Simasty Episode 2 “The plot thickens”

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Brystle Hemmings is preparing for her marriage to billionaire Burke Simmington. She faces hostility from all sides in his mansion, either from the staff or from Burke’s spoiled daughter Fathom. Brystle is worried that a past indiscretion may come to light…. Fathom meanwhile was overwhelmed by Brystle’s cheap perfume and sought comfort with potential sugar daddy Cyril Dolby, business rival to her father Burke. Cyril brushed off Fathom’s amorous advances and urged her to marry her former boyfriend, who is also his nephew, Seth…. Meanwhile Burke’s estranged son Heathen returned to the family mansion for his father’s wedding and is unsure if he will be able to reconcile with his father….

And now, read on for the next juicy chapter….

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Brystle knocked back the remains of her Brindleton Bay Iced tea and took a deep breath. This was the day before her wedding, she should be celebrating. Yet here she was all alone in Burke’s study in Siloli mansion with not a friend in the entire 48 rooms of the house. The snidey comments from Joseph the major-domo had stung. He referred to Brystle as replaceable, did that mean there had been multiple women in Burke’s life? Had they all been replaced whenever Joseph was displeased? There had only been 1 previous Mrs Simmington as far Brystle knew and she had abandoned her husband and children years ago, never to be seen or heard of since. But what part had Joseph in all of this? Was he such an influence on Burke? Brystle had no clue but the fact that Joseph knew, or implied he knew, something about Brystle’s past made her alarmed. For she knew her previous affair with married man, and employee of Burke, Mayhew Drysdale would cause a rift between her and Burke. The affair had been brief and it was before she and Burke got together but Brystle knew that any new headlines of the new Mrs Simmington sleeping with her husband’s employees would not sit well at all. There was only one thing to do and that was to see Mayhew.

Brystle left he study and walked through the never-ending corridors of Siloli mansion. It truly was cavernous. She still had trouble finding her way about and had once got lost for several hours just trying to locate the nearest bathroom. Eventually after much wandering she found herself in the grand ballroom, the most luxurious of all rooms in Siloli. It wasn’t where she needed to be and was about to turn to leave when she heard a soft male voice from behind her. 11-05-18_8-37-27 PM (1)

Brystle, at first startled, turned and faced the young man. His delicate features matched the softness of his voice. She knew who he was even though they had not met. 11-05-18_8-38-06 PM (1)11-05-18_8-38-20 PM (1)11-05-18_8-38-38 PM11-05-18_8-39-51 PM11-05-18_8-40-55 PM11-05-18_8-42-01 PM11-05-18_8-42-15 PM11-05-18_8-40-33 PM11-05-18_8-39-22 PM11-05-18_8-40-22 PM11-05-18_8-42-05 PM11-05-18_8-39-41 PM

And so Heathen took his seat at the grand piano and started to play. Almost immediately Brystle was captivated by the melody, it was mesmerizing. She was also captivated by the very movements of Heathen’s fingers across the ivories.  Heathen continued to play effortlessly and with precision. Brystle took a seat beside him and waited until he had finished. 

11-05-18_8-44-11 PM.011-05-18_8-44-42 PM11-05-18_8-47-19 PM11-05-18_8-48-14 PM11-05-18_8-48-31 PM

11-05-18_8-51-19 PMHeathen took a seat by Brystle and the two started chatting away like they had known each other for years.  After spending time getting to know one another and brightening one another’s day Heathen started to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He even felt that there would be a chance to make amends with Burke. 11-05-18_8-51-52 PM11-05-18_8-54-03 PM11-05-18_8-53-43 PM

At last Brystle felt that she had made a positive connection with another individual in the house other than Burke. It was a weight off her heavily shoulder padded shoulders but there was still the matter of Mayhew to sort out and that was where she had to go next. But first she needed an outfit change….

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Millionaire playboy ,and heir to the DolbyDoh fortunes ,Seth Dolby was entertaining his latest female acquaintance, the delightful Minus Manners. He had met her only recently, about an hour ago to be precise, on a flight into San Myshuno International Airport aboard the private DolbyDoh jet. Seth had been returning from an extended stay in the hedonistic gambling city of Lucky Palms. Minus had just started her first day on the job as the DolbyDoh jet’s stewardess and couldn’t believe her luck when the handsome playboy began flirting with her. 

Once the flight landed Seth whisked her off in his waiting limo. In the back of the limo they could barely keep their hands off one another and smooched passionately all the way to Seth’s apartment. Once there they continued their afternoon amorous activities including a steamy shower together. Afterwards the flirting continued with Seth showing off his fine physique…11-18-18_9-04-51 PM (1)11-18-18_9-05-40 PM (1)

11-18-18_9-05-24 PM (1)

They took their canoodling to the couch where Minus proceeded to demonstrate the power of her hands by giving Seth a sensual massage.

