Meet the characters – Seth & Cyril Dolby

As well as the rich and powerful Simmington family there is another equally, if not more, wealthy family in town – the Dolby’s.

seth3Seth Dolby is the playboy heir to the Dolby fortune and the nephew of Cyril. As a child he was friends with both Fathom and Heathen as the Dolby estate is next to the Simmington mansion. Whilst the adults of the rival 2 families were at war, the children remained the best of friends. As they grew up Seth had a crush on Fathom and they were teenage sweethearts for a time. However, where Fathom was wild and independent, Seth was more reserved. Where Fathom was unpredictable, Seth was reliable and as such Fathom grew bored of Seth and their relationship and moved on. Seth however remained in love with Fathom and still carries his unrequited love to this day. His romantic relationships with women are as brief as Fathom’s are with men as he remains hopeful that one day he will finally be able to be with her.

Seth was orphaned at a young age and was adopted by his uncle Cyril and his then wife Skankie. After recently returning from university, where he excelled in business studies, Seth joined the family business DolbyDoh!. and is second in command to his uncle. Despite having this wealth and power Seth remains level headed and is very much respected by rival businessman Burke who believes he would be very good for his daughter. Fathom however has very different ideas. Will Seth be able to woo the woman he has loved his whole life or end up in a loveless marriage?

cyril2Cyril Dolby is the long time rival of Burke Simmington in both business and love. Their history goes back to when they were young men setting up in business together. Cyril was from the already wealthy Dolby family, Burke from a poorer background. With Cyril’s money and Burke’s steely determination their first business venture together was a success. Whilst Burke did all the groundwork, Cyril put little effort in but took all the glory and credit. Seeing this, Burke took the money he had made and set up his own company WindenburgSimmington in direct competition to DolbyDoh! and thus the feud began. Whilst Burke was overseas building his empire, Cyril swooped in on Burke’s then wife and the two had an affair. Burke discovered this and made a vow to destroy DolbyDoh! and has been trying to do so ever since.

Cyril was married to Skankie at the time and when she found out about the affair she left him and has never been seen or heard of since. Cyril has remained single and concentrated on building DolbyCo to withstand any takeover from WindenburgSimmington. Not one to let an opportunity go by Cyril has been concocting an insidious plan to take over Burke’s company and he sees this through the union of Seth and Fathom. He has been secretly meeting Fathom to encourage her to enter a marriage of convenience to Seth in the pretence to heal the rift between the 2 companies. However Fathom has her eyes very much set on Cyril…

5 thoughts on “Meet the characters – Seth & Cyril Dolby

  1. Haha – Skankie – what a name 😀
    Great background story – and I like your style of getting to the point but with little quirks like the name Skankie

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    1. Thanks, I like to give nonsense names to my Sims most of the time. Here I’m just rhyming with actual Dynasty character names. Hopefully the quirkiness will transfer to the story as well as I want it to be completely outrageous and light hearted.

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    1. I still need to get my first story/episode up but I’m still playing around with how it will appear. I’m posting these little bite size posts as it’s helping me get used to the mechanics on here and to also let folks know about the blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment here and also for your Twitter support, I truly appreciate it . 😎👍

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      1. The simlit community can be a good or bad place. I like to give support because there’s a lot of people who want reads but don’t want to come back and read especially smaller or newer blogs.

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