Meet the characters – Burke & Brystal.

simastylogo6primarily tells the tale of the mega rich and powerful Simmington family of Windenburg and their dealings and interactions with 2 other families in the area – the equally rich Dolby family and the working class Drysdale’s. Let’s meet the cast, starting with the 2 leading characters:


burke2Burke Simmington, self-assured patriarch of the Simmington clan. Some would say ruthless, others charming,  Burke built his business empire WindenburgSimmington, from scratch and is one of the richest men in all of the Sims world. He is father to 2 grown up children and raised them alone, since they were children after divorcing his first wife. His daughter, Fathom, is the apple of his eye but he fails to understand his son Heathen and as such he is at constant odds with him.

The story begins with the wedding of Burke to his second wife, his former secretary, Brystle. He adores her and is determined to make his second marriage a success despite the doubts of his jealous daughter.

Burke plays his cards close to his chest and is always two steps ahead of everyone in both his personal and professional life. There is no secret he won’t find out but what secrets of his own does he have?


Brystle Simmington, nee Hemmings, the softly spoken virtuous 2nd wife of Burke. Some would say this former secretary of WindenburgSimmington was too innocent and naive to be marrying into the scandal ridden Simmington clan. Others say she woohooed her way to the top, but what is the truth? 

Hailing from the small seaside town of Brindleton Bay Brystle was raised with wholesome small town values. She likes to see the good in people and hates confrontation. She struggles with Burke’s daughter Fathom’s hatred of her. She also is finding it daunting to assume the position of mistress of the mansion and feels she is living in the shadow of the former Mrs Simmington whose presence is still felt throughout the house. Will she be able to win Fathom around and step up into the demanding role of a billionaire’s wife? And what of the rumours of her affair with an unnamed married man? Will this be the next scandal to hit the Simmington clan?



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