondered on this dilemma, her father Burke walked into the ballroom. He smiled when he saw his daughter, the apple of his eye. 01-03-19_10-12-40 pm

Burke had been looking for his daughter and was glad to have found her as he had things he needed to say before the ceremony began. He loved his daughter dearly but he knew that she was very headstrong, a trait common in both Burke and Fathom’s mother. But he knew he could be frank with her and always took that approach in dealing with her. 12-18-18_5-48-52 pm01-03-19_10-14-53 pm12-18-18_5-48-19 pm01-03-19_10-15-35 pm01-03-19_10-14-25 pm01-03-19_10-15-35 pm (1)

For the second time in the past couple of days Fathom felt she was being forced into committing into a relationship with her old teenage sweetheart Seth Dolby. First Cyril Dolby, Seth’s uncle and Fathom’s one night fling, had urged her to get back together with him and now her father. With Burke and Cyril both business rivals Fathom was quick to see what was really being asked of her and she had no trouble calling her father out on it. 12-18-18_5-47-38 pm01-25-19_10-29-38 am

Burke’s terse response only angered Fathom and she quickly bit back in retaliation. 01-25-19_6-53-09 pm

Burke threw her a look that Fathom knew she had crossed a line. He was angry and ready to explode. Fathom sighed and back tracked a little. 01-03-19_10-16-32 pm12-18-18_5-47-46 pm

Daughter and father glared at one another and it appeared neither would back down. Fathom was about to tell Burke all about the phonecall but stopped herself. Perhaps it would be better to sit on the information for now. With that she was the first to backdown. 12-18-18_5-47-22 pm

Fathom sighed but agreed to nothing else. She moved forward and hugged her father. She loved him but he was stubborn and single minded. He probably would not believe her if she told him what she had overheard Brystle saying. Fathom would bide her time. 01-03-19_10-13-54 pm

Elsewhere in the house, Mrs Bummerson was furiously preparing a replacement wedding cake after the last one had been half eaten. It had been her masterpiece and as she had not followed a recipe and instead used her instincts (and her level 10 Baking Skill) trying to recreate it was proving to be quite a challenge. With so little time left before the ceremony began Mrs Bummerson whisked the cake mix faster and prayed she made it in time. 12-18-18_3-59-34 PM

12-10-18_5-06-51 PM

Malaudia had been at home for a few hours now. She had spent the time unpacking her belongings and trying to get a feel for the unfamiliar house. It had been purchased while she had been in the simitarium recovering so today was the first she had laid eyes on it. All her furniture and décor from the previous house seemed to be gone. Every item seemed to be new here. Mayhew must’ve had a huge pay rise with his recent promotion at  WindenburgSimmington to afford all of this. Not only that but there was no way he had chosen this furniture or decorated as that was not his forte. No this was Mother Drysdale’s influence. It had been her choice of every item and stick of furniture. Almost as if she was planning on making this her house…

Malaudia put aside those troublesome thoughts. Dr Broscanni had taught her in the hospital on how to manage such intrusions in her thought process. For overthinking things was Malaudia’s trouble. To further help her Malaudia sought out something else to do in the house and went into her daughter Mimsy’s room.

Mimsy was at her computer and barely looked up at her mother as she entered her room. 01-27-19_5-10-17 pm

Mimsy continued staring at the screen and tapped away on her keyboard. Malaudia took a seat on the bed and tried to keep the conversation going. 01-27-19_5-12-03 pm

But Mimsy made no effort to respond prompting Malaudia to point out to her daughter that this was not acceptable behaviour.01-27-19_5-12-37 pm01-27-19_5-13-23 pm01-27-19_5-12-48 pm01-27-19_5-13-44 pm

Malaudia wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Mimsy’s features seemed to contort in hatred as she leapt out of her chair and stomped her feet whilst screaming.01-27-19_5-18-59 pm

Shocked to the core and unsure on what to say next Malaudia left her daughter’s room. She stood outside the room and felt her self tremble with nerves. 01-27-19_5-20-59 pm

Malaudia then went through to the kitchen where her mother-in-law Mother Drysdale sat at the kitchen island with glass of Grinot Piogio in hand. With Mayhew out for an afternoon jog Malaudia had no-one else to turn to. 01-27-19_5-25-06 pm01-27-19_5-26-02 pm01-27-19_5-26-59 pm01-27-19_5-31-58 pm01-27-19_5-29-53 pm01-27-19_5-33-35 pm

