Simasty 2.7: The Last of Mimsy


The fire started by Mother Drysdale was now a raging inferno consuming all of the Drysdale family home. Flames tore through very room destroying everything in sight and making escape for Detective Morelli, who lay unconscious on the attic floor,  impossible. 


Emergency services were quick on the scene, alerted by concerned neighbours. Fire and ambulance crews raced to the scene along with several police cars as they knew their fellow office had gone to the house to bring in Mother Drysdale. 


As the fire crews bravely tried to tackle the blaze another car arrived on the scene. It was Morelli’s partner, Detective Alanna Noonan. Sergeant Juan Baya saw her arrive and he quickly approached her to give her an update on the situation. He knew that Noonan was close with Morelli and he had to handle this as best he could for he’d been told to expect the worst by the fire chief attending the blaze. 


Noonan had a reputation for being tough. She knew Sergeant Baya hadn’t meant anything by saying there was little hope on saving Morelli but he was her partner and friend and she refused to accept anything else even though the reality was her partner would not survive this. Before she could say anything else they were approached by fire chief Jared Evans. He was known to Noonan and she had a lot of respect for him. 


There it was – the worst was confirmed. Detective Marco Morelli was dead. Killed by a mad woman who’d shot him and then set the house ablaze to finish the job. Noonan was numb with shock upon hearing her partner was dead. But still she wanted to make sure just in case there was a remote chance that it was someone else.


Noonan slowly nodded as she reluctantly accepted what Chief Evans was telling her. She raised her hand and vigorously rubbed her temple in a state of anger, rage and grief as she contemplated on what to do next.  


Chief Evans returned to help fight the blaze. Noonan and Baya stood in stunned silence as they took in the loss of their fellow officer. It was the noise of the roof caving in on the house that broke the silence and Sergeant Baya spoke. 


For a moment Baya thought he was going to see Detective Noonan cry and that would be a first. However, Noonan seemed to quickly snap out of her momentary grief. There would be another time to cry for her partner. Right now she was determined to find Mother Drysdale who had now become a cop killer. 



Across town Mimsy and her boyfriend Luca were leaving school for the day unaware of the carnage that her grandmother had caused. 242526

Just then a shrill voice called across to them. 272829303132

Unaware that everything her granny was telling her was a lie, Mimsy was shocked to learn that she had to leave immediately. However, her father had been wrongly imprisoned overseas in Shang Simla for months now and Mimsy was desperate to see him again. 3334

Mother Drysdale, although old, moved lightning quick around to the driver’s side of the car. She tapped her fingers impatiently on the roof of the car as she watched Mimsy and Luca hug and say goodbye. 3536

A distant sound of sirens prompted the evil old woman to hurry along her grand-daughter. 37

Mimsy gave Luca a kiss on the cheek and with mixed emotions she got tearfully into the car. Once seated she looked out of the window at her boyfriend. Luca could see the uncertainty in her eyes. Under her watchful eye Mother Drysdale gave the teenage romeo a smirk as she too got into the car. 3839

With that, Mother Drysdale put her foot down and she and Mimsy sped off. All Luca could do was watch the car go. 4041

Luca’s heart sank as the car vanished from view. He had a terrible feeling about what had just happened.42



Heathen was slowly starting to come around from fainting and he lay cradled in the strong arms of man who looked EXACTLY like his supposedly dead husband Fred. 23456

Heathen opened his eyes and gazed at the oh so familiar man in front of him. A flood of emotions swept through him again as he tried to comprehend what was happening. The man he loved, the man he thought he’d lost forever, was standing right in front of him. His touch, his scent, his voice….Heathen KNEW it was Fred. He didn’t know how it was possible but Fred had returned. Heathen wrapped his arms around him and held him close. 789

Heathen shook his head. What had come to light in the courtroom following Fred’s death, about how he had conned his way into their lives, Heathen no longer cared. It now seemed trivial. All that did matter was that he was reunited with the man he loved deeply. 10111213

And in a split second all that had seemed impossible was indeed impossible. Heathen’s heart sank. This was NOT Fred. 14151617

Tears of joy had soon turned to tears of anguish and it distressed Frankie to see Heathen so clearly upset. 181920212223

