Simasty Episode 2.8: Bang bang, you shot me down.


Situated on the West Coast, many miles away from Windenburg, was the state of Falicornia. It was here that Skankee Dolby had fled to when she divorced Cyril Dolby many years ago. She’d used her settlement from her divorce wisely to set up her own home fragrance empire ‘Skankee Candles’ which had now grown to be a very successful corporation that was on the verge of going global. Also, during the intervening years since she’d left Cyril, Skankee had given birth to and raised her son Giles who was now a world famous football star. Overall, despite the hard work in the early years of being a single parent and establishing her own company, Skankee led a fabulously wealthy and luxuriant lifestyle. But despite all of her own personal achievements, the memory of being married to Cyril, and every evil plan and scheme he had come up with, was hard for Skankee to shake off. Then, of course, there was her own part she played in one of his most diabolical schemes. A plot so evil and cruel that it sickened and haunted Skankee to this very day that she was ever a part of it….

And it was this guilt of what was done all those years ago that prompted Skankee to march into her living room of her mansion and switch on the tv to catch the latest episode of the ‘Sallie Winfrey Montel’ show. She had read who would be featured on the latest edition. And she didn’t like what she was seeing. 28129

The episode was already broadcasting and Sally was interviewing Texas Simmington and her newly returned long lost son Badam. Or at least the man she believed to be her son….23411567891312

Seeing her lying ex-husband on screen sickened Skankee and also infuriated her. She snatched the remote control and turned the tv off. 14

Enough was enough. Skankee had carried the burden of this for too long but the recent press coverage of the search for Badam Simmington and his subsequent ‘discovery’ was too much for her to carry on any longer living the lie. Even though it would mean she herself could face serious consequences Skankee was determined that the truth had to come out…somehow. And so in an instant she snatched up her phone and called the airline she used most frequently. 1516

Once the flight was booked Skankee hung up and reflected on what she was about to do. 17

It was true. There was no love lost between Texas and Skankee. Their distain for one another went back years to when Texas was married to Burke and Skankee to Cyril. Back then Skankee had known of her husband’s ongoing affair with Texas but had turned a blind eye to it all and allowed it to continue. She had been a naive young woman, easily manipulated but hungry with a desire to lead a rich lifestyle. That was why Skankee allowed the affair to continue. But now all these years later Skankee was a strong, confident businesswoman and she was ready to atone for her sins.

Just then the doors to the living room opened and a young, tall good looking man entered. 1819

The confident young man was named Thordon and he was Skankee’s personal lawyer. She had summoned in earlier to attend a meeting at her home. 20

Skankee had overseen the progression of Thordon through high school and college, paying for him to attend the very best. In fact it was one of the reasons she had relocated to Falicornia following her divorce from Cyril. She had befriended Thordon’s parents and had watched over young Thordon as he grew from toddler to child. When his parent’s died, the young adult Thordon was distraught at being alone in the world but Skankee had taken him in and raised him with her own teenage son Giles. 2122232425

Skankee wanted so much to tell him the truth just like she had though about doing so many times over the years. Now was not the time. But it would be soon….2627


The following week back in Windenburg a gala dinner party was being thrown at Siloli mansion by Burke and Brystle to welcome home the long lost Simmington heir Badam.

It had been difficult for Burke to comprehend at first that his son had been found after all of these years after believing he had drowned. But the DNA test results proved that this young man, who had lived his life in obscurity as Brogan Limewood , was in fact his son. And there was no denying DNA results just as it had proved a few months back that Heathen was indeed Burke’s son and not Cyril.

And so Burke welcomed the young man into the Simmington household completely oblivious to the fact that he was being duped – that this was not his son Badam but rather a two bit part time actor hired by Burke’s nemesis Cyril Dolby to fool the Simmington clan. The actor’s real name was Mikey Florrence but as part of the ruse he’d been given a phoney backstory with the name Brogan Limewood, raised by a diotty grandmother who ,upon her deathbed, claimed she had stolen Badam Simmington as a toddler and raised him as her own naming him Brogan. Of course this whole story was a fabrication but Mikey/Brogan/Badam was for now loving the acting challenge of totally living out this role 24/7. And what wasn’t to like plying the part of a billionaire’s long lost son??

