Cyril’s mansion Falcon Simcrest

Featured in Episode 6 is the home of Cyril Dolby. This is the first time we get to see the home of the business rival of Burke Simmington and I struggled to come up with a suitable home for Cyril. I looked at some of the pre-existing homes already in game and whilst they are ok they just didn’t have the right pizazz for me. 

It was then that I spotted on Twitter a creation that I knew would be an absolutely perfect fit for the world of Simasty. This home was from another glitzy soap opera of the 1980’s Falcon Crest. It had been faithfully created by Simmer Simprehend and he was kind enough to allow me to use his build.


I altered the name of the lot to Falcon Simcrest in keeping with the Sims name that I like to incorporate into the Simasty storyline.

Many thanks to Simprehend for allowing me to feature your lot.

You can find this lot Falcon Crest in the gallery under ID Simprehend. 

3 thoughts on “Cyril’s mansion Falcon Simcrest

    1. I just recently discovered his builds and I think he does an amazing job. This one was the stand out for me. And I’m really grateful I was able to use it. I’m going to do more shout outs to the community when I need lots or Sims as I would never get the story told otherwise. And Minus was the first thanks to you. 😁

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      1. Aw – I’m very happy Mins and I were able to help and yes, might as well use the extremely talented commnuity – I’m a very slow builder myself so I know the struggle you’re going through 😀

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