Seth’s Penthouse

Featured in Episode 6 of Simasty is the home of Seth Dolby. Now you may recall his apartment featured back in Episode 2 when it looked like this: 11-14-17_1-17-07 PM (1)

However by episode 6 Seth’s home has had a huge upgrade! In fact its an entirely new location and build.03-03-19_8-51-19 PM03-03-19_8-51-49 PM

This luxurious penthouse was more what I had in mind for a millionaire playboy but time and building skills prevented me from creating one so I asked the Sims community on Twitter if anyone had a build they would let me use. I had several very talented Simmers come forward offering me to feature their builds. I absolutely loved them all and I will no doubt use them in future instalments. But for me this build by the very talented Laireen35 would be most suited for Seth. Thank you Laireen35 for allowing me to use your build “Prestigious Penthouse.”

You can find Prestigious Penthouse on the Sims gallery under ID Laireen35.

2 thoughts on “Seth’s Penthouse

  1. Absolutely. I thought it fitted the story just right. Quite a few Simmers offered their penthouse builds and I hope to use those in later episodes. I would never have the time to build everything I require to tell the story so I’m quite relieved that there are Simmers who are willing to help.


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