Episode 6 “Enter Texas.”


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Texas Simmington stood triumphantly in the ballroom of Siloli mansion and surveyed the shocked faces around her. She always did like to make a grand entrance and today was no exception.01-25-19_7-00-39 PM

Burke was the first to speak and he didn’t hold back his disdain towards his former wife.01-25-19_7-01-19 PMTexas removed her sunglasses and faced her ex-husband for the first time in years. She didn’t rise to Burke’s anger and instead spoke with a devilish smile. 02-11-19_5-03-32 PMThe room was silent as everyone waited on what would happen next. Burke glared at Texas not quite believing she had shown up. He wanted her gone from the house as quickly as possible. 02-11-19_5-10-12 PM02-11-19_5-10-03 PMAt this point Andre Wayward, Burke’s lawyer and long time friend, stepped in. Andre had previous experience in dealing with Texas and knew her to be a formidable opponent. 02-11-19_5-15-12 PM02-11-19_5-15-23 PM02-11-19_5-15-29 PM (1)02-11-19_5-09-28 PMAndre stepped back not wanting to feel the full wrath of Texas’ vengeance. She turned back to the newlyweds and smirked as she gave Brystle a critical once over. Burke could see where she was heading and ordered her out of the house before she would insult his bride. 02-11-19_4-58-23 PMTexas looked Brystle up and down. She was everything Texas wasn’t- blonde, innocent, sweet … and younger.02-11-19_4-59-29 PMBrystle smiled back. She knew little of Texas and having the good Sim trait she wanted to diffuse the situation and instead introduced herself.02-11-19_5-13-24 PM02-11-19_4-58-53 PM02-11-19_4-59-45 PMBrystle was taken aback by the insult, what had she done to warrant such abuse?!
Burke’s anger was reaching astronomical levels. This was typical Texas, always throwing barbed insults. Well he wouldn’t stand for it. 02-11-19_5-42-03 PM02-11-19_5-07-36 PMTexas casually walked over towards her son Heathen who stood in shock at seeing his mother for the first time since he was a boy. Texas softened her smile when she saw her son for she really did love him.02-11-19_5-28-49 PMThe shock of seeing his mother was too much for Heathen. 02-11-19_5-31-05 PMTexas pulled her son close and held him in a tight embrace. 02-11-19_5-29-37 PMBut Heathen pulled back and put his hand towards his face as he sobbed uncontrollably. 02-11-19_5-31-39 PMAt which point he ran from the ballroom. Texas was about to go after him but to her horror Brystle was already going after her son. She would deal with her later. But for now Texas herself was getting angry for seeing how upset her son was and in her mind there was only one person to blame. 02-11-19_5-35-35 PMTexas turned and marched back across towards Burke and gave a glance over to her daughter Fathom who stood across the ballroom glaring daggers back at her. She would deal with her later also. For now she would give Burke a piece of her mind. 02-11-19_5-42-35 PM (1)02-11-19_5-05-03 PM02-11-19_5-12-55 PMHaving said what she wanted too Texas straightened herself up and smirked again.02-11-19_5-35-47 PM And with that she marched out of the ballroom and headed for the hallway. Burke pulled Andre aside and directed his anger towards him. 02-11-19_5-41-17 PM02-11-19_5-42-09 PMFathom had not said a word during the unfolding drama. She had watched as her mother returned, ruined her father’s wedding and upset her brother and then totally ignored her. Well she was not having it!02-11-19_5-16-46 PMFathom quickly ran out of the ballroom and made her way to the hallway where she hoped to catch her mother.02-11-19_6-16-21 PM02-11-19_6-16-49 PM02-11-19_6-19-48 PMTexas sighed. She had a difficult relationship with Fathom when she was a child and it was obvious her daughter still carried a lot of anger towards her. Texas decided on a different tact. 02-11-19_6-19-39 PMFathom gazed at her mother. She felt nothing but anger towards her. 02-11-19_6-16-33 PMTexas realised that this was pointless, it would take time for Fathom to come around an now was not the time. Instead she smiled and stroked her daughter’s chin then withdrew her hand when she saw the look of disgust in her daughter’s eyes. 02-11-19_6-19-31 PMWith that Texas put her sunglasses back on and left the mansion.02-11-19_6-21-13 PM