In the ballroom of Siloli, Burke had taken to the stage, along with ‘Badam’ Texas and Brystle, to make his speech to the gathered guests. 234567

All eyes were on the stage as Burke spoke so emotionally. In the crowd of gathered guests stood Heathen and his attention was not on what was happening on stage but instead was focused on Frankie who stood across the room. 87b

He looked EXACTLY like Fred and it hurt Heathen to even be in the same room with someone who was the double of his dead husband. Meanwhile Tammy Flo observed intently what was going on.

On stage, Burke continued with his speech.910111212b13141516171918

‘Badam’ ,aka Mikey, smiled inwardly. He’d fooled the lot of them. Damn he was a good actor he thought!! And as the cheering and clapping subsided Burke took to the microphone once again.202122232425

A stunned crowd gasped and cheered as Devonique made her way into the stage and was publicly accepted and acknowledged as a Simmington family member…..much to the outrage of Texas.26

Fathom was not overly impressed with this revelation that her father hadn’t included her in on. 27

Back on stage Burke hugged his sister as the clapping continued. 28293031

Devonique gave Texas a look over her shoulder with her parting shot before stepping down into the clapping crowd and joining her children Frankie and Brackie along with Brackie’s boyfriend Oliver.32 333435

Burke’s third and final announcement brought the house down with clapping and cheering and good wishes. The goodwill didn’t extend to Fathom however. 36

Fathom had had enough. Not only could she not stomach the thought of a Burke and Brystle off spring abomination but her husband Seth was really getting on her nerves! She turned on her heel and left the ballroom as the celebrations from the crowd continued. Meanwhile the crafty Tammy Flo was at once both overjoyed and secretly potting upon hearing the news of her aunt’s impending pregnancy. 37

On stage Burke tenderly held Brystle close to him. His ex-wife Texas also stood on the stage next to ‘Badam’ and she didn’t know where to look. 3839

The party continued on into the night and the crowd was split into various parts of Siloli mansion. A large group had gathered in the grand hall way. Looking down on them from the upstairs landing was a morose Heathen. He stared intently down into the crowd at Frankie and his heart was breaking. It was as if Fred was standing there and it was killing Heathen that it wasn’t him. How he wanted to go to Frankie and hold him and be held and be told that everything was going to be ok…but that would never happen….

As he stood staring down at the party goers, Heathen was joined by houseguest Malaudia. She had decided against attending the party and was spending the evening alone in her room.


Malaudia looked over the balustrade at Frankie, the subject of Heathen’s attention. 678910

Whilst Heathen admired Malaudia’s strength and courage to face adversity head on he himself remained unconvinced he could do the same.


Down below Devonique had introduced her daughter Brackie and her boyfriend Oliver to Burke and Brystle and was now doing the same with her son Frankie.

 It was a shock for Burke standing so close to Frankie. He looked too much like his brother who had fallen to his death during an argument with Burke. 161718

Later as the party progressed Fathom was getting more and more angry and annoyed with everything and everyone. It annoyed her that the brother she never knew she had had miraculously returned and was now having so much attention and focus lavished on him. It annoyed her that she was locked into a marriage that she did not want to be in because of a deal she’d made to get her father off the hook during his simslaughter trial and now her father hardly noticed her because he was so wrapped up in Badam. But what really irked her was the fact that Brystle had managed to get herself pregnant and thus secure her position within the household – even though she wasn’t technically legally married to Burke!! Fathom was stewing on all of this as she knocked back another shot of booze at the bar when Heathen approached her.1 2345678910111213141516171819

Heathen went quite at the mention of Tammy Flo. They had grown close over the past few months and had even woohooed once. Heathen was fond of her but not in that sense. But he knew she had deep feelings for him. And after what Malaudia had just said to him about loving someone again Heathen was beginning to wonder if Tammy Flo could possibly be the Sim for him.202122232425

‘Badam’ gave his ‘siblings’ a smile before walking off into the crowd with a cocktail in his hand. Heathen turned to his sister. 262728

Back in the corridor Texas spotted Brystle chatting with Devonique and her family. Never one to pass up on the chance to deliver a put down to Brystle, Texas smirked to herself and honed in on her target.


