Meet the Characters – Fred Rimmard

Let’s learn more about another simastylogo6character. This time it’s Fred Rimmard.

When Heathen Simmington left the family mansion10-21-18_8-17-32 PM (1) to make his own way in the world he moved to the Arts Quarter of San Myshuno city. There he began his career as a professional photographer and set up his own studio. He soon began to make a name for himself photographing models for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. It was on one of the photoshoots that he met model Fred Rimmard who was doing an underwear shoot for Bugo Hoss. Fred’s fine physique drew Heathen in from the start and he knew he had found his muse. Some of Heathen’s best known work featured Fred in a variety of poses wearing very little.

Fred made the first move and asked Heathen on a date. The pair hit it off  and in typical Sims style they were living together by their second date in Heathen’s modest apartment. Fred came from humble beginnings and Heathen was reluctant to tell him that he himself was from such a wealthy background so as not to intimidate his new boyfriend. When Fred found out that Heathen in fact was the son of a billionaire he did not seem interested at all in the money much to Heathen’s surprise. It was then that Heathen felt he had found someone who wanted him for who he was and not the money.  

Fred was the one who encouraged Heathen to reconcile with his father as he could see that Heathen was desperately missing the contact with his family. Heathen didn’t want to feel pressured into doing it and left the city on bad terms with Fred not sure if it was going to work out between them. When Fred showed up at the mansion he and Heathen reconciled and they are both living at Siloli while Heathen tries working at his father’s company. 

Not much is known about Fred’s background other than he has a sister who texts and calls him frequently with her multitude of problems that only Fred can sort out. Heathen has not met Fred’s sister or any of his family as yet but is hoping he will be introduced to them soon. Heathen believes he has found his one true love in Fred but does Fred really feel the same about Heathen…?


Name – Fred Rimmard

Age: Young Adult

Career: Underwear model for Bugo Hoss.

Traits: Alluring, Bro, Materialistic, Non-committal

Skills: Charisma, Fitness, Dancing, Video Gaming. 

Aspiration: Serial Romantic.



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