02-24-19_6-14-37 PM (1)Whilst the drama had been unfolding at Siloli mansion, across town in the suburbs a lonely Malaudia Drysdale waited for her husband Mayhew to come home. He had gone for his usual evening jog but had not come home after a couple of hours.
The evening had not been what Malaudia had hoped for on her first night home from the simitarium. At least there she had had company. Here in this house she could not relax in she felt more alone than ever. Her daughter Mimsy had gone to bed after asking her grandmother for a night time story. Mother Drysdale herself had turned in for the night leaving Malaudia at a loose end as to what to do other than go to bed herself.
She had been asleep when Mayhew returned. Her husband quietly went into the master bathroom and had a shower before tip toeing back into the room. Malaudia was awake by then and wanted some comfort from her husband. Mayhew however lacked interest. 02-24-19_4-40-52 PM02-24-19_4-41-09 PM02-24-19_4-41-31 PM02-24-19_4-43-30 PM02-24-19_4-43-12 PMMayhew had thought this may happen but didn’t expect it on the first night. Not when his head was still filled with thoughts of Brystle…02-24-19_4-43-38 PMMalaudia sat on the bed feeling totally rejected. Her first day home had become a disaster. 02-24-19_4-44-43 PM02-24-19_4-44-10 PMMayhew sat beside his wife. He hated lying to her but he didn’t want to see her hurt again, not after all she had been through.02-24-19_4-45-44 PM02-24-19_4-47-09 PM02-24-19_4-45-14 PMMayhew got up and took off his towel as he got changed into some sleepwear. Malaudia’s heart raced as she looked at his naked body. How she longed for him to hold her and to touch her and caress her and how she would sit on his face and wiggle but it was not meant to be. 02-24-19_4-48-40 PM02-24-19_4-49-01 PM02-24-19_4-49-24 PMWithin seconds Mayhew was snoring and Malaudia sat alone with only her thoughts.02-24-19_4-51-19 PM Outside their bedroom a figure stood silently at the door listening to everything that had been said…02-24-19_4-51-52 PMMother Drysdale laughed inwardly to herself as she quietly made her way back to her room.02-24-19_4-54-47 PM

11-05-18_9-27-26 PM (1)Long after the wedding had come to an abrupt end, thanks to the reappearance of Texas Simmington, Burke and Brystle had retired to their boudoir for the night. Fathom had fled the mansion in a rage after her encounter with her mother had got her worked up. Heathen meanwhile had spent the evening feeling tearful at the sudden appearance of his mother which had triggered a lot of emotions in him. However Fred was nowhere to be found when Heathen needed words of comfort. It was only late in the night when Heathen finally tracked him down in the gymnasium. By this stage Heathen’s tears had turned to anger and he directed his fury at his boyfriend. 02-24-19_8-12-22 PM02-24-19_8-13-07 PM02-24-19_8-13-49 PMIt was true that Fred was always receiving calls from his sister and then having to make some sort of mercy dash. It had been happening the whole time of their relationship and it was niggling away at Heathen. Fred had never even introduced any of his family to Heathen but as Heathen had only introduced Fred to his own family then perhaps the meeting with the Rimmards was on the horizon. However the look Fred gave and the tone of his voice made Heathen realise he’d gone too far. 02-24-19_8-18-08 PM02-24-19_8-17-34 PMFred seemed to soften again and his response soon got Heathen in a flirty mood.02-24-19_8-18-19 PMThe two lovers moved together in a passionate embrace and smooch.02-24-19_8-20-12 PM02-24-19_8-22-18 PMFred’s kisses always had a way of getting Heathen to forget his worries and woes. He soon felt a sudden wave of emotion stirring inside of him and he just had to let it out.02-24-19_8-21-18 PMHeathen could have sworn he felt a slight tense in Fred’s body. However his lover quickly replied.  02-24-19_8-21-08 PM

And with that their clothes were cast aside and they were soon making wild passionate woohoo right there on the floor of the gym in Siloli mansion.

