Meet the characters- Andre Wayward

As well as the housekeeping staff of Siloli who appear frequently, another character who you will see from time to time in simastylogo6is the dastardly and smarmy lawyer Andre Wayward.

10-21-18_7-27-27 PM (1)

Long time lawyer friend and confidant of Burke, there isn’t much that Andre Wayward doesn’t know of his client’s dealings both professional and personal. Andre and Burke go back years with Burke giving Andre his first job straight out of law school. Andre has stood by Burke over the years and helped him build WindenburgSimmington into the mega global corporation it now was. A very resourceful lawyer, Andre has found the means to help Burke out of any sticky situation. He was the one who found a legal loophole to pay off the first Mrs Simmington and keep her from ever returning. It is this lifelong friendship that has made Andre look out for Burke and to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the billionaire. Including potential new wives. Andre also has put together a dossier on Brystle but can he get Burke to read it…?

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