Meet the characters – Fathom & Heathen

Next in our look at the characters of  SIMASTYLOGOwe meet Burke’s 2 grown up children – daughter Fathom and son Heathen:


FATHOM2Fathom is the twenty-something year old daughter of Burke and is the apple of his eye. He greatly admires her fiery, independent nature and her devil-may-care attitude but does not take her seriously enough to be the heir to his empire Windenburg Simmington. Fathom herself feels very close to her father and greatly admires him. She is suspicious of any woman who her father becomes involved with and has seen off many of his girlfriends over the years. However ,when her father announced his engagement to his secretary Brystle Hemmings, Fathom went into meltdown and has been resentful of his father’s fiancée from day one. She makes it her mission to ensure Brystle has the most miserable time as possible in the hope that she will finally leave her father. 

When she’s not making her future step-mother’s life unbearable, Fathom can usually be found in the hottest night clubs around where she is seen as a celebrity it girl. She likes to party hard, loves to look fabulous and flirts with every man around. Not one for settling down any time soon, Fathom is avoiding the amorous advances of Seth Dolby, the famous playboy nephew of her father’s billionaire rival Cyril Dolby. Cyril would love for Fathom to marry his nephew to tie the two families together but Fathom has her eyes currently set on the much older Cyril…..

heathen2Heathen is the younger, more sensitive of the Simmington siblings.  He is very close to his older sister who has looked out and protected him ever since their mother left them after divorcing their father. He is however the polar opposite of the outgoing Fathom – he is introverted, shuns the spotlight and would rather be doing something creative than strutting his stuff on the dancefloor.  Heathen does not have a close relationship with Burke as he does not want to follow in the family business and is in fact embarrassed about the family wealth. So with barely a simoleon in his pocket Heathen left the family mansion to lead his own life in San Myshuno city pursuing the arts and culture instead of business and politics. 

Heathen has returned to the family home after several years away to attend his father’s wedding and also to get over the break up of his long term relationship with his partner Fred Rimmard. Could there finally be a reunion between estranged father and son? Can Burke mould his son into the man he wants him to be? Or will Heathen return to the city and continue with is living his life his way?

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