The emotions were to much for Heathen. He couldn’t control him self as he quickly grabbed Frankie and pulled him close locking lips with him in a passionate kiss. 2425

And then realising what he had done, Heathen quickly turned away in disgust with himself. How could he have done that he thought as he stood next to his husband’s grave? 26272829

Having Frankie be so nice him…reaching out and touching him was all to much for Heathen. He had to get away. 30313233

Frankie’s voice calling after him did not stop Heathen from fleeing the simetery. That voice  it could’ve so easily pass for Fred’s voice. But it wasn’t him. Fred was dead and yet he lived through his twin brother Frankie. And it was more than Heathen could take right now. 3435


A few days later a bored Fathom was out on the grounds of Siloli taking out her frustrations with a spot of skeet shooting. 2

It was still quite early in the morning and the sound of the shotgun echoed around the estate. Fathom had deliberately stationed herself by the pond which was adjacent to the studio where her mother had infamously moved herself into a few months back. She’d chosen this spot in the hope that the sound of the shotgun would annoy her mother. Relations between the two of them was still very strained as Fathom had never forgiven her mother for how she’d treated her father. And she had no intention of ever forgiving the woman. 

As Fathom instructed the groundsman Terry, who was with her, to pull and release the next clay shooting target, Texas came out of her studio and saw her daughter. 34567

Texas decided to cease this moment to try and reach out to her daughter to get her on side. 8910

Terry released the shooting target and it flew high into the air. Fathom took aim, fired….and missed her target. 11121314

Another clay shooting target flew into the air and once again Fathom missed the shot. 15161718192021

Texas knew that dig was aimed at her. Fathom, even though she would never admit to it, definitely was as vicious as her mother when it came to insults. However, Texas loved her daughter unconditionally and she didn’t stop trying to get her on side. 2223

Once again Fathom missed the target. Her mother’s presence was obviously affecting her aim. 2425262728

Texas said nothing to confirm this and instead let her silence give Fathom the answer she needed. If Fathom discovered that Brystle was still married to Clarke then she would go straight to Burke with this and unleash an almighty storm. One that Texas would not be blamed for she hoped. And also if Fathom was to get rid of Brystle then perhaps she would realise that Texas was on her side. 29303132

That was enough for Texas. She would let her daughter get away with her jibes only for so long. Right now she’d had enough and it was time to show her who was boss. Texas stepped forward and snatched the shotgun from Fathom’s grasp. 333435

Terry pulled the trigger which catapulted the clay shooting target high into the air. Texas took aim and fired. But not at the soaring target. Instead she deliberately aimed her shot at a hapless innocent duck across the pond…36

And in a flash the poor bird was no more!

Texas turned back around and handed the shotgun to her stunned daughter with a triumphant smile. She departed with one final peace of advice. 3738


The WindenburgSimmington private jet was coming in to land at Simatra airport. Onboard was Burke and Devonique and they had flown down to the Simaribbean island to meet with Dom Simmington, the estranged father of Burke and now Devonique. Dom had agreed to meet with Burke even though father and son had not seen or spoken with one another in many years. He was unaware of Devonique accompanying Burke. 

After disembarking the jet, Devonique and Burke were driven to Dom’s colonial mansion overlooking the bay.2

They were met at the door by a kind looking Sister Nun. She was the same nun whom Burke had spoken with over the phone to arrange this meeting with his estranged father. 34567

Sister Shutt nodded and then showed them into the house. They were led up a grand staircase to a landing with a seating area. A set of grand double doors led into what was presumed to be the bedroom of Dom Simmington. From those doors came a doctor who introduced himself. 8910

Once inside the bedroom, Burke looked upon the figure who lay on top of the bed. Even though he was a large man there was a frailty about Dom Simmington, not helped by the amount of medical equipment surrounding the bed. Burke stood in silence for a few minutes, the sound of Dom’s deep breathing the only noise in the room. 111213

Eventually the silence was broken when Dom Simmington spoke from his bed. 1415

Dom Simmington sat up and glanced at his son, the man he had not laid eyes upon in years. He quickly turned his eyes away. 1617181920

The senior Simmington rolled his eyes for he’d fully expected his son to come here and bring this up with him. Dom was not having any of it. 2122

Dom got up quickly for someone on his deathbed, his anger was driving him. He stood in front of his son and for the first time took all of him in. 23242526

Dom’s attitude infuriated Burke and he unleashed his anger in a firm raised voice to his father. 272829

Burke was left exasperated. There was no getting through to this stubborn old man. He would never admit his failings as a husband or father. Everything negative that Burke had thought about his father over the years was entirely justified in his eyes. 303132

Burke turned and left the room leaving Dom shocked at the news he’d been given. 33



Back in Windenburg Brystle was making her way along one of the many upstairs corridors to visit her houseguest Malaudia. 