02-24-19_8-25-42 PM
02-24-19_8-25-51 PM

Upstairs Burke and Brystle sat beside a burning fire in their boudoir. Brystle cuddled up to her husband. Their evening had been spent discussing the reappearance of Texas. Mainly this had consisted of Burke ranting about how evil his ex-wife was but yet giving very little away about her or what had happened between them. Brystle did not want to push it as the subject of Texas stirred a lot of anger in Burke. She may have only been married for several hours but Brystle was already getting the feeling there was going to be 3 of them in this marriage.
Burke felt his wife stiffen as she snuggled and at once he realised that his ranting about Texas was making her uncomfortable. He smiled at Brystle and stroked her cheek then whispered in her ear. 11-05-18_9-16-46 PMBurke gazed upon his wife. He did love her so. And that love far outweighed his hatred towards Texas. 11-05-18_9-17-03 PMTexas was but a momentary nuisance. He would soon be rid of her again. Once they left on their honeymoon in the morning she would be but a distant memory. And when they returned Texas would be long gone. A fat pay cheque would see to that. It had worked once before. 11-05-18_9-17-40 PMThe newlyweds locked lips in a passionate embrace. And at that moment both of them believed that nothing would ever come between them.11-05-18_9-20-26 PMBrystle took Burke’s hand in hers and led him to their bed. They removed their night clothes and slipped under the sheets….11-05-18_9-22-46 PM

02-24-19_10-01-27 PM (1)
It was late at night and Seth Dolby had been home alone for several hours. After the arrival of Texas and the drama it caused he thought it would be best if he came home. His date for the wedding, Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen, had already left before him and whilst he could not be sure he thought that perhaps she had had a run in with Fathom.
Fathom was the girl of his dreams, his one true love. He had gone to the wedding with the belief that she wanted to get back together. Instead she had made it quiet clear she was not interested despite the flirting that had gone on between them. Seth was unsure what to do – either to continue to pursue Fathom or to let her go once and for all.
Once at home he had made himself a cocktail and was relaxing in his hot tub which was positioned on the large balcony and had spectacular views over San Myshuno. His train of thought was interrupted when the security of the building buzzed him to let him know that there was a young woman on her way up to see him. It was Fathom!
Seth leapt out of the hot tub, grabbed a towel and ran to the front door of his apartment. He flung open the door just as Fathom stepped out of the lift.02-24-19_10-08-11 PM02-24-19_10-06-46 PMSeth couldn’t believe his ears! Fathom was here and she wanted him!!02-24-19_10-09-11 PM02-24-19_10-07-36 PMFathom clearly had one thing in her mind and Seth wasn’t going to say no. The 2 ex lovers moved closer together and locked their lips in a passionate smooch. For Seth it was a dream come true to be kissing his one true love once again. For Fathom it stirred some delicious memories of their former time together. 02-24-19_10-14-10 PM02-24-19_10-14-27 PMAfter a lingering smooch Seth embraced the woman he loved.02-24-19_10-06-05 PM (1)Seth thought it a strange request at this time but happily posed for the selfie. Fathom seemed delighted as she took the picture on her phone. She quickly posted the picture to her Simstagram account where she had close to a million followers. She also hash tagged it with Ditsy Von Klinkerhoffen’s name….02-24-19_10-11-25 PM

After taking the selfie Seth wanted to know what was next….02-24-19_10-12-20 PMFathom took Seth by the hand and led him out onto his balcony. The steam was still rising from the hot tub but things were about to get even steamier as Fathom removed all her clothes and climbed into the hot tub. Seth dropped his towel and joined her.02-24-19_10-34-47 PM02-24-19_10-34-52 PMFathom scooted across and was on Seth’s lap in a blink of an eye. 02-24-19_10-35-41 PMAnd there commenced the wildest hot tub woohoo ever seen this side of Showgirls…


For fear of drowning Seth and Fathom made their way to Seth’s bedroom and the woohoo making went on into the night. Eventually, exhausted, both had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.
Fathom was the first to wake and the cold light of day was harsh. What had she done?!! Seth was sleeping soundly so she discreetly crept out of bed and began to get dressed.02-24-19_10-25-20 PMOnce dressed she looked at the sleeping Seth and instantly regretted her decision to sleep with him.02-24-19_10-28-27 PMSeth would read more into their night of passion than was intended. He would assume they were getting back together and Fathom had no intention of ever doing this despite what her father and Cyril Dolby wanted. She quickly slipped on her shoes and with a few final touches she was ready to leave before Seth woke up. 02-24-19_10-27-02 PM02-24-19_10-29-29 PM02-24-19_10-29-41 PMA short while later Seth woke from his sleep to find Fathom wasn’t in bed beside him. 02-24-19_10-28-19 PMHe grabbed the towel that was lying on the floor and walked downstairs of his penthouse. There was no sign of Fathom and he realised that he was alone. Fathom had run out on him….again. 02-24-19_10-04-30 PM