The vindictive old woman loved stinging Malaudia with her barbed comments and she could see that this one had hit home. Feeling content she tapped her daughter-in-laws hand and got up from the island and went to her room.01-27-19_5-34-48 pm

Leaving an isolated Malaudia all alone. 01-27-19_5-37-02 pm

In her room Mother Drysdale chuckled away to her self and even then raised her glass in a toast to her wickedness. 01-27-19_5-37-52 pm01-27-19_5-39-26 pm

11-18-16_12-49-39 PM (1)

The guests were gathered in the ballroom of Siloli mansion as the wedding was just moments away. Fathom stood by the entrance into the opulent room and surveyed everyone attending. She smiled across at her brother as he sat at the front with his boyfriend Fred by his side. It made her happy to see that Heathen at last felt comfortable to bring a boyfriend home and that they were taking pride of place at the front. Burke was standing by the wedding arch at the front, his smarmy lawyer Andre Wayward by his side. It appeared to Fathom that Burke was saying something very quietly to his lawyer whilst looking at Heathen and Fred. Knowing her father as she did Fathom knew that look he was directing at them, the look of quiet disapproval. Fathom rolled her eyes and continued scanning the room. Mayor Flump and his wife Salamia were in attendance as were a select few of the staff including a flustered looking Mrs Bummerson and a put upon Nannette Bobbins. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel with these Z list guests! Fathom would have organised her wedding with more pizzazz and sparkle. This had all the hallmarks of someone with no class she thought. Not that marriage was on Fathom’s agenda, she didn’t see herself as the marrying type. While she stood there quietly judging another guest arrival caught her attention as Seth Dolby strolled in. Fathom hadn’t seen her ex beau in several years and she her heart momentarily began to race.

The 2 ex lovers smiled at one another. Fathom couldn’t believe how handsome Seth looked. The intervening years they had been apart Seth obviously had been working out and taking care of himself. He looked hot! Perhaps getting back together with him might not be so bad after all Fathom thought. She took a step towards him but then quickly stopped as a pencil thin blonde joined Seth. It was Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen, supermodel extraordinaire and frenemy to Fathom. The two had history from their college days where Ditsy was insanely jealous of Fathom. Their paths had not crossed in a few years either but Fathom decided to have some fun nevertheless. She approached Seth.01-25-19_11-06-59 AM01-25-19_11-06-53 AM01-25-19_11-06-59 AM (1)01-25-19_11-06-28 AM

This news delighted Fathom. She glanced over at Ditsy who was glaring daggers back at her. She smirked back at her before gently putting her arm on Seth’s arm and gently turning him away from Ditsy and therefore turning her back on Ditsy too. 01-25-19_11-00-10 AM01-25-19_11-00-17 AM

Before Fathom could say anything else Ditsy marched over to them both with a loud “Ahem!”. Both Fathom and Seth turned around to face her. Fathom continued in her playful manner.01-25-19_6-48-11 PM

Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen was quick to brush off Fathom’s obvious antagonistic put down.01-25-19_9-55-04 AM

Seth was marched off by Ditsy to take their seats. Fathom was determined to have the last word and called after him.01-25-19_9-54-50 AM (2) (1)

01-25-19_6-02-40 PM (1)

With a clap of thunder and the sound of rain beating against the French windows the wedding began. The guests were seated and Burke stood by the wedding arch. Brystle made her entrance into the ballroom and dazzled everyone with her beauty. Burke was enthralled and gazed lovingly as Brystle stepped towards him in time to her chosen wedding song “My Sims Will Go On” by Deline Cion played eloquently on the grand piano by the hired pianist. All eyes were on Brystle as she approached the wedding arch. Everyone agreed she looked stunning, even Fathom found herself for a split second thinking this too.

 Invited guest, Mayor Ronald Flump too was taken aback by Brystle’s beauty and found himself feeling quite jealous of Burke. 01-25-19_10-20-28 AM

At the back of the room was where invited staff members Nannette Bobbins and Gilda Bummerson stood. Nannette felt so happy for Brystle and did indeed wish her all the best without being jealous at all. Mrs Bummerson was just relieved to have got the wedding cake baked in the nick of time. But due to her time restraints she wasn’t able to change into her chosen wedding outfit and instead ended up wearing a rather mismatched outfit instead.01-25-19_10-15-27 AM

Brystle and Burke stood facing one another at the wedding arch. No-one else mattered to them at this moment.