11-18-18_9-07-24 PM11-18-18_9-07-05 PM

As things got steamy in the apartment, Seth’s uncle Cyril was arriving to pay his nephew an unexpected visit following his earlier meeting with Fathom at the art gallery.11-18-18_9-09-06 PM

Being a very forthright man, Cyril let himself into the apartment without knocking. Seth was surprised but happy to see his uncle and quickly leapt up to welcome him. Minus was less than impressed by this intrusion not realising that Cyril was the CEO and founder of DolbyDoh. In other words her boss!11-18-18_9-11-02 PM (1)11-18-18_9-11-33 PM (1)11-18-18_9-11-59 PM

Seth then introduced Minus to his uncle. Minus spoke politely and hid her annoyance rather well. Cyril ,however, viewed the girl with disdain for he had come here on a mission -he had plans for Seth. No 2 bit, good time girl was going to get in his way. 

Seth offered his uncle a seat as he himself sat back down on the sofa. Seizing his chance Cyril leapt forward and positioned himself nicely on the couch in between the prospective lovers. 11-18-18_9-13-40 PM (1)

The penny dropped for Minus and she realised who this older man was. She quickly got up and scurried herself off to the bedroom. Cyril turned his attention to Seth. 11-18-18_9-15-21 PM (1).jpg

Seth got up from the sofa. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his uncle. Cyril had never disapproved of Seth’s playboy antics before and had in fact actively encouraged Seth to go out and enjoy himself as much as possible. 

Cyril still had a plan to see through. As this stern father tactic was not working he decided to try a different approach. 11-18-18_9-15-43 PM (1)

Seth stopped in his tracks. Right then and there Cyril knew he had him in the palm of his hand. Seth had always loved Fathom and no other woman could fill the emptiness she had left behind when they broke up all those years ago. This was going to be easier than he thought. 11-18-18_9-12-34 PM (1)11-18-18_9-12-40 PM (1)

11-18-18_9-17-03 PM (1)11-18-18_9-17-52 PM (1)

And with that, Cyril left the apartment satisfied in the knowledge that he had successfully sown the seed of his deception in Seth’s mind. His nephew had never settled with any girl following the break up with Fathom when they were teenagers. His heart belonged to her. Fathom just had to play her part now. Cyril knew that deep down Fathom had feelings for Seth though she would not admit it. But she was a fickle girl and if Seth behaved like a love sick puppy then Fathom would probably run for the hills and his plan to take over Burke’s company WindenburgSimmington would be over before it had begun…

Seth was left in a state of total confusion. He had not seen much of Fathom these past couple of years save for what he read about her on online gossip columns. She had broken off with Seth claiming she was bored of him so to learn that she had been in love with him all this time seemed unreal. He staggered into his bedroom where the scantily dressed Minus waited for him but his thoughts were now of Fathom. 

Minus was about to say something but instead Seth took her in his arms and began intensely smooching her. Minus did not complain, not even when Seth whispered another woman’s name in her ear…11-18-18_9-21-29 PM (1)11-18-18_9-21-41 PM (1)11-18-18_9-22-03 PM11-18-18_9-21-57 PM

And then after a false start, Minus finally got her man into bed. He may have been thinking of another woman but Minus was determined to show Seth the time of his life and woohoo his brains out.



As it was the eve of his wedding Burke had decided to leave the office early. Being the CEO and founder of a global corporation meant he still had a lot of matters to see to and as such he had his right hand man with him in his study, lawyer and good friend Andre Wayward.  

Andre and Burke went back years and Burke had given Andre his first job straight out of law school. Andre had stood by Burke over the years and helped him build WindenburgSimmington into the mega global corporation it now was. A very resourceful lawyer, Andre has found the means to help Burke out of any sticky situation be it work or personal. It is this lifelong friendship that has made Andre look out for Burke and to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the billionaire. Including potential new wives…11-04-18_5-06-50 PM11-04-18_5-07-11 PM11-04-18_5-07-23 PM

Andre was of course referring to Burke’s first marriage. That Mrs Simmington had been paid off with a small fortune to leave Windenburg and never return. Whilst it hadn’t financially ruined Burke the scandal of it all almost did. 11-04-18_5-07-51 PM11-04-18_5-08-10 PM

Andre hadn’t anticipated this response from Burke. His friend and client was always one step ahead of anyone at anytime, always pre-empting his opponent’s every move. That was how he had become so successful. To see him like this throwing caution to the wind was unheard of. Just what had Brystle done to him? Andre persisted with the prenuptial agreement. 11-04-18_5-10-04 PM11-04-18_5-10-15 PM11-04-18_5-11-06 PM11-04-18_5-10-52 PM

Andre sighed, there would be no changing Burke’s mind. This was more like him, always sticking to his guns on something he believed in. Only this time Andre feared this would end up costing him dearly. And he wanted to state for the record his opinion on the matter. 11-04-18_5-10-45 PM11-04-18_5-12-41 PMBurke considered the file momentarily before shaking his head. 11-04-18_5-13-11 PM11-04-18_5-14-17 PM

Andre too shook his head but in pure disbelief that Burke was behaving like this. He shook his friend’s hand told him while he disagreed with his decision he wished nothing but the best for him and Brystle. But, as every good lawyer knows, keeping a poker face when hiding the truth is the key to being a success. Andre’s thoughts were not what he was vocalising. 11-04-18_5-13-46 PM

Across town Brystle had gone to Central Park. She had gone there in the hope of meeting someone who she knew to frequent the park for his post work / early evening jog. She stood in the gazebo and gazed at all the happy couples casually strolling through the park. Everyone seemed so joyful, without any cares. Why didn’t Brystle feel this way? It was her wedding tomorrow, she was to be a bride, she should be euphoric. But there was something pressing on her mind. 

