The Limo in Episode 7

In Episode 7 The Honeymoon you will notice a few screenshots where Fathom is speaking with chauffeur Michael next to the limo parked outside the front door of Siloli mansion :

03-24-19_5-41-13 PM03-30-19_12-53-17 PM03-30-19_1-11-18 PM04-04-19_9-12-39 PM

The limo is not custom content (as I don’t tend to use it) but is an item that came with the Get Famous expansion pack. However it is not available in game in build mode nor through the debug option. So how was I able to get it? Well luckily for me someone had created a mod which unlocked all of the vehicles that came with this expansion. And all credit for this mod goes to the very talented Brazen Lotus. You can download and install this mod by following this link to Brazen Lotus’ page :

What billionaire Sims home is not complete without a limo or 2? I think this helps add to the story of the Simmingtons and I am so thankful there are wonderful Simmers out there like Brazen Lotus who not only create these amazing mods but allow everyone to use them. It’s got me thinking as to what other mods or custom content I could possible use….


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