Meet the characters – Malaudia, Mayhew & Mimsy Drysdale.

Not only are the lives of the rich and powerful featured in Simasty there is also the Drysdale’s, an ordinary working-class family whose lives are affected by the powerful Simmington clan. Let’s take a look:


malaudia2Malaudia Drysdale is wife to Mayhew and mother to young Mimsy. She and Mayhew have been together since they were teenagers which resulted in a teen pregnancy the first time they woohooed. The young couple moved in with Mayhew’s mother and she helped with bringing up young Mimsy.

Malaudia has always displayed very erratic behaviour and can often be found conversing with herself and her emotions are very unpredictable. When she started taking showers outside in the rain Mayhew decided, with the advice of his domineering mother, to commit his young wife to a simitarium where she could convalesce. This was to be the first of many such trips for the troubled Malaudia. In fact she has spent more time in recent years inside such facilities than outside of one and has missed out on much of her daughter growing up and also her husband becoming successful in his career at WindenburgSimmington. Mayhew’s mother has been instrumental in keeping Malaudia locked up as she has never believed she was right for her son. Now with Mayhew climbing the ranks as a marketing executive at WindenburgSimmington and Malaudia due for re-release, will Mother Drysdale convince her son to have his wife locked up indefinitely?

mayhew2Mayhew Drysdale is the recently promoted marketing executive at WindenburgSimmington. A devoted father to young Mimsy, his marriage to Malaudia has been through some tough times due to his wife’s erratic behaviour and his mother’s constant interfering. He is very hardworking and wants to provide a stable upbringing for his daughter. As such he has recently purchased a new home for his family and moved out of his mother’s house and cut ties with her in a last attempt effort to make things work.

It was during one of Malaudia’s prolonged stays in the simitarium that Mayhew struck up a close friendship with a fellow colleague at WindenburgSimmington. That friendship grew stronger into attraction and then a full blown affair. But neither party wanted to hurt anyone and thus called time on their relationship. That colleague was, (spoiler alert!!) Brystle Hemmings, secretary and soon to be wife of the powerful Burke Simmington. They may have called time on their relationship but can those feelings ever go away for Mayhew and Brystle? And will their affair remain secret for long or, worse still, does someone already know all about it…..?
mimsy2Mimsy Drysdale is the infant daughter of Malaudia and Mayhew. She has spent most of her young years raised by her father and grandmother, with her mother being almost a stranger to her. Mimsy has been heavily influenced by the spiteful Mother Drysdale who has been poisoning her impressionable young mind with spooky tales about her mother.

With Malaudia about to be re-released will Mimsy at last be able to form a bond with her mother? Or has the damage Mother Drysdale instigated been irreversible?

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  1. Llama Plumbob! What an interesting family. I already hate Mayhew’s mother with a passion. I hope she’s not wrecked the family beyond repair

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