Episode 2.5 Who’s the daddy?

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Simbley Stadium stood proudly in San Myshuno city centre and was the new home of Windenburg United, the premier league football team recently acquired by WindenburgSimmington. This was a new venture for the company and was being spearheaded by Seth Dolby. Burke’s company had taken a stumble in the stock markets ever since his trial and the share prices had dropped dramatically. Seth had been hired by Burke to help diversify the company with new business strategies and this was how he came to purchase the moderately successful football club. 

Since then Seth had signed a multitude of talented players from all over the world, raised the profile of the club and in turn the profits for WindenburgSimmington. The team had won match after match and were now sitting top of the premier league in a run of unbeaten games. Today was a training day and the team were being put through their paces as they exercised and practised. 


Overseeing the team doing their training was Fathom. And she had her eye on one team member in particular- Giles Scott, the most famous footballer in the world. 


Fathom gazed at Giles as he demonstrated his talents on the pitch. She’d helped convince him to join her father’s team in her own unique way – by woohooing him within an inch of his life. Then again, she’d personally chosen most of the players…

However Giles was the one who caught her attention the most. She hadn’t seen him in weeks even though there had been a verbal agreement between them that should the notion take her, Fathom would call upon Giles for a discreet private rendezvous. And today was the day Fathom had decided that Giles need to make good on his deal…

Giles had caught sight of her watching him from the side. He smiled to himself, secretly pleased that Fathom had finally come to see him. He’d thought that she would have already visited him by now. And although he was glad that she was here now, for it could only mean one thing, he decided to keep her waiting just a little longer as he showed off playing. 


Giles smiled and approached Fathom. 


Giles was enjoying teasing Fathom. He lay down in front of her and began to do some stretches. 


Hearing that the team had been comparing notes of how she had been woohooing her way through them all irritated Fathom. 


Giles leapt up after his rigorous stretching  and wiped his brow. He could see Fathom’s irritation and her tone implied she wasn’t happy. But he hadn’t meant to offend her. 


Realising that Giles wasn’t being an ass, Fathom opened up a little to him. 


With a twinkle in his eye Giles turned and jogged over to the far side of the pitch and headed to the locker room. 

Fathom watched him go, her pulse racing. This was the kind of risk and excitement she craved and she knew Giles was the kind of guy who would deliver. A romp in the locker room with the star player knowing they could be caught at any second was too much for her to resist. She quickly made her way over. 


Giles had already stripped out of his kit and into a towel by the time she arrived in the locker room. He was delighted she’d decided to join him. 


Giles eagerly obliged. 


Fathom gazed at the naked hunk as he stood before her. She’d never wanted any man so badly.


Fathom pushed the naked stud up against the metal lockers and began kissing him ferociously. 


Fathom moved towards the showers removing her clothes and letting her hair down as she did so. A moment later, the steam was rising in the showers as they made passionate woohoo. 


As Giles continued with his woohoo making, Fathom suddenly had a thought…a moment where she reflected on what she was doing….and the fact that she had a husband in Seth who loved her unconditionally. And here she was in the locker room of her father’s football club, making woohoo with the most famous player in the world. 

In that moment something changed…and her quick rendezvous had lost it’s sparkle…


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Back in Windenburg, the DNA test to determine who was Heathen’s father was taking place. Heathen was feeling apprehensive after taking the test whilst in another part of the hospital Burke and Cyril awaited their turn to be tested. 

Tammy Flo had attached herself to a vulnerable Heathen these past couple of months since Fred’s death. It had been hers and her father’s plan for Tammy Flo to gate-crash her Aunt Brystle’s new lavish lifestyle and to get their share of the Simmington fortune.  When Fred had died and she’s seen how fragile Heathen was Tammy Flo had circled in and was getting ready to make her move. Heathen was oblivious to any of Tammy Flo’s schemes and was glad of her company particularly on a day like today. 


Heathen was taken aback by Tammy Flo’s sudden advances. 


Tammy Flo did not wait and instead swooped in for a long passionate kiss. Heathen, shocked at himself kissing a girl soon found himself kissing her back before he gently pulled back. 


Shocked at what he’d done Heathen made a hasty exit from the hospital room. Tammy Flo smirked to herself as she believed her plan was coming together. 


Meanwhile waiting impatiently in a doctor’s office further down the corridor was Burke and Cyril. Burke resented having to do this test but knew he had to d it for the sake of Heathen. Cyril however sensing his rival’s unease chuckled loudly to himself. 


Right on cue the door opened and in walked Doctor Hugh Manatee. 


Dr Manatee led Burke out of the office to be tested as Cyril sat down smiling to himself. But then a sudden onset of pains in his head soon stopped his joy. It was another attack of his illness. His symptoms were getting more frequent….and much worse…



After their frantic bout of woohoo making in the showers of the locker-room at Windenburg United, Giles had suggested they continue back in the comfort of his recent house purchase. Feeling particularly frisky, Fathom obliged and drove them both to Giles’s home in Pasimfic Palisades. 


The mystery older lady standing by a car in Giles’s driveway stopped them both dead. Giles couldn’t believe who it was.