After it was established that Malaudia had been locked up in the simitarium under false pretences by both Mother Drysdale and Dr Broscanni, Malaudia was released and put under house supervision with the Simmington’s. Brystle had immediately wanted to help the vulnerable young woman who’d suddenly been left with nothing- no home, husband or daughter. Also there was a huge amount of guilt on Brystle’s part. She had had an affair with Mayhew, Malaudia’s husband, 2 years ago. This was before Brystle had married Burke and was during Malaudia’s first extended stay in the simitarium when that had been a genuine stay. This time she’d been committed and kept there by her evil mother-in-law and supported, albeit unwittingly, financially by the Simmington’s who believed they were helping. 

In the few days Malaudia had been staying at Siloli, she’d hardly left her bedroom or spoken much to anyone apart to ask if there had been any update from the police in locating her missing daughter Mimsy. Brystle decided to approach Malaudia in an effort to reach out to her and show her she cared as relations between the 2 of them had been frosty. As she approached her bedroom Brystle met Siloli housekeeper Nanette Bobbins who had just come from Malaudia’s room. 23456

As Nanette made her way down to the kitchen Brystle gently knocked on the door before going in. Malaudia stood near a window with her back turned. 789101112

Malaudia turned around and faced Brystle. 1314151617181920

Brystle’s presence and her calm demeanour was firing up Malaudia and her erratic behaviour was rapidly manifesting itself. 21222324

Malaudia was not for listening and she unleashed a long babbling tirade at Brystle.2526

Brystle was at a loss for words. She had no experience of a Sim with erratic traits and didn’t know how best to placate her. 27282930

Realising that her presence was causing more unnecessary distress to Malaudia, Brystle decided to leave the room. 313233

With Malaudia’s screams still ringing in her ear a shocked Brystle paused on the other side of the door.34


A calm Devonique sat quietly in a chair by the bedside of Dom Simmington. He sat in silence too albeit uncomfortably so. Time passed and Devonique waited for the man who was her father to talk. Eventually he did. 2345678910

Everything Devonique told Dom was true and he knew it. That’s why he squirmed and twisted as he sat.111213 

Upon hearing this Devonique’s calm approach quickly vanished and she let Dom know exactly how she felt.1415

Devonique paused and then got out of her chair. 161718

Dom’s refusal to either look at her or acknowledge Devonique exasperated her. 1920

Dom was not for budging and Devonique knew that. But she was not giving up just yet. She made her way to the door. 2122

Burke and Devonique stepped back into the room and together they faced the cantankerous old man. 2324

Dom had heard enough. He sprung up quickly on unsteady legs. And bellowed at them both.2526

The door opened and Sister Doris came in alerted by the raised voices. She asked Burke and Devonique to step outside while she attended to her patient. 

Outside in the landing Burke sighed.2728

Before Burke could reply they were re-joined by Sister Doris. 29

Burke smiled for this told him all he needed to know.3031

And with that a united brother and sister made their ay out of the home of the man who denied them as a father and they never looked back.



A few days later back in Windenburg at the Domino residence Brackie and her new boyfriend, former bodyguard to her estranged husband, Oliver Clozov were larking around by the pool. Keeping a close eye on them was Brackie’s older brother Frank who had also quickly settled into the household. 234567

As Oliver swam laps of the pool Brackie began to mix a pitcher of cocktails for them all to enjoy. 891011121314151617

Frank smile and gave his little sister a hug. As Oliver came swimming back around again Frank had a mischievous idea.1819202122

Brackie laughed as she watched her older brother and boyfriend play around like they were kids in the pool. It felt so good to be leading a normal life away from her controlling superstar husband Shaun Peruse. She only wished she’d been able to break free from him years ago. 

