Episode 10 is set predominately in an opera house. I wanted something big scale and lavish for this setting but knew I had neither the skills or time to create something so I looked through the creations on the Sims 4 gallery. It was there I found the perfect build to set the scene for all the chaos that unfolds.09-13-19_2-34-42 PM09-13-19_2-34-57 PM09-13-19_2-35-12 PM09-13-19_2-35-29 PM09-13-19_2-35-57 PM09-13-19_2-36-17 PM08-14-19_10-05-31 PM08-14-19_10-08-47 PM
This outstanding piece of work was created by RadeMythal who was kind enough to let me use his work in my story. 
The lot is a 64×64 and I placed it in the Central Park Lot of San Myshuno. With only a minor tweak to the stage setting by myself,  the presented opera house is as made by RadeMythal.
You may have noticed the name of the opera house used  – for my story purposes I gave it the name ‘Sholboi Opera House’ which is a play on words of the real Bolshoi Opera house. 
You can download this lot from RadeMythal’s gallery page by following this link:
Once again thank you to RadeMythal for allowing me to use your incredible opera house build.


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