Meet the characters- Mother Drysdale

Another minor character with a big presence who appears in simastylogo6  is the formidable Mother Drysdale.

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Mother of Mayhew and grandmother to young Mimsy, Alice Drysdale goes by the name Mother Drysdale as she loves being the matriarch of the family and no daughter-in-law will stand in her way.

Mother brought up her son alone after her husband’s sudden death. Rumours abound that she nagged the poor man to death but the cause has never been established.

A middle class woman with upper class dreams she encouraged Mayhew to work hard and progress in life. When he got girlfriend Malaudia pregnant at an early age Mother Drysdale was personally affronted. She had them come live with her and she helped in the bringing up of young Mimsy whom she adores but fills her head with horror stories of her mother Malaudia. 

Mother Drysdale is active in keeping Malaudia locked up in the simitarium and out of her life, leaving her to bring up Mimsy and to encourage Mayhew to find a rich Sim to marry. With Malaudia due for release, what lengths will Mother go to now to drive her daughter-in-law totally insane…?

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