Giles’s mother looked Fathom up and down and Fathom could sense the disdain in the older woman’s eyes. 


Fathom rolled her eyes. She knew when she wasn’t wanted. 


Giles watched as Fathom made a hasty retreat roaring out of the cul-de-sac in her red sports car. He couldn’t believe how his mother had treated her. 


Giles spun around to face his mother, stunned at what she’d just said. 


Skankee made her way into the house hoping to bring an end to the discussion. Giles quickly pursued her not willing to this go. 



Skankee reluctantly conceded. 


And there was more to it. But Skankee was not for revealing what it was. Instead she turned away from her son. 


Although he had a good relationship with his mother, Giles felt that she was over-protective and had been all of his life. He’d made the move to start a new life in Windenburg and he was going to stick with it. 



After conducting the DNA test Dr Manatee had requested to meet further with Cyril Dolby. 


Cyril Dolby, corrupt billionaire, was dying. And yet he seemed to be at peace with the fact or so Dr Manatee concluded as he watched him leave his office. Perhaps it was a front for a very scared and very ill man.

Later that evening Dr Manatee was hard at work as he analysed the results of the DNA samples taken from Heathen and compared these with Burke’s and Cyril’s. 


And in the wee small hours Dr Hugh Manatee had a breakthrough. 



Early the following morning at Siloli, Seth was returning from the bathroom into his bedroom where he expected Fathom to be lying in their bed. 


Only the bed was empty. 


Seth hadn’t heard her leave therefore she must’ve crept out. But where did she go at this hour? As he looked out of the bedroom window into the garden below he soon got his answer.


Having seen his wife sitting under a might oak tree in her skimpy nightwear Seth had made his way out to her. 


Fathom was distracted, deep in thought. 


A soft smile came across Fathom’s face as she looked up at her husband. 


Seth put his arms around his wife as she got up and came to him. How he loved her so. 

Yesterday Fathom needed excitement and she’d found that with Giles. Today she needed comfort and that was when she felt most attracted to Seth. 

Sensing his wife’s closeness to him Seth pulled her close and they locked together in a passionate kiss. 


Fathom enjoyed the kiss. That was until the memory of the previous day’s antics with Giles came flooding back. Her guilt made her lash out at her husband. 


Sometimes Fathom’s temper tantrums really wound Seth up and this behaviour was one of those times. 


Fathom was left alone under her tree pondering on what had just happened. She hated to admit it but she was beginning to have feelings for Giles…



Mother Drysdale had decided to take control of the situation with Malaudia and Dr. Broscanni. Even though she was blackmailing Broscanni to keep Malaudia locked up in the asylum (by both threatening to expose his affair with a young intern to his wife and also secretly recording her own seduction of him) Mother Drysdale could sense that Broscanni was wrestling with his conscience on the whole matter. Malaudia was fragile but not by enough under normal circumstances to keep her under sedation in a padded cell which was what Mother wanted. With that pesky detective Morelli snooping around asking Malaudia questions it could only be a matter of time before it was revealed that Mother Drysdale was the secret tormentor of poor Malaudia. 

Mother Drysdale would never allow this. And so she decided to visit with her unfortunate daughter-in-law and set in motion her next plan….


The news of a boyfriend startled Malaudia. The last time she had seen Mimsy she was just a child. It sounded as if she had just grown up overnight!


Nervously watching from behind the two way mirror in an adjoining room was Dr. Broscanni. 


Broscanni hated Mother Drysdale almost as much as he hated himself for cheating on his wife with that young nurse at the hospital and allowing himself to be blackmailed. And then having no choice but to woohoo the vindictive old woman at her request sickened him. Her behaviour was classic psycho behaviour and would not stop for either Malaudia or himself. Broscanni knew that he would have to woohoo with the woman time and time again or risk the threat of exposure. So to better protect himself, he had allowed this visit from Mother Drysdale to take place in the hope she would trip herself up. And if she did Broscanni would have enough ammunition to fire back at her for he was secretly recording the audio of the conversation….


Mother Drysdale smiled as she delivered her killer punchline that she knew would send Malaudia over the edge. 


A shocked Malaudia could not believe what she was hearing.


Mother Drysdale stood up in her moment of triumph. She could see the signs- Malaudia was about to go into full meltdown. 


Hearing the evil old woman threatening to take away Mimsy was the final straw for Malaudia. A huge rage came across her and she stood up knocking her chair over.


Mother Drysdale was paralysed with fear as Malaudia leapt across the table at her for this was not the reaction she had been expecting. 


Broscanni watched from the other side of the mirror with relish as Malaudia pounded her fists into her vindictive mother-in-law.


Broscanni had pressed the panic button and immediately two burly orderlies ran in to take control of the situation. Broscanni stood back and stopped the recording of the conversation- he had the evidence he needed. 


One orderly pinned Malaudia to the floor whilst the second helped an injured and shaken Mother Drysdale get to her feet. 


Malaudia howled in protest. 


Mother Drysdale quickly decided to use her beating to her advantage. 