Devonique eyed Texas with contempt as she could see that Texas was clearly enjoying tormenting poor Brystle. 45678910

Devonique had heard enough and decided to intervene. 111213141516

Meanwhile outside the front door, a crowd of party goers had gathered in the courtyard under Burke’s instruction as he was due to give ‘Badam’ a surprise gift. Fathom and Tammy Flo watched from the front porch steps as Burke led ‘Badam’ towards the surprise with his hands covering ‘Badam’s’ eyes. 1718192021222324252627

This whole scene sickened Fathom and she didn’t mince her words. 28293031323334

Tammy Flo was stung by Fathom’s scathing remark. She didn’t want to show any weakness but she had to turn away from Fathom.

Sensing that her prey was wounded from her comments, a smirking Fathom leant in close to Tammy Flo and delivered a parting shot before heading off inside. 3536

Back inside Frankie was getting a drink from the bar when Heathen happened to walk across the room. Heathen froze unsure what to do. Frankie was aware that Heathen had been avoiding him all evening despite staring at him from afar. He needed to talk to Heathen and so he moved forward. 1234567

A visibly distraught Heathen made for the door but Frankie didn’t want for them to part the evening in this way so he reached out and grabbed Heathen’s wrist. 89

Hearing Frankie say this in a voice that was identical to Fred’s was too much for Heathen and his emotions got the better of him.101112131415

Frankie was lost for words. His silence spoke volumes to Heathen and he knew he’d crossed a line. He quickly made his exit. Frankie watched him go but did not call after this time. 1617

Frankie knew that Heathen was confusing his feelings for Fred and projecting those feelings onto Frankie. But there was nothing Frankie could do about that. So perhaps it would be better if he left Heathen alone and not contact him to allow him time to grieve.

But even though Frankie knew that was the smart thing to do there was something in the back of his mind telling him not to leave Heathen….

In the ballroom a bored Tammy Flo decided to liven things up. She decided to prove that she deserved to be here and that she was the centre of attention, not Fathom. After having a word with the band to play something more up-tempo Tammy Flo took the dance floor by storm as she gyrated her body in a provocative manner.


The crowd were loving her Tammy Flo thought to herself as she heard the claps and cheers mainly from the men in the room. The more they whooped and cheered the sexier her dance became. In her mind she’d made it, this was her moment.

As Tammy Flo entertained the crowds, Texas and ‘Badam’ made their way into the ballroom, unaware yet of what was happening. 25262728293031

Seeing Tammy Flo putting on a show like this was like holding a red flag to a bull for Texas. She was livid!! How dare common trash like Tammy Flo act this way on tonight of all nights?! Texas was having none of it and pushed her way through the crowd as Tammy Flo continued to dance to the merriment of all the men in the room. 32333435

That was it! Texas decided there and then to put a stop to it. She signalled to the band to stop the music and then marched herself onto the dancefloor to berate the young woman. 36373940

The band obliged and started again with a slow waltz. Having successfully said her peace, and humiliated Tammy Flo, Texas marched off leaving Tammy Flo hurt and embarrassed. 41

Meanwhile in the gym of Siloli, Fathom had dragged football superstar (and part time woohoo buddy) Giles Scott in. She’d purposely added his name to the guest list for her own enjoyment and after the night she was having Fathom needed to have some attention. 12345

As if on cue, the door opened and in walked Seth! He didn’t quite see what had happened between Fathom and Giles as they were super quick to pull apart from one another. But as they stood in front of him looking very guilty, Seth knew what had happened between his wife and his star football player. 6789101112131415

Giles was not afraid of Seth despite him being the boss of WindenburgUnited. Battle lines had been drawn between the 2 men and as he walked past Seth, Giles glared angrily at him. This was far from over. As Giles left the room Seth stood perfectly still staring at Fathom.