It was getting late, there were rain clouds rolling in. Just when she thought he wouldn’t show, there was the sound of footsteps on the wooden gazebo behind her. The smell of musky cologne filled the air, it was the type that had a ship on the bottle. Brystle salivated at the whiff of it knowing who was wearing that all too familiar scent.11-22-18_8-31-09 PM 

11-05-18_8-35-27 PM (2)

Heathen had been notified from Joseph that his sister Fathom had returned home and she was having cocktails on the lanai by the swimming pool. He had also instructed the house staff not to inform Fathom that he was here already as he wanted to surprise his sister. So after slipping into some outdoor gear Heathen made his way to the lanai. 11-22-18_8-06-55 PM (1)11-22-18_8-13-22 PM (2) (1)

After spending a few moments reminiscing the siblings sat down together. Heathen looked around at the house and a wealth of memories came flooding back, not all of them were pleasant. 11-22-18_8-08-06 PM11-22-18_8-09-02 PM

The mention of Heathen’s boyfriend Fred was obviously a sore point. Fathom was keen to learn more but knowing that Heathen would clam up she decided not to pursue the subject for now. Heathen was already keen to move the conversation along. 11-22-18_8-09-33 PM11-22-18_8-09-16 PM11-22-18_8-09-13 PM11-22-18_8-11-31 PM11-22-18_8-10-04 PM11-22-18_8-02-54 PM

The siblings laughed and joked like old times. Heathen made a promise to hang around for a while after the wedding which delighted Fathom. 

After a few cocktails they both ended up flat on their backs looking up at the towering trees that were in the Siloli grounds. The conversation by now was less frivolous and for the first time Heathen touched upon a subject that had always been taboo for them both. 11-22-18_8-15-11 PM11-22-18_8-15-32 PM

They both lay in silence for a while after that for what else could be said about the woman who had seemingly abandoned them as children? It was something that had haunted them as they grew up, the absent mother who never made contact with her children again. Whilst Fathom seemed she could care less whether or not she would see her again, Heathen always believed that their mother would one day return. Perhaps that day would be sooner than he thought…..

Across town at Central Park, Brystle was with her former lover Mayhew….11-22-18_8-31-46 PM

Brystle turned and faced Mayhew. He looked super hot in his skimpy short shorts. She tried to avert her eyes.11-22-18_8-32-20 PM11-22-18_8-32-36 PM

Joseph’s insinuation that he knew something had fuelled Brystle’s anxiety and was the reason she had come here to ask Mayhew that question. That and to catch one final glimpse of those rock hard thighs….11-22-18_8-34-15 PMShe was trying her best but her eyes were being drawn south…. 

11-22-18_8-36-33 PM11-22-18_8-36-51 PM11-22-18_8-37-04 PM

Brystle felt that she was being torn in two. Her love for Burke was great but seeing those thighs of Mayhew’s again had set her pulse racing. There was only one way to deal with it and that was to cut Mayhew loose. 11-22-18_8-37-19 PM

Mayhew looked crestfallen. Brystle felt so guilty for upsetting him. She sat herself next to him on the bench. 11-22-18_8-38-32 PM11-22-18_8-39-08 PM

Mayhew was right. At that moment she realised she still had feelings for Mayhew all along. Was it love? Was it possible to be in love with 2 Sims at the same time? 

Sensing he had hit a nerve Mayhew got up to leave. A rain cloud suddenly burst in the sky over them and a downpour ensued. 11-22-18_8-32-51 PM

With that he ran out of the gazebo into the rain and vanished from her sight. 

Brystle stood and looked out across the rain soaked city. A storm was fast approaching. And it appeared to Brystle at that moment that there would be no sunshine for her after all…..


Will Brystle ever get to see Mayhew’s magnificent manly thighs again? Can we just get to her wedding already?  What information has Andre discovered on Brystle? What is the name of the first Mrs Simmington? And will Seth make a total tit of himself declaring his love for Fathom? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode! 11-06-16_10-37-12 PM (2) (1)


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  1. Haha – I loved it!!
    That Cyril guy is a total llama’s butt (I have to say that because he wasn’t being very nice to Minus).
    I sense trouble – I don’t think Brystle and Mayhew will keep away from each other… oh, the drama 😀

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