With a kicking and screaming Malaudia dragged off to her padded cell by the two orderlies, Broscanni was left alone with Mother Drysdale. 


Inside her cell Malaudia’s rage showed no signs of abating. 



Across town Heathen had arrived at Burke’s office.


Burke smiled and moved towards the young man and spoke in a gentle calm manner to him. 


For it was true. There could be no mistake for the results of the test carried out by Dr Hugh Manatee were 100% accurate and true. Burke WAS Heathen’s father afterall and not Cyril Dolby. 


Heathen reflected on this for a moment before laying bare his feelings towards his father. 


In another time Burke would have given his son a lecture on pulling himself together and getting on with things. But in recent months and events had taught Burke to be more patient with Heathen. His son was still hurting -grieving for the loss of his husband and angry with Burke for inadvertently causing his death. 


It wasn’t necessarily the reunion Burke had hoped for. Heathen was a broken man and it would take time for him to heal. 


Dolby Doh Towers stood taller in front of the WindenburgSimmington building. From here Cyril Dolby could keep an eye on his sworn enemy. Right now he’d learned the news that he had lost out to Burke in becoming Heathen’s father and the news had a profound effect on him. 

Texas was with her lover as they took in the news. 


The mention of her missing/presumed dead long lost son Badam still hurt Texas to this day. The pain and guilt she carried inside had never left her.


Cyril had not shared his diagnosis with anyone and as he was a master manipulator and expert liar he quickly covered his tracks.


In a rare emotional moment Texas revealed her inner turmoil. 


Seeing his fiancĂ©e’s anguish moved the billionaire business mogul. 


Cyril stepped forward and held Texas close to him as he looked her square in the eyes. 


Already a plan was formulating in his devious mind. Something that he’s been pondering for a while…



Back at the mansion Brystle was approached by major-domo Joseph Flanders in the hallway with news of an unannounced visitor. 


Brystle sighed. The waspish head butler still was being off with her after all these months. She thought they had recently made progress together but today he seemed to be reverting back to treating her the same way he treated her when she first arrived at Siloli. Before she used to struggle with how to stand up to him but no longer was that the case. 


Hearing that her former husband had shown up after all these years shocked Brystle like a slap across the face. 


The normally placid Brystle was very forthright in telling the butler her feelings. 


But Joseph was not having any of it. 


Brystle stormed past Joseph for she knew that maybe he was right. However she would deal with him later for right now she had to see what Clarke wanted. 

Joseph smiled to himself happy in that he had triumphed over the 2nd Mrs Simmington once again. He’d lulled her into a false sense of security in recent months by pretending to be nice to her but all the while he’d been waiting, and hoping, for her to slip up so that he could be the one to tell all to his employer for he so desperately wanted to be liked. 


Brystle marched into the drawing room and immediately unleashed her anger at her former husband who sat casually on the Queen Anne loveseat with his feet up in the antique coffee table. 


Clarke got up and walked across to Brystle but she visibly took a few steps back from him. 


Clarke gazed at Brystle and realised that he still had feelings for her. He’d never wanted to hurt her, back then and not now. 


Brystle shook her head as she laughed at how ludicrous Clarke’s statement sounded. 


Brystle glared at Clarke. Over the years they had been together Brystle had learned to know when he was lying to her. But she wasn’t getting that feeling now. He was being serious. However her first reaction was disbelief. 


The horror of the implications of what this would mean set in and Brystle felt unsteady on her feet. 


Brystle spun around and furiously pushed her not so former husband away. 


With the damage done, Clarke left Brystle alone as he made his exit from Siloli. 


All she could hear was Clarke’s voice in her head and Brystle could not stand it. 



The next day Cyril had flown across state in his private jet to the movie capital of the known Sims world, Wollyhood. For weeks now he’d had his team of private detective’s search the huge city for the next pawn in his twisted act of revenge. And now he’d found him, Mikey Florrence a struggling bit part actor who was hard up and down on his luck. Cyril was waiting for him in a parking lot outside the studio gates. 


Mikey eyed Cyril with suspicion. 


The thought of getting his big break was all it took to get Mikey to sign up. 


Mikey smiled as he was briefed on the role he would be taking. And the more he heard the more he could not wait to get started….



Poses used by creators  https://katverse.com/ 



Custom content clothing by Sentate (Texas’s outfit) https://sentate.tumblr.com/

Sims4Krampus (Brystle’s pencil dress) https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1295772

Darte77 (Giles’s outfit) https://darte77.blogspot.com/

Selected cars by Breeze Motors https://sims4cars-breezemotors.tumblr.com/

The football stadium I renamed Simbley Stadium (and remodelled) is from the Sims4 gallery. The original is called Llama National Stadium and is by Fritosaurio https://www.ea.com/en-gb/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/pc/gallery/53A9777CB2FC11E98B2A1090911CB41A?category=all&searchtype=item_name&sortby=downloads&time=all&searchquery=llama%20national%20stadium&max=50&maxis=false

Giles’s modern house Luxury Villa is also from the gallery by xXSarina_27xX  but I can no longer find the link. Please check out her Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NDwE1schDDg82EIhPhGlw

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