Burke took Brystle’s hand in his and began to say his vows before placing a ring on her finger.

Brystle then said her vows and she too had a ring to place on Burke’s finger.

They continued their declarations of love and fidelity before holding together in a tight embrace.

With that there was one final vow of love before the marriage was sealed with a loving kiss.

Burke then swooped Brystle up in his arms to the rapturous applause of (almost) everyone. Brystle was ecstatic. At long last she had become Mrs Burke Simmington. 12-18-18_5-51-56 PM12-18-18_5-51-24 PM (1)

The guests moved forward to congratulate the happy couple. Lots of handshaking and kissing on cheeks commenced. Amongst the first was Heathen and Fred. Heathen hugged his father then turned to Brystle leaving Fred momentarily alone with Burke. This was the first opportunity Burke had had with Fred after seeing him earlier that morning in the hallway. 01-25-19_10-37-50 AM01-25-19_10-37-40 AM01-25-19_10-37-56 AM

An underwear model!! Burke got an immediate feeling about this young man and it wasn’t good. No son of his was going to be seen cavorting around with someone who made living parading around in a pair of tighty whities. He needed to put a plan into action and quickly. Therefore he had a private word with his lawyer and confidante Andre Wayward. 01-25-19_10-38-54 AM01-25-19_10-39-03 AM

The celebrations continued and Mrs Bummerson was bursting with happiness. 01-25-19_10-35-34 AM

Mayor Flump caught sight of Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen and was taken aback at how much she looked like his daughter Simvanka. 01-25-19_10-17-41 AM

As the wedding party progressed Seth sat down with Fathom. He wanted to tell her so much how much he loved her. And he couldn’t wait to hear her to say it back to him, after all that is what his uncle Cyril had told him – that Fathom wanted to get back together. As they talked Ditsy caught sight of them and immediately flew into a rage. She stomped out into the drawing room. Fathom watched her leave the ballroom. Without Ditsy here there was no point in continuing to play flirt with Seth and was determined to get away from him. Seth had other ideas.  01-25-19_11-19-02 AM

01-25-19_11-08-12 AM01-25-19_11-08-44 AM01-25-19_11-08-16 AM

This was Seth all over, always rushing in. It was one of the things that put Fathom off in the first place.01-25-19_11-19-58 AM01-25-19_11-21-34 AM

Fathom felt like she had kicked a puppy when she looked at how sad she had made him. It was obvious Seth did still love her as Cyril had said. What Fathom didn’t know was that he had also told Seth the same thing about her! 01-25-19_11-21-59 AM01-25-19_11-22-17 AM

As the wedding party continued Fred’s mobile phone rang. He took the call from the withheld number for he knew exactly who it was calling him. This wasn’t really the time to take the call but he knew he would not be able to ignore it. He answered and listened as the caller spoke. He responded with one word answers. Brystle happened to be walking past and noticed him on the phone. 01-25-19_10-30-31 AM

Heathen was caught in a conversation with both Andre Wayward and Mayor Flump when he too looked up and saw Fred on his phone. He looked back after a few moments and saw that Fred was still on the call. 01-25-19_10-30-03 AM01-25-19_10-31-02 AM01-25-19_10-30-35 AM

Fred then hung up his phone and put it back into his pocket. Heathen thought that he looked rather uncomfortable. Fred looked around and realised he’s been spotted. He walked towards Heathen. 01-25-19_9-54-29 AM

Fred continued past Heathen and left the room leaving Heathen feeling both hurt and perplexed.01-25-19_11-18-51 AM (1)

Perhaps it had been a call from Fred’s sister, he was always getting dramatic phonecalls from her. Heathen put it down to that and thought nothing more of it…

As the evening progressed Burke had a special announcement to make to all the guests. Tonight singing exclusively in the mansion was a global superstar, none other than living legend and country singing sensation Polly Darton. The guests hollered with excitement and cheers and Brystle couldn’t believe it as her favourite singer sauntered into the ballroom and took the microphone. 01-25-19_11-00-44 AM

Everyone gazed in awe as the singing sensation began to warble her way through a medley of her back catalogue.01-25-19_11-06-02 AM01-25-19_11-02-46 AM01-25-19_11-06-17 AM01-25-19_11-07-40 AM01-25-19_11-06-22 AM01-25-19_11-04-32 AM

01-25-19_11-09-11 AM01-25-19_11-05-24 AM01-25-19_11-10-15 AM01-25-19_10-58-53 AM (1)01-25-19_11-09-19 AM01-25-19_11-03-44 AM

Brystle held Burke’s hand as Polly sang her favourite song. If only there was an option to slow dance then then this would be the time….