Not wanting to hang around any longer Fathom made to exit but Seth had a question for his wife.


Fathom knew she had said too much. Her marriage to Seth was a sham, something he was rapidly discovering. However, Fathom didn’t want to hurt Seth. He had been her boyfriend once and for a long time he was the most important person in the world to her. But that was years ago and Fathom had long since moved on.

Pushing her way past Seth, Fathom made it out into the corridor where the party was still going on. But Seth was not about to let this go and he persisted after her. As they argued in the corridor they were unaware of Burke and Brystle approaching them.  303132333435

After she had blurted out the truth Fathom immediately regretted it. In an instant she had totally destroyed Seth. And further more, her father had heard everything!! Quickly she tried to make amends. 363738

Seth’s silence made everything worse and Fathom didn’t know what else to do but to lie and pretend she had made it up. But Seth wasn’t buying it. However, instead of exploding in a fiery temper, he just turned and walked away. 39404142

Burke adored Seth and had done for many years. To see him look so angry and broken because of Fathom hurt and angered him. And the look he gave his daughter told her she was in a lot of trouble. 4344

Fathom reluctantly followed her father and Brystle into the study and it wasn’t long before an irate Burke exploded in anger at his daughter. 45464750484951525354

Brystle was shocked at Fathom’s hostility towards her, afterall she was trying to help her. Burke got even more wound up when he saw Brystle being disrespected like that.55565758596061

Fathom could see that she would not win this round with her father. Instead she got up and walked out of the study. 62636465

Towards the end of the party Tammy Flo walked out into the front courtyard to get some fresh air. She was still steaming mad from her dressing down in front of everyone by Texas earlier. How dare she belittle her in front of everyone like that Tammy Flo thought. After all Tammy Flo was only dancing.

As she stepped out in to the cool night air she was pleased to see ‘Badam’ alone by his brand new sportscar. He smiled at the sight of her.123456

Tammy Flo’s heart was racing. Not only was she extremely attracted to ‘Badam’ but she had been thinking that hooking up with the elder Simmington son was a much better idea than waiting on Heathen. Sure she had genuine feelings for Heathen but it was obvious he was more interested in male Sims and besides, Tammy Flo’s desire to bag her self a mega rich boyfriend was looking to come true. But she didn’t want to come across as a floozie for she knew that could be off putting so instead she played coy. 789

The sexual tension between the 2 of them was electric. Tammy Flo knew for certain that this was her chance and she went for it pulling ‘Badam’ close in a tight passionate kiss. 1011

As they smooched and sucked face on the driveway, upstairs from a bedroom window Heathen looked on as his his new found ‘brother’ made out with someone he had conflicting feelings for. Seeing Tammy Flo and Badam locked in a passionate embrace unexpectedly stung Heathen. He had remained unsure and confused over his feelings about Tammy Flo but seeing her now with someone else left him feeling more alone in the world than ever. 121314


And still feeling hurt from what he had witnessed the previous evening, Heathen left his bedroom ready to go back to work at WindenburgSimmington. He’d hardly slept at all there was so much on his mind concerning Frankie and Tammy Flo. And whilst thinking about her, Tammy Flo came out of ‘Badam’s’  bedroom opposite Heathen’s, dressed in a shirt belonging to ‘Badam’. She had spent the night with him and she wasn’t afraid to show it. 16171819202122232425

Tammy Flo was herself hurt by Heathen’s reluctance to pursue a relationship with her and months of anger directed at Heathen came flooding out. 26272829

 A near naked ‘Badam’, dressed in only a towel, joined them in the hallway.30313233