11-05-18_8-35-27 PM (2)Burke and Brystle were seated in the breakfast room of Siloli discussing their honeymoon which they were leaving on later that day when they were joined by Heathen. 03-03-19_2-20-59 PM03-03-19_2-21-39 PMHeathen had a more worrying concern on his mind – his mother’s return. 03-03-19_2-22-15 PM03-03-19_2-24-11 PM03-03-19_2-24-18 PM03-03-19_2-25-20 PM03-03-19_2-27-34 PMFathom entered the room and joined them at the table. She was still in the same clothes she had worn to the wedding and it was apparent she had just returned home from a night spent elsewhere. Brystle noted how it went unacknowledged by everyone but the smirk on Fathom’s face showed that she didn’t care what people thought of her. Burke tried to calm everyone’ fears about Texas.03-03-19_2-30-07 PM03-03-19_2-31-37 PMBrystle decided to interject. Whatever had gone on between Burke and Texas shouldn’t influence how Fathom and Heathen interacted with their mother.03-03-19_2-22-29 PM03-03-19_2-31-29 PMBurke slammed his fist down on the table in anger at Fathom’s outburst to Brystle. This was not how he planned celebrating his first day as a (re) married man. 03-03-19_2-32-19 PMBurke, satisfied that his anger had stopped the bickering from escalating, turned to his wife and smiled.03-03-19_2-26-38 PMAs Burke and Brystle hugged goodbye for the morning Fathom glared in hatred at her new stepmother. How she hated her so….



03-05-19_8-44-44 PM

Across town a furious Seth arrived at his uncle’s mansion. He had been set up by Cyril and Seth had a good idea why.03-03-19_5-43-49 PM03-03-19_5-44-32 PM

03-03-19_5-47-48 PM

Seth wasn’t falling for his uncle’s lies and slammed his fist onto the desk. Cyril leapt up from his seat to confront his furious nephew.03-03-19_5-52-27 PM03-03-19_5-53-47 PM

Cyril had had enough of his nephew’s insubordination. He wasted no time in setting him straight. 03-03-19_5-54-11 PM03-03-19_5-53-01 PM03-03-19_5-52-09 PM

Seth turned and made his exit leaving Cyril to ponder on the revelation that Texas Simmington, his one time lover, had returned.03-03-19_5-54-45 PM

Seth slammed the door as he left. Cyril didn’t like to see his nephew upset. But he had his agenda to follow and achieve it he would. Somehow he would bring down Burke Simmington and take over WindenburgSimmington. But he knew that Texas would have returned to take her own revenge on Burke. It was now just a matter of time who would get there first…03-03-19_5-45-56 PM

01-08-19_10-08-38 PM (1)

Burke was finalising some work before he would leave on his honeymoon. Whilst at his desk his secretary Marsha buzzed him.02-19-19_6-14-47 PM

This was a pleasant surprise thought Burke. He stood up to greet his wife. The woman who walked through his office door was not the same Mrs Simmington he was expecting. 02-19-19_6-15-58 PM02-19-19_6-16-30 PM

Texas looked around at the office. Burke sighed and Texas knew she was having the desired effect on him. 02-19-19_6-16-47 PM02-19-19_6-33-46 PM02-19-19_6-37-35 PM02-19-19_6-36-33 PM02-19-19_6-39-57 PM02-19-19_6-38-20 PM02-19-19_6-39-42 PM

Texas and Burke eyed one another before she made for the door.02-19-19_6-41-29 PM (1)

And with that she was gone again. But Burke knew that he was far from seeing the last of her. In fact he had the distinct feeling  she was about to make his life a complete misery. But what would her next move be…?02-19-19_6-43-14 PM

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