Heathen was on tenterhooks as he waited for his favourite Polly Darton hit and when she burst into song  he jumped for joy.01-25-19_11-09-29 AM01-25-19_11-02-52 AM01-25-19_11-01-17 AM

The party was now in full swing. Brystle couldn’t even begin to wonder how many Motherlode’s Burke had to spend to get Polly to perform on their wedding day but it would have been lots. Polly was loving the adoration and whipped her audience into a frenzy.01-25-19_11-08-55 AM

As the music continued Burke decided to show off his dancing skills and challenged Andre to a dance off.



As the dance off continued, Fathom made her way into the drawing room to pick up a drink. Ditsy had been waiting for an opportunity to confront Fathom and decided now was the time. She strutted into the room after her. 01-25-19_11-26-27 am01-25-19_11-39-30 am01-25-19_11-26-44 am01-25-19_11-33-31 am01-25-19_11-33-50 am01-25-19_11-33-40 am01-25-19_11-28-35 am01-25-19_11-29-03 am01-25-19_11-33-23 am01-25-19_11-39-34 am01-25-19_11-36-46 am01-25-19_11-24-38 am01-25-19_11-24-56 am01-25-19_11-28-47 am01-25-19_11-46-36 am01-25-19_11-46-53 am01-25-19_11-47-17 am01-25-19_11-47-12 am01-25-19_11-47-05 am01-25-19_11-48-30 am01-25-19_11-44-09 am01-25-19_11-44-29 am01-25-19_11-48-39 am01-25-19_11-40-22 am01-25-19_11-42-39 am01-25-19_11-40-31 am01-25-19_11-40-36 am01-25-19_11-40-59 am01-25-19_11-40-46 am01-25-19_11-41-27 am01-25-19_11-42-32 am01-25-19_11-41-36 am01-25-19_11-38-15 am01-25-19_11-38-18 am01-25-19_11-25-03 am (1)

A battered and bruised Ditsy left the mansion. Fathom straightened her hair, redid her lipstick and re-joined the party. Boy that fight felt good!

A short time later major-domo Joseph Flanders was approached by one of the junior help at the mansion. There was an unexpected arrival at the mansion and this person was unknown to the staff member. Joseph felt he was the man to deal with this as no-one should have got past the security gates without an invite. He went into the hall to confront this uninvited guest. 01-25-19_6-26-01 PM

The immaculately dressed woman in the wide brimmed hat turned and faced Joseph and at all at once he realised that the Simmington’s lives were about to change for the worst.01-25-19_6-31-28 PM (1)

The woman merely smiled at Joseph to say that she simply did not care what he thought. Instead she walked brazenly into the house and made her way down the corridor leading to the ballroom wedding reception.01-25-19_6-40-35 PM01-25-19_6-41-47 PM

Joseph knew it was pointless to tell this woman anything. All he knew was that he had failed in his duties to protect his boss.01-25-19_6-43-15 PM

In the ballroom Brystle and Burke were continuing to enjoy their day blissfully unaware of the approaching storm.01-25-19_6-47-09 PM01-25-19_6-47-23 PM

And at that moment the mystery woman made her dramatic entrance.


01-25-19_6-47-46 PM01-25-19_6-49-17 PM

The music stopped, All heads turned towards her. 01-25-19_6-59-14 PM

With the exception of Brystle it dawned on everyone else just who had arrived. Burke was livid and he turned to Andre.01-25-19_10-32-07 AM (1)

Heathen gasped in shock.01-25-19_6-55-33 PM

The mystery woman scanned the room smiling triumphantly that her entrance had caused a disruption. 01-25-19_6-59-46 PM

Brystle was at a loss as to who this woman was but it was Fathom who said it. 01-25-19_6-53-34 PM

Texas Simmington had arrived……01-25-19_7-00-29 PM

Who telephoned Fred? Will Malaudia ever settle back into family life or has Mother Drysdale totally poisoned young Mimsy against her? Will Seth forever be in love with Fathom? And why has Burke’s ex wife Texas returned and what havoc will she cause? Stay tuned for the next episode of Simasty!11-06-16_10-37-12 PM (2) (1)