As she made her way inside she heard the front doorbell ring. There was no sign of the butler and as the doorbell rang again Brackie made her way to open it. 23242526

Brackie, although shocked to see her husband, was not all that surprised. Shaun had many connections and it was inevitable that he would track her down. 272829303132333435363738394041

Just then the door opened and Oliver stepped out. The two men eyed one another with suspicion. 4243444546

Brackie felt sorry for her husband despite everything. He was a weak man despite his on screen tough guy persona. Before she could say anything else the door opened and Frank stepped out and then Oliver started to kick off at his former employer.  4748495051

Shaun saw that there was little point at this stage in trying to reason with Brackie. Especially not when she had Oliver and her tough guy brother stood by her side. There would be another time to get to Brackie. So without another word Shaun turned and made his way back to his car. 525354


Whilst Brackie was dealing with Shaun at her front door, over at the studio of Texas on the grounds of Siloli, her mother Devonique was taking a seat. She had been back in Windenburg for a few days now following her trip down to Simatra with Burke. And it was this trip that Texas was dying to know about. That was the reason she had got Devonique to come over. There was no love lost between the two women even though they hardly knew one another. For her part Devonique knew that Texas was after something and so she decided to play along. 23456

Texas took a long puff of her cigarette and blew the smoke eloquently into the air as she eyed the woman in front of her. 7891011121314

Texas opened the bottle of Shimpagne that had been chilling in the ice bucket and poured two glasses of the drink. She handed a glass to Devonique who proceeded to read her for filth.  1516

Devonique smirked in triumph. She had obviously rattled Texas. She raised the glass of Shimpagne to her lips and took a sip. However something was immediately wrong.  171819202122232425

Texas was getting rather annoyed as this was not going as she expected. Devonique was obviously not a pushover. 262728

Devonique stood and made her way to leave satisfied in the knowledge she had totally won this round. An infuriated Texas leapt to her feet. 2930313233

And with that Devonique walked out leaving Texas alone to drink her burnt Shimpagne.3435


Later that evening Brystle had the chauffeur swing by the WindenburgSimmington building to pick up Burke. They were meant to be going out for dinner that evening but Burke had failed to arrive home on time from work. Brystle stepped out of the elevator and made her way towards his office doors just as they opened and out stepped Fathom.  23456789

This was what Brystle had hoped to avoid. If there was a worse person to tell Burke about Clarke other than Texas it was her daughter Fathom. Like mother like daughter, they both had it in for Brystle. 1011121314

Fathom exited and Brystle nervously made her way into Burke’s office. When she saw him standing waiting for her she instantly wished she’d come clean from the start. 151617181920

Feeling herself starting to lose her composure, Brystle wrapped her arms around her self to steady her nerves. 21222324

Seeing his wife so distraught hurt Burke. How could he stay mad at her when she was trying to protect him all along? He swept forward and wrapped her in his arms tenderly. 252627

Burke turned and held Brystle close as he looked deep into her eyes. 282930

They locked lips in a lingering smooch, solidifying their devotion to one another. Whatever trouble came their way Burke knew that they would overcome anything for their love was strong. And now with their own child on the way, the family expanding with the addition of Devonique as his sister and the probability that Brogan Limewood was in fact Badam, Burke was certain things were definitely on the up for the Simmington dynasty.

But would this feeling of happiness last…..?????


Meanwhile back at the mansion, Malaudia had ventured from her room and was making her way down the grand staircase when housekeeper Nanette Bobbins approached her with some news. 23456

Malaudia made her way into the solarium to take the call. 78910

Malaudia gasped upon hearing her daughter’s distraught voice. 1112131415

The sound of her mother-in-laws voice chilled Malaudia to the bone. 1617181920212223

Malaudia was left hanging as the line went dead. Realising that she may never see her daughter again Malaudia let out her loudest scream that was heard all the way through the mansion.

Meanwhile, Mother Drysdale turned her attention to her frightened grand-daughter. 242526

Seeing  Mimsy get upset hurt the psycho granny. And so she tried to put on her happiest face in a hope to calm the girl down. 2728

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