The Ming Vases in Episode 8

Episode 8 features a piece of custom content in the shape of some beautiful Ming Vases and porcelain . You will spot these primarily in the scene with Texas & Brystle in the drawing room of Siloli mansion and also throughout the house.04-18-19_5-58-02 PM04-18-19_5-59-46 PM04-18-19_6-03-34 PM05-05-19_5-28-42 PM05-10-19_4-01-24 PM

These were courtesy of fellow Simmer  TonyWGus  and you can download these directly from his page here

The game does not always provide¬† the content and objects I require and I’m turning more and more to CC and it’s thanks to users like Tony that I am able to add these touches to my game.