Episode 10 is set predominately in an opera house. I wanted something big scale and lavish for this setting but knew I had neither the skills or time to create something so I looked through the creations on the Sims 4 gallery. It was there I found the perfect build to set the scene for all the chaos that unfolds.09-13-19_2-34-42 PM09-13-19_2-34-57 PM09-13-19_2-35-12 PM09-13-19_2-35-29 PM09-13-19_2-35-57 PM09-13-19_2-36-17 PM08-14-19_10-05-31 PM08-14-19_10-08-47 PM
This outstanding piece of work was created by RadeMythal who was kind enough to let me use his work in my story. 
The lot is a 64×64 and I placed it in the Central Park Lot of San Myshuno. With only a minor tweak to the stage setting by myself,  the presented opera house is as made by RadeMythal.
You may have noticed the name of the opera house used  – for my story purposes I gave it the name ‘Sholboi Opera House’ which is a play on words of the real Bolshoi Opera house. 
You can download this lot from RadeMythal’s gallery page by following this link:
Once again thank you to RadeMythal for allowing me to use your incredible opera house build.


The Limo in Episode 7

In Episode 7 The Honeymoon you will notice a few screenshots where Fathom is speaking with chauffeur Michael next to the limo parked outside the front door of Siloli mansion :

03-24-19_5-41-13 PM03-30-19_12-53-17 PM03-30-19_1-11-18 PM04-04-19_9-12-39 PM

The limo is not custom content (as I don’t tend to use it) but is an item that came with the Get Famous expansion pack. However it is not available in game in build mode nor through the debug option. So how was I able to get it? Well luckily for me someone had created a mod which unlocked all of the vehicles that came with this expansion. And all credit for this mod goes to the very talented Brazen Lotus. You can download and install this mod by following this link to Brazen Lotus’ page :

What billionaire Sims home is not complete without a limo or 2? I think this helps add to the story of the Simmingtons and I am so thankful there are wonderful Simmers out there like Brazen Lotus who not only create these amazing mods but allow everyone to use them. It’s got me thinking as to what other mods or custom content I could possible use….


The Honeymoon destinations

Featured in Episode 7 are 4 amazing builds from the Sims 4 gallery from the super talented Simoniona. She never fails to amaze me with her builds and I was honoured that she allowed me to feature her creations in my continuing story.
The first lot was Piccadilly Circus. Having been there myself multiple times I felt she really captured the look and feel of the place and also to have the underground was a great idea. Too bad the Sims game itself won’t allow traffic moving around any build as this would look totally amazing with double decker buses passing by and a few black cabs. Imagine it too with working trains. Ah we can but dream. In any event here are a few screenshots of the lot (which I renamed Piccasilly Circus as I use nonsense names for all the characters and places in Simasty) :03-17-19_3-40-50 PM03-17-19_3-41-15 PM
You can download this lot here:

Next up on Burke & Brystle’s world tour was Paris and a stop at the Louvre Museum (or the Musim Du Lovre) I LOVED the detail on this build and having been there also in real life I thought it was a pretty impressive representation. 03-17-19_3-04-03 PM
You can download this work of art here :

After Paris the next stop was Rome and the Trevi Fountain (Trevi Fountsim anyone…) Once again I have visited this location in real life too!! Although it was rather more crowded than what it was for Brystle and Burke! But again Simoniona’s attention to detail is just superb. 03-17-19_2-49-08 PM
Follow this link to download this beauty :

Finally, the last lot was the magnificent Taj Mahal (Taj Simhal) Now this is one place I haven’t visited before in real life! But I have always loved the look of the palace and again Simoniona has done a fantastic job recreating this.03-17-19_2-33-40 PM
The link to download this lot is here:

Please do check out the Gallery for all of Simoniona’s builds or if you have Twitter she is on there too.
Once again a huge thank you to Simoniona and I hope to feature more of your lots in the future!


Cyril’s mansion Falcon Simcrest

Featured in Episode 6 is the home of Cyril Dolby. This is the first time we get to see the home of the business rival of Burke Simmington and I struggled to come up with a suitable home for Cyril. I looked at some of the pre-existing homes already in game and whilst they are ok they just didn’t have the right pizazz for me. 

It was then that I spotted on Twitter a creation that I knew would be an absolutely perfect fit for the world of Simasty. This home was from another glitzy soap opera of the 1980’s Falcon Crest. It had been faithfully created by Simmer Simprehend and he was kind enough to allow me to use his build.


I altered the name of the lot to Falcon Simcrest in keeping with the Sims name that I like to incorporate into the Simasty storyline.

Many thanks to Simprehend for allowing me to feature your lot.

You can find this lot Falcon Crest in the gallery under ID Simprehend. 

Seth’s Penthouse

Featured in Episode 6 of Simasty is the home of Seth Dolby. Now you may recall his apartment featured back in Episode 2 when it looked like this: 11-14-17_1-17-07 PM (1)

However by episode 6 Seth’s home has had a huge upgrade! In fact its an entirely new location and build.03-03-19_8-51-19 PM03-03-19_8-51-49 PM

This luxurious penthouse was more what I had in mind for a millionaire playboy but time and building skills prevented me from creating one so I asked the Sims community on Twitter if anyone had a build they would let me use. I had several very talented Simmers come forward offering me to feature their builds. I absolutely loved them all and I will no doubt use them in future instalments. But for me this build by the very talented Laireen35 would be most suited for Seth. Thank you Laireen35 for allowing me to use your build “Prestigious Penthouse.”

You can find Prestigious Penthouse on the Sims gallery under ID Laireen35.