Ignoring the fact Heathen was stood there Tammy Flo and ‘Badam’ began another round of forceful kissing leaving Heathen feeling very uncomfortable. The sounds of their slurping tongues as they kissed revolted him and he quickly turned and walked away. 34353637

The 2 lovers were so wrapped up with one another they didn’t even notice Heathen had gone. Instead they got further carried away with their passion. ‘Badam’ lifted Tammy Flo up and made his way back to his room but not before his towel dropped to the floor.383940414243


Later that morning a furious Burke had gone to his arch rival’s home to confront him what he now knew about Fathom’s deal. He barged his way in past the servants and demanded that Cyril come face him. Momentarily a smirking Cyril appeared and Burke unleashed his fury. 2345

Burke stared down in hatred at Cyril who was knocked to the floor by Burke’s right hook punch. 67

An equally angry but bruised Cyril got to his feet and wiped away the blood from his mouth.89101112

Feeling cocky again, Cyril decided now was the time to play his trump card. 131415161718

Burke had suddenly gone from feeling confident to rather shaken. He hadn’t expected the confrontation to go like this. The dangerous reality of the situation Fathom had got her self into by making the deal with Cyril was fast becoming apparent. 1920

Burke had heard enough. He wasn’t prepared to stand around any longer listening to this. He needed clarity to think on his next move and so he made his retreat from Cyril’s home. 212223

As Burke stormed out Cyril felt quite content with himself at seeing how much Burke was suffering. Outside, Burke’s heart was racing and for the first time in a long time he was experiencing fear.  242526


Head cook Mrs Bummerson was busy in the kitchen of the mansion preparing the lunch. With her was housekeeper Nanette and Mrs Bummerson was doing her usual routine of making out how important she was to the running of the Simmington household and everyone else, including Nanette, were second fiddle to her. 2345678

As Mrs Bummerson wittered on she was unaware of Texas who had slipped in through the rear kitchen door. 9101112

Texas did enjoy seeing Mrs Bummerson squirm. She bore no malice to her former employee but knew exactly how to play her. 1314151617181920

Whilst Mrs Bummerson stumbled over her words, Brystle walked into the kitchen. She was on her way out for her morning horse ride when she overheard Texas talking to her employee. She didn’t want another day of bickering but Brystle wanted to make it clear that Texas had no right to enter the main house as she pleased. 21222324252627

Brystle turned to her housekeeper Nanette.  28293031323334

An annoyed Texas made her way out the back, getting angry that the former stenographer had humiliated her in front of the staff. Everything Brystle said or did annoyed Texas and despite her efforts to get rid of her somehow Brystle still remained. There had to be another way. And as she walked out she thought on this. Outside, groundsman Terry was watering some plants. Seeing him reminded her of the other week when he was helping Fathom do some skeet shooting. A sudden evil idea then came into her mind….353637383940414243

A half hour later over in Forsythe Fields, about half a mile away from the main house, Brystle was riding through the meadows on her mare Valez. She loved the tranquillity of this vicinity and would come here often on her horse. Little did she know that the sinister turn of events that were about to befall her….For in the trees out of sight stood a vengeful and armed Texas….44454647

Texas took a step back behind the tree and raised the rifle close as she deliberated if she could go through with it. But she didn’t take too long pondering before turning and crouching down in the long grass. With Brystle on her horse in sight Texas raised her gun and took aim…..


There was a slight tremor in her hand as she aimed and when she fired the gun it missed Brystle but the noise from the gun reverberated around the meadow. Birds squawked from the trees and Valez, startled by the sudden impact, reared up on her hind legs violently flinging Brystle into the air.  5253

Under a watchful eye, Brystle fell with a thud on the ground and her horse galloped off. 5455

Satisfied the damage had been done, Texas quietly slipped away unnoticed.

A severely injured Brystle whimpered in pain as she clutched herself. Her thoughts were of her unborn baby before everything went black and she slipped into unconsciousness.

Silence fell upon the meadow once more and a lone Brystle lay unconscious with no-one nearby to help her….56

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